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Nullification: A 21st Century Remedy

August 13, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Topic: The general government in Washington D.C. is out of control.  All three branches of government are complicit in the destruction of real federalism, what was once considered the cornerstone of the American polity.  “States’ Rights,” in fact, were a recognized fact of the original Constitution, both North and South.  As virtually every proponent of the Constitution insisted during the ratification process, the States were to be the pillars of the American federal republic with virtually unlimited power over the domestic concerns of their people.  The general government had expressly delegated powers for the general purposes of the Union, namely commerce and defense.

If the general government violated it’s enumerated authority, “the States would be powerful enough to check it,” as Roger Sherman of Connecticut said.

States in the North and the South routinely dusted off the idea of “nullification”  or “state interposition” before the War for Southern Independence.  Since 1865, however, the idea of  a State resisting unconstitutional federal authority has been branded “racist” or archaic, a relic of the past that should be buried along with any vestige of “disunion” sentiment.

But what if nullification is the remedy for what ails America?  What if Americans firmly believed in the compact fact of the Constitution and could legally resist federal tyranny?  What if the American polity rekindled the spirit of real federalism that dominated the early American federal republic?  What if the founding tradition could save America and the Union? What if the people of the States could tell the general government, “No.”

News flash: this is already happening in several States.

Join us in Atlanta on August 13, 2016 at the Crowne Plaza Hotel Atlanta Airport for a discussion of how nullification can save the American federal republic and restore constitutional government in Washington D.C.

Join us today for this thoughtful discussion.


Dr. Donald Livingston, “What is an American State?”

Dr. Brion McClanahan, “Conventions: The Voice of the People.”

Kent Masterson Brown, J.D. “The Compact Theory of the Constitution.”

Mike Maharrey, “Putting Nullification into Practice: Current Efforts in the States.”

Hon. Joseph S. Johnston, “Rolling Back Federal Judicial Tyranny: State Courts as the True Guardians of the Constitution of the United States and of Cases and Laws Arising Pursuant Thereto.”

Dr. Jeffrey Addicott, “Waving the Secede Flag – How to Regain States Rights.”

CONFERENCE FEE AND INQUIRIES. The fee is $99 which includes lunch. A limited number of scholarships are available for students who are encouraged to apply. For inquires call (843) 323 0690.

CONTRIBUTIONS: If you cannot attend, be there in spirit by making a contribution. This will make possible more conferences of this sort. Send check to Abbeville Institute, P.O. Box 10, McClellanville, SC 29458 or contribute ONLINE.


Join us today for this thoughtful discussion.


August 13, 2016
10:00 am - 3:00 pm


Don Livingston


Crowne Plaza Atlanta Airport
1325 Virginia Ave
Atlanta, GA 30344 United States
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