June 2017 Top Ten

The top ten for June 2017. Read ’em again. 1. Why Does the Left Really Despise the Confederacy? by Ryan Walters 2. The War Between the States: Who were the Nazis? by Clyde Wilson 3.… »

April 2017 Top Ten

The Top 10 Articles for April 2017: 1. New Orleans: A People Without a Past Have No Future by Boyd Cathey 2. Confederate Monuments by H. V. Traywick, Jr. 3. What Was Lost 150 Years… »

March Top Ten

Our top ten for March 2017: 1. The South’s Gonna Do It Again by Tom Fleming 2. God, Gallup, and the Episcopalians by Cleanth Brooks 3. Southern Heritage Then and Now by Clyde Wilson 4.… »

February Top Ten

The top ten articles for February 2017: 1. Attack on Robert E. Lee is an Assault on American History Itself by Allan Brownfield 2. Presidents Quiz by Clyde Wilson 3. Washington vs. Lincoln by Brion… »

January Top Ten

The top ten articles for January 2017. 1. Ashley Judd Gets Nasty by Brion McClanahan 2. Old Western Man: C.S. Lewis and the Old South by Sheldon Vanauken 3. The Dixie Curse by Paul Yarbrough… »

October Top Ten

Our top ten pieces for October 2016. If you have not read them yet, you should. If you have, read ’em again. 1. Why The War Was Not About Slavery by Clyde Wilson 2. John… »

September Top Ten

The top ten for September 2016. 1. Decentralization for Humanity’s Sake by Brion McClanahan 2. Secession Without Civil War by Philip Leigh 3. The South as an Independent Nation by William Cawthon 4. Rethinking the… »

August Top Ten

The top ten articles for August 2016: 1. Debunking the Debunking: Gary Ross and His “Myths of the Civil War” by Ryan Walters 2. American Culture: Massachusetts or Virginia by Clyde Wilson 3. NASCAR’s Slow… »

July Top Ten

The Top Ten for July 2016. Read ’em again. 1. The Free State of Jones: History or Hollywood? by Ryan Walters 2. Understanding the Battle Hymn of the Republic by Howard Ray White 3. Why… »

June Top 10

The ten best for June 2016.  Read ’em again. 1. Oh Say Can You See…Another One Bites the Dust by David McCallister 2. How (and Why) to Dress Like a (Southern) Conservative, Part I by… »