Introducing Abbeville Institute Press

New! — Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln’s War

Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln's War by Abbeville Institute Press

D. Jonathan White, ed.

A collection of nine essays from Abbeville Institute scholars focusing on Northern opposition to the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Topics include religion, Copperheads, New York Draft Riots, dissent in Delaware and Philadelphia. Footnotes contain scholarly apparatus.

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Table of Contents:


1. Marshall DeRosa: “President Franklin Pierce and the War for Southern Independence”

2. Joe Stromberg: “Blood on the Pulpit: Northern Clergymen, the Kingdom of God on Earth, and the Abolition of the South”

3. D. Jonathan White: “Copperheads: History and Historiography”

4. Allen Mendenhall: “‘Get Down You Fool!’ Holmes on Lincoln, the Union, and the War”

5. Brion McClanahan: “The Avenger Without Mercy: Delaware Under the Federal Heel”

6. Richard M. Gamble: “The Warfare of the World in the House of God: The National Gospel and the Ordeal of Old School Presbyterians in the Civil War”

7. R. T. Valentine: “Yankees and Yorkers: Opposition to Lincoln’s Policies in Westchester County, NY and the Greater Hudson Valley”

8. John Chodes: “Oliver P. Morton, Indiana’s War Governor: ‘I am the State!'”

9. Arthur Trask: “Philadelphia Against the War”