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Our recommendations for educational and inspirational literature about southern culture.

Chaining Down Leviathan

The American Dream of Self-Government 1776-1865

This is a study of American political thought between the secession from Britain and the War Between the States. This period was a struggle between the Jeffersonian and the Hamiltonian visions of America. The Jeffersonians favored a highly decentralized federation of sovereign states, whereas the Hamiltonians favored a highly centralized state with a veto on state legislation.

Year Published: 2021
Author: Luigi Marco Bassani, Ph.D

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Exploring the Southern Tradition

WHAT WE HAVE KNOWN as “the South” has been for four centuries a major part of the American identity. This is true whether measured by population, territory, history, or culture, high and folk. In 2002 a group of scholars led by Donald Livingston founded the Abbeville Institute to combat intellectually the ongoing campaign to eliminate the South from “America,” a campaign now dominant in public discourse.

Year Published: 2019
Contributors: David Aiken, Boyd D. Cathey, William Cawthon, Tom Daniel, John Devanny, Richard Gamble, Paul Gottfried, Paul C. Graham, Ben “Cooter” Jones, Thomas H. Landess, Donald Livingston, Brion McClanahan, Michael Martin, James Rutledge Roesch, Carey Roberts, Samuel C. Smith, Karen Stokes, Ryan Walters, Clyde N. Wilson, and Aaron Wolf

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The Classical Origins of Southern Literature

This work explores the continuation of the Classical literary tradition in Southern literature from the Colonial era to the present. It contrasts American writing outside the South which attacked or consciously undermined the Classics with a Southern literature that staunchly adhered to the eternal verities of the Classical tradition.

Year Published: 2016
Author: James Everett Kibler, Ph.D

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Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln's War

Year Published: 2014
Edited by: D. Jonathan White

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