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Southern Poets and Poems, Part VIII

A series by Clyde Wilson RICHARD HENRY WILDE (1789–1847) of Georgia gave up a successful career as lawyer and Congressman to pursue the Muse in Europe. This poem, though perhaps out of fashion, was praised… »


Watching events unfold as the non-pandemic/pandemic worked its way across the fruited plain has been an eye-opening experience.  For those of us who have been warning Americans that the Constitution is nothing but a paper… »

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Abbeville Institute Press

Introducing Abbeville Institute Press

New! — Northern Opposition to Mr. Lincoln’s War D. Jonathan White, ed. A collection of nine essays from Abbeville Institute scholars focusing on Northern opposition to the War to Prevent Southern Independence. Topics include religion,… »

"The essays, videos and podcasts are outstanding with the highest level of scholarship committed to keeping the truth about the Southern Tradition alive for current and future generations."

George Dennis Andrews

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