Abbeville Institute Audio Lectures

Tune into our audio lectures where we cover a wide variety of topics regarding Southern history and how we view it today alongside modern ideas. To find more resources or information tune into our Week in Review podcast or explore courses offered through the Abbeville Academy. 

More Lectures

2020 Scholars Conference: Who Owns America?

2019 Summer School: The New South

2018 Scholars Conference: The Revival of Secession and State Nullification

2018 Summer School: Southern Identity Through Southern Music

2018 Scholars Conference: Attacking Confederate Monuments and its Meaning for America

2017 Summer School: On Being Southern in an Age of Radicalism

2016 Scholars Conference: Nullification: A 21st Century Remedy

2016 Summer School: The Southern Tradition and the Renewal of America

2015 Summer School: The Southern Tradition

2014 Summer School: The War for Southern Independence

2013 Scholars Conference: Music and the Southern Tradition

2013 Summer School: Understanding the South and the Southern Tradition

2012 Scholars Conference: The War Between the States: Other Voices Other Views

2012 Summer School: The Greatness of Southern Literature III

2011 Scholars Conference: The South and America’s Wars

2011 Summer School: The Greatness of Southern Literature II

2010 Scholars Conference: State Nullification Secession and the Human Scale of Political Order

2010 Summer School: The Greatness of Southern Literature

2009 Summer School: The Meaning and Legacy of Reconstruction

2008 Summer School: Northern Anti-Slavery Rhetoric

2007 Summer School: The Origin of Southern Identity and the Culture of the Old South

2006 Summer School: The Southern Agrarian Tradition

2005 Summer School: Re-Thinking Lincoln: The Man, The Myth, The Symbol, The Legacy

2004 Summer School: The Southern Critique of Centralization and Nationalism: 1798-1861

2003 Summer School: The American Decentralist Tradition