The Sectional Conflict and The War for Southern Independence

Ludwell Johnson

The best one volume study of the late antebellum period, the War, and Reconstruction from a Southern perspective.

Marshall DeRosa

The only study of its kind on the Confederate Constitution of 1861.

E. Merton Coulter

The definitive one volume study of the Confederacy by one of the best Southern historians of the twentieth century.

Robert Selph Henry

A riveting one volume narrative of the War and the Southern struggle for independence.

Shelby Foote

A multi-volume masterpiece.

Walter Brian Cisco

The only sweeping history of the crimes committed against Southern civilians during the War.

Charles Adams

A stunning post-revisionist (or unReconstructed) history of the War. Tariffs and economics take center stage.

Gary Gallagher

Gallagher skillfully shows that the men and women who defended the South did so gallantly and that Southern nationalism was not created by a simple defense of slavery.

James McPherson

McPherson uncharacteristically explains why Southern (and Northern) soldiers fought in the War, and it wasn’t slavery for most.

Thomas DiLorenzo

Thomas DiLorenzo

Definitive revelations about the real as opposed to the mythical Lincoln.

Edgar Lee Masters

A major American poet who was born, raised, and lived in Lincoln’s home country in Illinois gives a unique view of the American icon’s life and legacy.

Avery O. Craven

A classic balanced account of the causes of the great War Between the States.

Michael Holt

Holt places the issues of the 1850s within the context of power politics. Controlling the Congress took center stage, particularly for the North.

Marshall DeRosa, ed.

Southerners of 1861 explain their reasons for independence from the North.

Susan-Mary Grant

A new look of the source of the aggressions that led to the War Between the States.

Herman Belz, ed.

Actual documents from the period give a different view of Webster’s alleged triumphal claim of federal supremacy.

D. Jonathan White, ed.

Nine essays on Lincoln’s Northern opponents during the War Between the States.

Raimondo Luraghi

A leading European historian of the American war of 1861—1865 chronicles the heroic exploits and the scientific and technical achievements of Southern navy men.

Richard Bensel

Bensel shows how the North used the War to solidify the Hamiltonian economic system and force it on a reluctant America.

Douglas Southall Freeman

An unmatched study on leadership and command by the master Southern historian.

Bart Rhett Talbert

The only history of Maryland that correctly explains the State’s real sympathies before the War.

Sara Agnes Rice Pryor

Howard Ray White

This very original 4-volume study of the War For Southern Independence.

Edmund Wilson

A classic and controversial study of writings by both sides in the War of Southern Independence, by a major American critic.

Marshall DeRosa

An explanation and an understanding of his General Lee's character and career.

Thomas Fleming

A new study that places the blame for the War on the North and fanatical abolitionism.