I was watching the national news immediately after the San Bernardino terror. A sympathetic host was interviewing a refined Muslim gentleman, who was given more than ample time to explain that his faith and its symbols were being misrepresented by the terrorists’ holocaust.

But consider: The Koran contains the words of Allah whose many commandments therein call for the extermination of all Islamic non-believers. Muslim terrorists throughout the world have brought death and destruction to thousands of the innocent and pledged to spread the misery to the millions. They cite Allah and his teachings in the Koran as the source of their inspiration and justification for their deadly attacks. True enough, the words are there.

Yet, each time these terrorists attack, the media in this country immediately find a polished, well-spoken member of the Muslim community to appear in prime time for the purpose of explaining that Allah, the Koran and their faith are being misused by these terrorist organizations. The media do so to be “fair;” to inculcate the notion that these symbols have been hijacked by the radicals and do not represent what the terrorists stand for, the actions they take, or beliefs they espouse. They are activists in insuring that Islamic symbols are not taken over by extremists and thereby come to represent their terror ideology. This is fine, but all of this supportive activism is undertaken despite the fact that, in stark reality, the Islamic faith, the Koran and Allah call for the extermination of our culture and people…even the media, which must come as a shock to them.

Have you ever witnessed any media anywhere going to the same pains for their very own Southern countrymen and their misused Confederate American symbols? Has the same prime time voice and respectful consideration ever been given to a Confederate perspective? In no way shape or form. In fact, the media forsake evenhandedness to be agents of misinformation. They mock and sneer and dismiss out of hand any message that even hints at being an alternative to the canned party line of the last 150 years. They ignore and diminish the polished, professional historians who are scholars in the truth of the South and her symbols and grant, by their flagrant deceitfulness, exclusive rights to the Confederate story squarely with those who know the very least about it and stain its glorious narrative.

For example, Haley’s recent change of mind in allowing the secessionist rally at the statehouse had nothing to do with respect for the rights of assembly or free speech. Instead, it was an orchestrated way of, once again, making sure Confederate symbols were shown being used (misused, actually) in the hands of the intolerant – all twelve of them – maybe, thinking her handlers, erasing some of the stain from her treacherous image and those of her legislative colleagues in crime. And guess who was there en masse with their biased lenses? Were they present at solemn Confederate Memorial Day services, attended by hundreds, with Confederate flags flying quietly in honor of South Carolina’s Confederate fallen? Not nary a notepad.

The media make no effort to help create a dialogue that would encourage an atmosphere of understanding and learning of Confederate American history, which would thereby separate that history and its symbols from racist radicals; radicals who have absolutely no clue whatsoever about their truth and message, and have no historical attachment to them at all. (See paragraph one).

This is a most despicable case of duplicity and prejudice; of intentional deception. Yes, it is, but are we shocked? No, not the least. We ceased being wounded by this modus operando ages ago. The media are completely predictable. But, this bears worth mentioning because of the striking contrast between their treatment of their own people and history versus the Muslim. They go out of their way to coo and coddle an ideology that is a Black Mamba to our existence; give wide voice to and advocate tolerance for an ideology that vividly proclaims, and has actually proven, its deadliness to our way of life, while offering no quarter for their own Southern American brethren.

Islamic terrorists have killed over 4,000 Americans, right on our own soil, at the behest of the Koran and the teachings of Allah. This American number increases when those killed in other parts of the world are included. Yet, mosques are put up in American cities while Southern American flags and memorials are taken down. The Southerners’ appeal for an honest hearing, their appeal for the truth, is given no voice; but Muslims are given enthusiastic access to every media outlet, to explain why the death-to-the-West message of Islam and the Koran is really nothing to be afraid of – despite over 4,000 dead. We are encouraged to embrace Muslims of an intolerant faith, brought into this country by the tens of thousands, while American citizens, who simply appeal for the truth of Confederate history, and advocate intolerance for no one, are treated like a revolting, backwoods pariah. Muslim symbols are to be accepted, even though they call for our extermination, while Confederate symbols, representing courage, independence, and self-determination, the very foundations of our country, are to be trashed and annihilated. Muslim clothing that has been worn to conceal bomb belts and other weapons in attacks worldwide may be worn without fear in any American public venue; but damned be the person who dares bear the Confederate flag on a simple T-shirt.

Amazing, isn’t it, the hypocrisy of it all? But it is so evident why grave adherence to this fallacious double standard is as sure as gravity: to provide the same consideration for Confederate history would open the gates to understanding just what the War was really all about, and that, as a consequence, would lead to the discovery that something criminally unconstitutional did indeed happen to the South and the American Republic; and that the reason the South seceded and the War was fought has no connection to the raison sacre’ – that which sends politicos and talking heads cowering into their darkest corners for fear of being called the “R” word.

Now, we all know that this can never be allowed to happen – even if it means practicing a disgraceful deceit, betrayal of the native Southern people, and an intolerance that would make a jihadist blush. And to top it all off, it would be laughable if it weren’t so pathetic that many Americans are horrified at and abhor the Islamic call for the extermination of our Western culture but, at the same time, support the genocide of the Southern American landscape.

Confederate General Patrick Cleburne was perhaps the prognosticator extraordinaire when he wrote towards the end of the War:

“Surrender means that the history of this heroic struggle will be written by the enemy; that our youth will be trained by northern school teachers; will learn from northern school books their version of the War; will be impressed by all the influences of history and education to regard our gallant dead as traitors; and our maimed veterans as fit subjects for derision.”

Et sic factum Est; erubesce, Americae, confundetur.

Herbert Chambers

Mr. Herbert Chambers has a South Carolina heritage that goes back 276 years. Retired and a Vietnam veteran, he lives in Columbia and has written three volumes: And Were the Glory of Their Times: Men Who Died for South Carolina in the War for Southern Independence.

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