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William Gilmore Simms


Marion and His Men

Editor's Note: This selection is from William Gilmore Simms's The Life of Francis Marion and is published in honor of his 217 birthday, April 17. Marion's career as a partisan, in the thickets and swamps of Carolina, is abundantly distinguished by the picturesque ; but it was while he held his camp at Snow's Island, that it received its highest…
William Gilmore Simms
April 17, 2023
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The Swamp Fox

I. "We follow where the Swamp Fox guides, His friends and merry men are we; And when the troop of Tarleton rides, We burrow in the cypress tree. The turfy hammock is our bed, Our home is in the red-deer’s den, Our roof, the tree-top overhead, For we are wild and hunted men. II. "We fly by day, and shun…
William Gilmore Simms
April 17, 2014