Police Shooting Missouri

Events over the past several days in Ferguson, MO, should not surprise those familiar with the motives of the political class operationalized by Mr. Lincoln. We know that the the rhetoric utilized to justify the so-called American Civil War was a ruse to conceal the money-making opportunities concommitant with centralized political power. The slave qua freedman was and is nothing more than a pawn in the game of power politics. The death of Michael Brown is another example of the political class’ failure to ameliorate the disasterous consequences of Mr. Lincoln’s war.

A recent article in Time, by Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, titled “The Coming Race War Won’t Be About Race” intimates what is at play. He wrote, “How can viewers make reasonable choices in a democracy if their sources of information are corrupted? They can’t, which is exactly how the One Percent controls the fate of the Ninety-Nine Percent.”

The fact that this republic was not intended to be a democracy nothwithstanding, one needs to ask, how did the “One Percent” obtain the wherewithal to control the “fate of the Ninety-Nine Percent”? The answer is to be found in understanding the the purpose and effects of the Lincoln’s war. Echoing like-minded misguided reformers, from both the Left and the Right, Mr. Abdul-Jabbar opines that the current inept “do-nothing politicians, legislators, and others in power” need to be replaced by new leadership. That would be an exercise in futility at best and at worst centralize power in the hands of race-bating elites pursuing policies to appease a roused African American community convinced that racism is in the DNA of white Americans. The latter does not bode well for the rule of law, especially the equal protection of law.

Until Americans get right with their history, understand the inherent despotism of centralized power, and recommit to the principles of self-government, e.g., Christendom subsidiarity, the events of Ferguson will become the norm. In the meantime, lock and load. This is especially true for African Americans, many of whom live in urban combat zones designed, funded, and perpetuated by none other than Uncle Sam.

Marshall DeRosa

Marshall DeRosa received his Ph.D. and M.A. from the University of Houston and his B. A. from West Virginia University, Magna Cum Laude. He has taught at Davis and Elkins College (1985-1988), Louisiana State University (1988-1990), and Florida Atlantic University (1990-Present). He is a Salvatori Fellow with the Heritage Foundation and full professor in the Department of Political Science. He has published articles and reviews in professional journals, book chapters, and three books. He resides in Wellington, FL, with his wife and four children.

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