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Protecting Our People in the Era of Islamic Terror & Ebola

Within a few days after the Federal Empire’s current glorious leader, Barack Obama, calmly assured Americans that there was little danger of an Ebola outbreak in this country, the first Ebola death occurred in Dallas, Texas. A few months after the Federal Empire secretly dispersed thousands of illegal alien children into every state in the Union, federal health officials were surprised and shocked by the sudden appearance of a new respiratory virus that targets children. Over the last several months certain state officials and lower level federal officials/employees have warned us about the possibility of Islamic terrorists crossing our porous southern borders. Yet, the Federal Empire refuses to acknowledge this danger. A recent “stunt” by a conservative activist who disguised himself as Osama Bin Laden and made several unchallenged crossings of the southern border is demonstrative of this real danger.

After spending millions of dollars spying on phone calls, e-mails, and other social media of ordinary Americans, the Federal Empire was unable to identify two brothers from a Muslim country who hatched and carried out a terrorist attack in Boston; or to identify a dangerous Muslim army officer at Fort Hood, Texas; or to identify a Muslim radical who carried out the first beheading on American soil since the “Civil War.” (There were occasions during the War in which Yankee officers and troops threatened to behead Southerners and eventually did in fact behead Southerner prisoners during the War for Southern Independence—I’m sure that is a shock to people such as Bill O’Reilly, Shawn Hannity and Mark Levin.) The time has come for Southerners to consider the fact that the Federal Empire is much more concerned about protecting and promoting its politically correct leftist ideology and power base than it is with protecting “we the people” of the once sovereign states of Dixie.

Before “we the people” of the once sovereign states of Dixie can protect ourselves we must first understand that we are no longer citizens living in a free Republic. We are now mere subjects of the Federal Empire—an Empire that has its origins in Lincoln’s war of invasion against and continuing occupation of the Confederate States of America. To test the hypothesis of citizen vs. subject just ask someone from Arizona what he and his state government are doing to protect “their” state from illegal armed and unarmed invasion. As an individual and as a state they can do nothing unless the Federal Empire grants them permission! And said permission has been expressly denied! Free people have an inherent right to protect their lives and property. Subjects of an empire, on the other hand, have no such right because “their” state is actually a mere province of the empire and “their” property and “their” very lives exists at the discretion of the empire’s ruling elite. As long as we remain subjects of the Federal Empire we have no authority, and therefore we have no power that a sovereign state would otherwise have, to protect ourselves from these threats.

Consider the real threats and dangers “we the people” of Dixie face. Our porous southern border beckons terrorist to “come on in and give us your best shot.” A suicide bomber could cross our border and to avoid detection go to the closest mass gathering—perhaps a football stadium in Texas, Louisiana, or Oklahoma. Teams of terrorist armed with weapons acquired from drug cartels could spread across a state and shut down the entire state for days if not weeks. A dirty nuclear bomb could bring rejoicing throughout the Mid-East as the death count in San Antonio, Austin or Dallas grows. A Muslim fanatic could purposely infect him/herself with Ebola, travel legally to any city in the United States and by merely visiting a crowded shopping mall give the world a new version of germ warfare. This last scenario is a warning that the dangers we face are not restricted to just those states that are close to our porous southern border. Conventional bombs, dirty nuclear bombs, small tactical nuclear bombs, germ warfare, or teams of armed terrorists could arrive at any Southern seaport from Virginia to Texas! Some of the most populated cities in the South are adjacent to harbors serving international shipping. Two facts are certain; (1) the illegitimate Federal Empire has put us all at risk, and (2) as long as “we the people” of the states of Dixie submissively remain a part of the Federal Empire we will remain at risk. So then, what can we do?

The danger will remain as long as the Federal Empire remains. The solution is to either radically reform the empire by returning it to a constitutionally limited federal republic of republics or to remove ourselves from the empire. There are no other workable alternatives. “Electing good conservatives” and sending them to the Empire’s capitol is nothing more that busy work designed to occupy the time and resources of “conservatives” while maintaining the perks, privileges and powers of the Empire’s ruling elite of both national parties.

The time has come for Southerners to take the leadership role in a movement to dethrone the illegitimate Federal Empire. Such an effort will not come from Washington, D.C. nor will it be endorsed by national politicians who enjoy sharing the Empire’s perks, privileges, and power. If it comes it will come from a movement across the South demanding the right to be the master in our own homes; to be the ultimate arbiter of whether or not our federal government is acting in a constitutional manner; to have the right to nullify onerous federal acts or to secede if necessary to protect the rights and liberties of “we the people” of the sovereign states. Such a movement may have an appeal outside of the South. It may encourage other “red” states to join in the movement to ratify an amendment acknowledging the states right of nullification and secession. If so, it would produce the radical reformation necessary to dethrone the Federal Empire and restore America’s constitutionally limited federal republic of republics. Or it may allow for the secession of the “blue” states as they attempt the impossible task of forming their socialist utopia. In the mean time Dixie and friends will form a liberty based society that protects its borders and leaves “we the people” alone. It would be a nation where government, local, state, and federal, would be allowed to tax no more that 10% of its citizen’s income, where personal responsibility, family, and community would replace government funded social “safety nets” and where crony capitalism would be as detestable as any other form of socialism.

The Federal Empire has created enemies all over the world. But because too many Southerners confuse nationalism with patriotism, they think that to question the Federal Empire’s no-win wars is “un-American or un-patriotic or an insult to our men in uniform.” Neo-cons and liberals know this and use it to stifle “conservative” opposition. It is time to shake off the shackles of modern day empire. To do this we must realize that patriotism looks inward and begins at home; love of family, community, and state—from this flows the desire to live in peace (live and let live) and to protect those we love. Nationalism, on the other hand, looks outward and sees other peoples and nations as resources to be captured or exploited.

Nationalism in the American framework is the old Hamiltonian dream of a “vigorous” centralized federal government that supports and protects a vast commercial empire. A commercial empire of crony capitalism that today has its financial center on Wall Street. This dream of a commercial empire was the real reason for the so called “Civil War” that cost a half million lives—mostly Southern! About thirty-five years later it also cost over 200,000 Filipino lives as the Federal Empire sought to reconstruct “our little brown brothers” after the Spanish American War. Between 1898 and1934 the Federal Empire sent its troops into Cuba four times to “protect vital national interests.” The 20th and now 21st centuries are replete with similar examples of the Federal Empire’s no-win wars. These wars were “no-win” for the empire’s subjects who were compelled to provide the taxes needed to fund these wars and the sons and daughters to serve as the Empire’s cannon fodder. But all is well because the great winners were the power hungry politicians and their friends in the military-industrial complex. Of all people, we the people of the South should be able to see beyond Yankee lies used as a pretext for sending their troops to protect their profits! Perhaps that is why the Empire’s propaganda agents in education work so hard to brainwash Southern school children by teaching them that the “Civil War” was fought over slavery!

How many lives have we taken to protect the business interest of those crony capitalists who have invested in Saudi Arabian oil ventures or Balkans pipelines? Of course the Federal Empire never tells us this; all they tell us is that “we must protect vital national interests abroad.” So “we the subjects” pay the price in blood and treasure to protect oil fields and shipping lanes needed by the Saudi Arabian monarchy—all of which allows them to gain more of our money instead of us developing our own oil, gas, and coal resources. If this sounds crazy—it is! But if you are part of the ruling elite of the Federal Empire or a business or financial house that has close ties with the Empire’s ruling elite—then it makes perfect sense. “Perfect” meaning profitable—and profit is the god of Yankeedom as pointed out by Admiral Raphael Semmes, CSN.

To protect its commercial/political empire the Federal government today has military establishments on every continent of the world except Antarctica. In 2001 the Department of Defense admitted to having 725 foreign bases but that does not include its secret bases. It has over one half million troops and ancillary personnel plus an undisclosed number of secrete armies. In May of 2001 the Department of Defense “lost” $1.1 Trillion! The DOD could not or would not account for what happened to these monies derived from the Empire’s subjects. The Federal Empire’s payroll for its troops used to police the world was $58 Billion in 2001. But the Federal Empire has so little concern about its cannon fodder that it cannot even provide timely healthcare services to its veterans! This is emblematic of empires—friends of the empire are too big to fail but the average people (subjects) are too small to count! Do “we the people” of Dixie need better reasons to yearn for a country of our own?

A country of our own where we have no entangling foreign alliances as President Washington and Jefferson warned us to avoid. A country that does not, in the words of President John Adams, “go around the world seeking monsters to destroy.” A country unlike today’s Federal Empire that has become “aggressive abroad and despotic at home.” A warning issued by General Robert E. Lee after the War and today, unfortunately, appears to have become prophecy fulfilled. Our choice is simple enough—stay a target of every foreign enemy created by the Federal Empire or choose peace, security, and prosperity in Fortress Dixie.

James Ronald Kennedy

Ron and his twin brother Don are the authors of Punished by Poverty, The South Was Right!, Why Not Freedom!, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, and Nullify Tyranny; Ron is the author of Reclaiming Liberty, Nullification: Why and How, and Uncle Seth Fought the Yankees. Ron is past Commander of the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and is a life member of the Louisiana Division and the National Sons of Confederate Veterans. Ron is a frequent speaker at SCV, Southern Heritage and other pro-Liberty groups. Ron received a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from Tulane University in New Orleans, a Master of Jurisprudence in Healthcare Law (MJ) from Loyola University Chicago, a Bachelor’s degree from Northeast Louisiana University, a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Louisiana State University and holds numerous professional designations in healthcare and insurance Risk Management.

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