The true story of a girl’s human love embracing the Christ-calling in each of us

You arrived the first evening of Spring
And never left, not once –
You cooked and loved and overflowed
With cookies and pizza and gingerbread
The Seasons of every year

We sometimes didn’t know you and
Sometimes wondered where you were even
Though standing side by side and felt
The warm of your loving which far
Outran, outstripped our hearts

It was never a race to finish and
We bought Time without injury except
To the ruse of human faults and dreams,
Our small island loosed upon the land –
We dreamt into daily Christmas

Time was your gift and Christmas your
Music as you swayed through our days
And never left, never left us cold winds
Of change upon our breast. Your warm
Change you gave so free from this world

In your hands our Child-calling grew
To bless the everyday of Time
Loosed throughout the years for everyone
Living and gone, to live beyond
The rapture of shepherds and kings

You bear and birth the greening of Spring
Foretell the coming of growth and harvest,
Some way you turn Time into your Child,
Our Child of Christ-calling, loved not scorned,
Walking to Bethlehem to be born

Vito Mussomeli

Vito Mussomeli is a retired attorney living in Texas. He has spoken and written extensively on the Confederate Constitution and the Confederate legal system.

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