Reading an article in the latest Hillsdale College newsletter Imprimis I was shocked by the outrageous comparison of Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick with Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson as people fighting to “divide the nation.”

The article was adapted from the speech, “American Sports Are Letting Down America,” in an online Hillsdale lesson by prominent black sports columnist, Jason Whitlock.  Let me say here that I have long supported Hillsdale College and their mission to prepare conservative leaders for tomorrow.  However, their creating an online lesson with this radical message is highly troublesome, yet not surprising.

Their scholars espouse the Northern liberal whitewashed version of the “Civil War” – that preservation of slavery was the cause for the South’s secession and the ensuing war –  while demeaning Southern people.  This distorted view of American history is spread across the nation as many Hillsdale graduates go on to prominent  positions where they influence public opinion.  Some are writers for well known conservative publications, some are contributors to “conservative” Fox News, and others go on to political and judicial positions.

Neocons Spew Southern Hatred

President Larry Arrn was a student of Professor Harry Jaffa, “intellectual godfather of Hillsdale College” whose book, Original Intent and the Framers of the Constitution: A Disputed Question.  The book conveniently ignored the Constitution, Articles of Confederation, Kentucky Resolution, and other formal statements and writings by Jefferson and Madison.  Instead, Jaffa used the Declaration of Independence as the basis for his argument against states’ rights in favor of a central union of government.  This is how he justified his bizarre claim that Lincoln plunged the nation into war over the natural rights of man rather than sovereign states that refused to be governed any longer by a tyrannical central government. 

Jaffa went far out in his comparison of Alexander Stephens, the Vice President of the Confederate States of America, with Adolf Hitler and Josef Stalin and John C. Calhoun with Karl Marx.  He ignored the socialist roots of the early Republican party and the relationship of Marx and Lincoln.

Hillsdale also has ties with another renowned Neocon who routinely disparages the South and its people.  The commentaries by writer and classicist Victor Hanson, a visiting professor at Hillsdale, indicate a deep disdain for all things Southern, including Confederate monuments, claiming antebellum southerners were arrogant racists.  His numerous articles in the National Review, led by Neocon editor Rich Lowry, send a red flag about his purported “conservatism.” Even Hanson himself has admitted to being a Neocon in some of his political views.

Boyd Cathey in his excellent article, “Victor Hanson Hates the Confederacy….and the South,” cites many derogatory statements by Hanson about the South.  He notes that Hanson often gloats that the South deserved its punishment from Sherman and his ilk who pillaged, burned, and starved the South, leaving the people dirt poor and blacks worse off – all under the guise of “democracy, equality and righteousness.”  Hanson, who obviously admires the ruthless Sherman, describes his Lincoln approved terror campaigns as “holy work” while ignoring the savage and brutal campaigns against helpless civilians – old men, women, and children – many of whom were already barely getting enough to eat.

Cathey concludes,”There is no daylight historically between the Neocons and those now leading the establishment “conservative movement,” and the far Left Marxists when it comes to interpreting American history and our nation’s Founding.”

Confederates and Marxist Black Lives Matter

Jason Whitlock is a longtime sports writer, TV personality, radio host, and podcaster who wields wide influence.  Why does he believe that esteemed Confederate generals are as despicable as Lebron James and Colin Kaepernick who support Black Lives Matter and take a knee during the National Anthem? Why does Whitlock believe that Confederate generals fought to divide the nation?

Furthermore, why are millennials so willing to join the Black Lives Matter movement and denounce the nation that has given them freedom and an amazing lifestyle that are mere dreams for the vast majority of the world’s population?  This hatred of America can be traced directly to American education, not only colleges but grades K-12.

In the 1960s the teaching of history in the North and the South fell under the despotic control of the Marxists.  A constant drumbeat into the brains of students is that slavery was the cause of the Civil War, secession was treasonous, and all whites are racists and White Supremacists.  Public schools are no longer bastions of academic learning but rather indoctrination centers of social and emotional learning, a technological manipulation of the student’s mindset that was unconstitutionally legislated by a Republican-led House and Senate and signed by a Marxist president.

Teacher colleges are nearly all liberal with Marxist thinking being the daily fare. Teachers and administrators steeped in Marxism are receptive to the Black Lives Matter curriculum with racism, anti-Americanism, anti-Confederacy, and radical sex.

With decades of American education distorting the facts about the War of Northern Aggression and discrediting Southern culture and people, the stage has been set for organizations like Black Lives Matter to use racism to attract crazed indoctrinated youth for the take down of America.  The BLM has been able to convince the public — and even “conservative” Congressmen — that Confederate monuments are memorials to “slave owning,” “treasonous” Confederate leaders such as Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson and must be destroyed.  

For nearly 200 years liberals have waged an ideological war against the South.  The Republican party is loath to trigger the wrath of liberal media and Southern politicians walk on eggshells to avoid crossing black civil-rights leaders.  So it’s up to ordinary Southerners to learn the true facts and discredit the lies of liberals and Neocons.

Carole Hornsby Haynes

Carole Hornsby Haynes, Ph.D. is an independent historian and Southerner who taught American and Southern history at the secondary and college levels. She is a national education policy analyst and legislative adviser. A classically trained pianist and organist, she loves the many genres of American music. She’s especially proud that nearly all American music is Southern in origin and identity.

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  • Gerald Talbot says:

    Regarding the article about Marxism and neocons, when googling neoconservatism the godfather of the movement was a marxist, named Irving Krystal. Who would have thought!?!?

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