The following essay (below) is from a far leftist screed called “Meaww,” and is one of an increasing series of attacks on North Carolina Lt. Governor Mark Robinson. Robinson, an unabashed supporter of President Donald Trump, won the NC GOP primary to become its nominee against Marxistoid, ultra-pro-transgender Leftist Democrat Josh Stein in the November general election.

Already the Stein campaign (and a couple of extremist Leftist groups) have aired vicious ads against Robinson, using his words taken out of context, to paint him as “a dangerous rightwing extremist and fascist” who will put women and homosexuals in chains, and clean out our “so precious university system.”

Of course, we knew such attacks were coming, just as the vicious attack ad the Biden campaign is presently airing against President Trump. Of course, the Biden campaign and its auxiliaries, funded by fat cat Leftist billionaires, on and off Wall Street, and by George Soros pass-through NGOs, are doing their damnedest to keep men like Trump and Robinson from winning…including the suggestion of potential assassination.

Yes, you heard that right. On this not-so-secret-point, I urge everyone to read the essay, titled “A Trump Dictatorship is Increasingly Inevitable [aka, Red Caesar]” in the Washington Post, by ex-Bush II official and hysterical NeverTrumper Robert Kagan [a way to read it without a paywall is here]. “Like Caesar, Trump wields a clout that transcends the laws and institutions of government, based on the unswerving personal loyalty of his army of followers,” Kagan writes. And we all know what happened to Julius Caesar.

Kagan just happens to be married to Victoria Nuland, whose labors in extending a globalist foreign policy and imposing “American style democracy” (read “elitist global reset”) around the world over the past 20 years have gotten us into more disastrous regional wars and coup d’etat plots than anyone else in history. There is the blood of thousands on her hands…and those of her oily, loathsome Neoconservative husband.

Most of you may have read my several essays on Neoconservatism and why it is such an anathema—or should be—to patriotic traditional Americans who value their history and traditions. My latest piece on the topic offers a succinct summary of this dangerous and infectious “ism,” and reasons why it is such a clear and present danger to what is left of our republic. I offer a link to that essay here.

Far too many otherwise sensible, law-abiding and normal American citizens still don’t realize that they are being sold a rotten, poisonous bill of goods. Listening to Mitch McConnell, Thom Tillis, Mitt Romney, and Lindsey Graham, or reading such Neoconservative publications as National Review and The Wall Street Journal, or watching Fox News and believing everythingeverythingspewed forth by those voices, without extreme discrimination will get you infected, perhaps slowly over time but with certainty, and on the road to accepting and normalizing the destruction of what is left of the traditional American nation.

The following article is a case in point. Notice that it is always some GOP types who are quick to condemn Lt. Governor Robinson. This, of course, is the mantra of the greater Leftist “coalition,” which includes quite a few “establishment” Republicans and so-called “Conservatives.”

But we have seen how their kind operate, and it is time that they be overthrown. We may have…possibly…just one more opportunity. But it will require of us all that we read carefully, selectively, and sift through our sources, and not blindly follow Republican politicos simply because they have an “R” beside their name.


‘GOP members have lost their minds’: Internet fumes as Mark Robinson insinuates US was behind Pearl Harbor and General Patton’s death

‘GOP members have lost their minds’: Internet fumes as Mark Robinson insinuates US was behind Pearl Harbor and General Patton’s death (

Opinion by Rittwik Naskar    June 9, 2024

RALEIGH, NORTH CAROLINA: The Republican candidate for governor in North Carolina, Mark Robinson, has been reported to have suggested that the United States government may have been involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor and the death of US General George Patton as part of a conspiracy to assist then-Soviet Union leader, Joseph Stalin.

Robinson, who currently holds the position of lieutenant governor in the state, is now a candidate in what is considered one of the most hotly contested gubernatorial races in the country. North Carolina is also a key battleground state in the upcoming presidential election in November, according to the DailyMail.

During a radio interview in 2018, the host claimed, “Japan is the one who bombed us, but the most of our material, and effort went to Europe.” “Right. It really calls to question the motives and the suspicion around our entire introduction into the war, it really does,” Robinson replied. “It raises serious questions.”

The aforementioned statements depict yet another instance in a series of conspiracy theories that Robinson espoused before entering politics.

Over the years, he has faced allegations of making anti-Semitic, homophobic, and sexist remarks.

The aforementioned outlet went through the unearthed audio from an episode of Politics and Prophecy with Chris Levels. While there has been extensive coverage of Robinson entertaining conspiracy theories, this audio is thought to be the first instance of him discussing conspiracies related to Pearl Harbor and Patton.

The Old North State Republican can be heard saying, “You know, I’m not prepared to say our government intentionally set Pearl Harbor up. I know there’s a lot of conspiracy theories that say that…” At that point, the host interrupted with “I will! There’s too much proof” to support the claim that the United States orchestrated the attack. “Definitely,” Robinson concurred. “There’s definitely questions that are out there, serious questions that have been raised.”

On December 7, 1941, the attack on Hawaii by Japan killed 2,403 Americans.

Furthermore, Robinson argued that the decision of then-US President Franklin D Roosevelt to join the war was a component of a communist plot to support Stalin. “When you take in look at the totality of it, and look at the way FDR completely disregarded the fight in Japan and focused all of his energy, all of his energy was focused on a way for us to get to Europe, and not just to get to Europe, but to get over there to help the guy he called Uncle Joe,” Robinson claimed.   He continued, “So wait a minute, we went to the Europe, and we quote freed Europe from the Nazis, but then we turned right around and turned over even more property to the communists. That doesn’t make any sense.”

The podcast host later asserted in the same interview that General George Patton was killed by the US government. “I’m not ready to say it for sure, but it sure looks like it because Patton was a rabid dog when it came to that communism thing,” Robinson remarked.  In December 1945, Patton was involved in a car accident that left him paralyzed. Less than two weeks later, he passed away. Regarding General Patton’s death being the consequence of the accident, Robinson remarked, “‘How this guy ended up getting killed in a quote car wreck, I’ll never know,” adding. “I certainly don’t believe it. It’s just too fishy to me.”

He also branded FDR a “quasi-socialist or a complete socialist that was surrounded by communists” who went to Europe with the “intent of saving Joseph Stalin, saving communism, and saving Marxism.”

Mark Robinson has a history of referencing conspiracy theories, as evidenced by his previous claim that he’s “skeptical” of “everything” he has seen on television, including events such as 9/11, the JFK assassination, and the 2017 Las Vegas shooting.

While he stated that he does not believe the moon landing was faked or that 9/11 was an “inside job,” he expressed that he would not be surprised if he were to discover otherwise.

Robinson, known for his right-wing conservative views, has also been a polarizing figure due to his controversial comments about women, Jews, Muslims, and members of the LGBTQ community.

Before campaigning for lieutenant governor in 2020, Robinson said that the Black Panther movie was “created by an agnostic Jew and put to film by satanic Marxists.”

In 2016, following the tragic Pulse Nightclub shooting in Florida which saw 49 people getting killed, Robinson wrote that homosexuality is “STILL an abominable sin” and that he would “NOT join in ‘celebrating gay pride’.” Furthermore, he implied that celebrity talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, who is openly gay, was a “top ranking demon.”

Robinson referred to the survivors of the 2018 Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Parkland, Florida, as “media prosti-tots” and “spoiled, angry, know it all CHILDREN” in his online remarks.

During Super Tuesday in March, Mark Robinson secured the Republican nomination for governor in North Carolina. Endorsed by former President Donald Trump during a rally in Greensboro before the primary, Robinson previously referred to the civil rights leader as a “communist” in a 2018 podcast. Furthermore, he criticized the Civil Rights Movement, labeling it as a communist scheme to “subvert capitalism.”

People online lambasted the GOP nominee for Governor of North Carolina, Mark Robinson, for backing conspiracy theories alleging that the U.S. government was behind the attack on Pearl Harbor and the death of General George Patton.

One person commented, “Wow! This guy is off-the-chart conspiracy fruit cake. The Republicans now disrespect the entire US military and US government to desperately try to balance the fact that their presidential candidate dodged military service! They have no bottom to how low they will go to support Donald Trump!” Another person said, “There is absolutely zero chance this man becomes governor of North Carolina. And you can take that to the bank.”

Another person claimed, “Robinson has a background of endorsing just about every screwball theory and hateful reactionary policy in the book, in addition to a string of personal bankruptcies. In the past couple of years, he’s flipped from being a rabid antisemite to becoming a rabid supporter of Israel….when it became particularly fashionable among the far-right to hop into bed with Netanyahu. He has virtually no experience in running a government agency or a business of any significance. In other words….he’s the Perfect MAGA Republican Candidate !!!!”

One person remarked, “Why oh why, oh why do people insist on spouting or worse listening to, pure lies. The earth is flat, red is blue, cats bark, cows have wings, Paris is the capital of Italy. You see anyone can write lies unverified by evidence, empirical data, logic or even common sense. We seem to have entered an age of social media driven, post fact, lost reality delusion. Frankly it is all desperately sad and driven from the United States were some people seem to have lost their rocker completely.”

Boyd Cathey

Boyd D. Cathey holds a doctorate in European history from the Catholic University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, where he was a Richard Weaver Fellow, and an MA in intellectual history from the University of Virginia (as a Jefferson Fellow). He was assistant to conservative author and philosopher the late Russell Kirk. In more recent years he served as State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. He has published in French, Spanish, and English, on historical subjects as well as classical music and opera. He is active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and various historical, archival, and genealogical organizations.


  • William Quinton Platt III says:

    The highwater mark for the black family was the 1950s. Then the communists shoved BT Washington aside for mlk. Twenty years later, forced integration had destroyed the small black businesses supporting the black family and the black church. Democrats filled the void left by the black father with rap music and free cheese.
    Black Christians now support a Democratic party that preaches to kill children after they are born if the mother and doctor consider the child inconvenient.

    This is not the first time poor choices plagued our black brothers…the time previous, they supported the Radical Republicans (communist party) in passing the 14th Amendment which disenfranchised White Southern Males. One hundred years apart, poor choices have consequences.

    There were zero slave uprisings during the War Between the States…free blacks fought by the thousands voluntarily for the South…had they known the communist party’s future plans for them, every black man would have fought for the South.


      “……. every black man would have fought for the South.”

    • Enoch Cade says:

      Yep. And they are Southerners like us. It’s my hope that one day we can work together to rid the land of the source of our woes. The way they were treated by the Republicans is disguting.

  • Paul Yarbrough says:

    “…cows have wings…”
    They do in Texas. That’s how they first got up to Kansas and subsequently Chicago where that Lincoln guy called “Honest Abe” used to lived.

  • Enoch Cade says:

    Ha. Well, Roosevelt did engineer Pearl. He learned from Lincoln how to provoke an attack, so he could claim virtual purity.

    Lincoln “refounded” the U.S. on a hypocritical lie: American virtue, which blesses its crusades for all time. This was amplified by the Republicans, who used it for cover as they plundered us. Like they used the freed slaves, only to discard them when there was nothing left to steal.
    Best of luck to Robinson but the USA is way past the point of being helped by a vote. It’s done. I for one have no regrets.

  • Ken says:

    I have studied enough WW-2 history to have concluded that the US didn’t cause the attack on Pearl Harbor. Also, at the time Germany and Hitler were the enemy. People did not fully grasp how many the NAZIS were murdering, let alone the more isolated Soviet states and what they were pulling. I consider myself a conservative but in my discussions with people often conservative, I am appalled at how ignorant many, most, are about history and even Christian doctrine when they claim to be Christian. Appalling is not an exaggeration. As I continue to educate myself I am less threatened by the leftists rants. Jesus said that his sheep shall know the truth and be set free. We can’t try to put out every leftist fire. We should try to remove our own ignorance. As a Calvinist by rebirth, I believe that God is sovereign and that He puts officials into government. I have concluded that He puts some awful characters in power like when He decreed that Satan could afflict Job. Most of the politicians are an affliction to more honest people but our response is to pray for our enemies. All things work together for good to those who are called (the elect) by God’s eternal decree to be in His sheepfold.

  • scott t says: i began questioning ww2 with these books. i question the holocaust with this stuff and after this I don’t belive any of them.

  • Bill Burkhart says:

    Mr. Robinson is absolutely correct on Pearl Harbor being engineered by the US but not in the way the elitest naysayers think. It’s no secret that FDR was a lapdog of Stalin. That in itself was bad enough but the fact that his administration was quite literally filled with outright Soviet agents, Soviet sympathizers, and communist fellow travelers is where the Pearl Harbor conspiracy becomes concrete. These Soviet apparatchiks prior to Pearl Harbor influenced US policy on Japan, in particular taking a hardline against Japan’s continued South Asia and South Pacific expansion for oil culminating in October and November 1941 with ultimatums that ensured a Japanese showdown with the US rather than a Japanese-Soviet showdown in Manchuria. Followed by advising for hardline peace terms from Japan and Germany by these same apparatchiks a few years later so that the Soviets could entrench themselves in Eastern Europe and even have time to attack Japanese forces for a full five days before Japan surrendered, followed by quite literally giving over China thru anti-Chiang policy and providing Eastern Europe to Uncle Joe on a silver platter. So much more detail here but for brevity’s sake, please read “Stalin’s Agents” and other revelatory works on the very real facts that Mr. Robinson references. It was so much more than just Pearl Harbor that was engineered by Soviet infiltration at the highest levels of the FDR and Truman administrations.

    • Langhorne Clemens says:

      There is reason to believe that Franklin Delano Roosevelt deceived the American Voting Public by promising that he would keep America out of Asian and European wars yet secretly working with Joseph Stalin to assure the United States went to war in Europe and in the Pacific. There is also reason to believe that Franklin Roosevelt and the highest echelons of his administration was aware in November of 1941 of Japan’s impending December 7th, 1941 planned attack on Pearl Harbor. See Daryl S. Borgquist’s Advance Warning? The Red Cross Connection.
      Families of the Pearl Harbor commanders have been championing the theory that official Washington knew when and where the 1941 Japanese attack would occur. Evidence of secret medical shipments prior to the attack is lending credence to it.

  • Langhorne Clemens says:

    Freedom of Information Act Records indicate Franklin Roosevelt’s awareness of Japan’s planned attack on Pearl Harbor prior to the attack taking place.

  • Langhorne Clemens says:

    President Franklin Roosevelt’s inaction condemned thousands of American fighting men who were vacuumed up into Stalin’s Slave Labor Camps.

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