Old men observe and imagine the fate of the “country” that was once a relatively free group of independent states of people living freely within tribal nests of local-style Jeffersonian parlors of home and family; people who loved the land and the God who provided it.

Some old men have such observations.

Now in time, much past, as the fortunes of that land fell, well over a century and a half ago, via the national army that issued from its political New England seed, its Hamiltonian nationalists, and its Lincolnite European revolutionists who unsparingly shed blood to create the single national state that was to be worshiped like Satan, he supposedly of beautiful sight, whose “son-of the morning” stature would be the state’s greatest flesh-taster.

Today corruption runs like a social disease, decaying the once masculine union through its love-making with its national concubine, Washington, D.C. It runs like disease and evil once ran through Sodom and Gomorrah 4000 years ago.

Its seductive rot consumes and will continue. Truths will not be told about it, and truth is the only elixir for lies.

Political parties are but political pimps and are the buyers and sellers of debt and pleasurable flesh using the sweat and brow of the taxpayers and their once-protected wealth, protected by the honorable union.

Liars are the breeding ground of corruption or corruption necessarily breeds lying. In either case, the contrapositive is true for either, so would say logicians via their truth tables i.e., integrity breeds truth or truth breeds integrity.

Old men who once were told myths in honor of the reputation of great and honorable men like George Washington (the cherry tree story) whose honor was so solid that he would not, could not, tell a lie, listen today to so-called journalists support the absence of truth as if it were Hitler’s Youth in their driving a dagger into the heart of “The Boy Scouts,” and their pledge.

Irony thy father is damnation when you have fixed yourself onto the city, Washington D.C., and subsumed the paradox that the first president’s name is affixed to the city where the greatest lies in size and number flow like some kind of verbal mendacious distributary of the Potomac.

The blood, shed in such fields of the Union of “states united,” not united states, became like dark milk feeding the faux-beautiful son of the morning**, like some national vampire, and being the ignition for the so-called shining light on the hill, the great lie of the puritanical John Cheese Yankee. Satan and his criers, the nationalists, became the corrupter and killer of union and the father of state. Satan’s fairy-tale lie: the light on the hill, shining–but only lighting the beast of bureaucracy.

Today, the battle is over. There is, contrary to well-duped conservative people, no victory in sight. The well-duped are also the untutored, unread, (ironically, many call themselves Republicans, though hardly republican, they are state nationalists)

Most are clothed with crafty and cunning devices that worship such political poison; poison which truly believes rendering to Caesar is not just God’s true way, but Satan’s only way.

The beasts are running through the streets and own the courts, own the representatives, own what remain of the police, own the army, own the money. And they protect it with guns that the people pay for but resist the people owning the same. The mystery is, how have these “duped” been duped?

Pimps always promise the duped the same: protection and security. But now it is too late. There is not enough political penicillin to save the concubine. The people most likely will die with the concubine.

Today, Washington owns the people, their states, their lives, its fortunes and has replaced all honor with some nonsensical rubbish labeled “Woke.”

Some of these same old men once passed in review on graduation day at Parris Island. The flag was raised on the replica of Mount Suribachi and as they passed the colors, the band’s brass resounding “The Marine Corps Hymn,” they felt special at having been trained by honorable Officers and NCOs. Today it is a lie to suggest anything “honorable” is part of Washington’s or its military officers or any of its DNA’s structure.

Richmond, Va. once fought to preserve the concept of “union.” Washington, D.C. fought to create (today’s) “nation.”

Richmond died with honor. Washington survived as a political whore.

Believe it or not, there are still supporters in gray cloth down in Dixie who, still, unarmed, but reverently, say: DEO VINDICE and always stand or salute “The Star Spangle Banner” though not some National Anthem.

Seldom are we allowed to say so in print.

But almost every dang one of them says “MAGA.”

DEO VINDICE, America. Above all, Southern America.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.


  • Lloyd M. Garnett says:

    A wonderfully poignantly insightful, honest and defiant lament, and requiem.

    Mr. Yarbrough’s poetry in prose, illuminates the natural, cathedral heart of a true Southerner.

    While the battle for the republic of the Founders does indeed seem to be over… (to the extent the future is foreseeable to mortals) … the greater war, the everlasting Crusade for Truth is not. Indeed, THAT war – (We know because He has told us.) – will end in Victory and Vindication… and the Peace which surpasses all understanding.

    All we have to do is be good Christian soldiers and do as our Commander tells us, and all hell will not prevail against us.

    God bless Mr Yarborough, and all who are like him in honor & spirit.

    Deo vindice.

  • Joyce says:

    “Today the battle is over.” God help us.

    • Paul Yarbrough says:

      If the glittering bunch of numskulls on that “Republican” debate stage are the Generals of conservative thought and persuasion, then any battle now is a lost cause!

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