“Aggressive abroad and despotic at home.”

–Robert E. Lee

The empire Lincoln built is on the wane.
Those who know history can see the signs—
And even those with ears can hear the whines
And bellows of frustration. All in vain!
Empires commence in pain and end in pain.
The honest haruspex no doubt divines
This course from the beginning. All the lines
Are clear. Only the colors yet remain.
It has turned red at last, what started blue.
The loud, fanatic quest, thinnest of veils,
Is still, incredibly, resorted to,
Although the eloquence quite clearly ails.
Glory is something none can now pursue
As, like the rest of them, this empire fails.

Thomas Riley

Tom Riley was born in Buffalo, but through study has become a Rebel from Yankeeland. He works as a freelance copywriter and is the author of Love Poems of a Hatemonger and The Ghost of Biden’s Brain.

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