The government is not going to rescue all the businesses that go under as a result of the Corvid-19 virus panic. It doesn’t matter how much money is printed, printed money is not real, It is a fiction of the mind insofar as legal tender. The only business survivors will be the giants, Wal Mart, Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Most of the smaller businesses will be dead and all localism that is left throughout the Union will be obliterated.

This is what the Washington swamp does. It steals money and harms the people. And, of course, lies.

The government and the hacks and crooks that have been elected will tell us that they had no choice. They will say that the data and the models formed by the “experts” told them they had to kill us to save us. They will say that they had no choice.

A lie. There is always a choice. They are just too gutless to say they “made a choice.” Further to the point, their choice was a bad one for the people, a good one for themselves. This control (shelter in place etc.) is a measure of their mettle. They are politicians, socialist ones at that, be they Democrats or Republicans.

Theirs’ is not “In God, we trust,” but “in voting man do we trust for reelection.”

The public has been panic-driven with dire warnings of Armageddon on the horizon as a result of the Corvid-19 virus. The warnings come, of course, from those self-important, self-serving flacks in Washington and various government statehouses throughout the land who cannot imagine a country without their charge and authority; and of course, their damnable opinions.  

In fact, the world has seen and survived numerous plagues and pandemics with the Corvid-19 a relative minor leaguer by comparison.

And, as an ally, the “medical community” (whatever that means) will stand before the cameras and smile as to their kindred care for the folks out there in voter land. Many of the doctors of the “affirmative action” class (and there are far too many) have little else to do since any practice of medicine by them is mediocre anyway. So, they preen and prognosticate for the media.

The good doctors are off doing silly things like treating patients.

Hardly a taxpayer around will realize or recall that most people listen to their doctor far less for preventative care than for healing care e.g. doctor tells a patient to drink less and exercise more—mostly the patient doesn’t follow advice. However, the patient will race to the hospital if his liver begins to tank.

But if the vermin the people have elected (as a result of numerous voting “rights” laws) have an opportunity to use the people (no not serve) through legislation they will do it. They will rob them blind and claim they are seeing-eye dogs.

Fancy Nancy Pelosi came zooming back to Washington with her pilfering pen ready to sign off for her voting base and from the taxpayers’ pockets with all of the solutions for a virus that has few effects relative to other twentieth-century monster maladies: Spanish Flu, Polio, H1G1, as well as others. But she, as if she were Wonder Woman dashes to the cameras with American Flags Flying in the background.

Among her many either stupid or more likely corrupt considerations are that board member diversity would help the public with curing the virus or at least alleviate the financial costs. Or, perhaps paying off student debt would work as well as a vaccine. And the “stupid or corrupt’ list goes on.

Mitch McConnel and Chuck Schumer seemed a bit put out with her “Nancy come lately” notions. But why should they? They know what she is. They know what the entire swamp is. It is the place that polls indicate 85% of the people think it is corrupt.

For them to feign surprise is a crock.

And just for the record.

It is a minor point that the private banking system was eliminated in 1913 with the imposition of the Federal Reserve (not a bank though called such). However, this is the tool of government spending—the printing press.

And this bureaucratic beast, the Fed, will be the attempted source of rescue of all individual and small businesses that will go broke after the government (mostly progressive-types) completely vents its maelstrom of fear about the current disease and orders people to stay at home.

And the beast will pat itself on the back for their care and consideration. These people are from the same DNA stain that gave us Prohibition and the 18th amendment. How much money was lost and how many people died for that little panic beauty; “drinking is evil, America,” that gave us nothing but heartache, death– and the Mafia.

That was the first real panic on a mass scale after the Civil War panic and its hysteria of “The Union must be saved!”  It was not saved (and needed no salvation) and we got a nation–a national bureaucracy. And 700,000 people died in this panic and gave us Washington as the center of our lives for the rest of our lives. God bless America all anti-secessionists (“pro” would be signers of  the Declaration of Independence) disciples.

The government rules by destroying the people and their liberty; then telling them it is saving them.

The government lives by breeding bureaus out of fear and panic. The government does not serve as Knights of honor. It rules like the black Norman knights in Ivanhoe: First the Republicans; then the Democrats; now an amalgamation of both in the Swamp.

I am afraid Donald Trump faces too many black Norman Knights.

The crusades of 1861-1865 were lost. And the infidels reign.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.

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