The problem now is the same as it was in 1994, the same as it was in 1980 (Reagan) and 2016 (Trump). The greatest Republican measure of conservatism that creates “waves” as opposed to pond-stills, e.g. Ford, Romney, McCain, Bush (any one of the New England preppies, carpetbagging Bush clan), is in the South. The real South. Not the South of the contemporary corrupt and bastardized Universities that once graced eternal crafty thought processes with prose, poetry, AND science. The South of Faulkner and Booker T. Washington and the Vanderbilt Agrarians.

That is the South once flush with a cast of inheritance from Virginians who spread republican and conservative thoughts and messages into the English-speaking Union of states, sovereign states all.

The beast of Hamiltonian nationalism lived mostly in the North, but as long as the “union” survived in its structure (1787), it worked. Each state was independent and sovereign to the world. Such had been stated in The Declaration of Independence–a secession of states from the British Empire—not the forming of some fictitious nation, as per today’s contemporary pretentious conservative minstrels aligning themselves with modernity.

Once the “nation had arrived” (replacing the union) via the Republicans and their Hamilton-styled European nationalism (and ultimate socialistic statism): Lincoln, Chase, Seward, et al, the real idea of republicanism was attacked, in great American irony, by the Republicans—like Satan, liars from the beginning. Republicans were nationals, not federalists, not republicans.

Bringing with them their “reconstruction,” as well as their Northern invented and promoted “Jim Crow” and apartheid laws to the broken South, now ruled by military Republicans, they promoted themselves as the party that freed the Negroes. Lies so damnable that today, the modern Washington Deep State looks honest by comparison (See best seller, The Strange Career of Jim Crow–Woodward)

The problem with any red wave is not the opposition from the green weirdos, the Democrat anarchists, or even the Bernie Sanders socialists/communists.  These and their party are weaklings and cowards (along with their media mouthpieces) and can be defeated.

The problem lies in those who DO NOT know better but pretend to believe that only the goody-goody Republican party can and will offer a kind of conservatism along the lines of a national and socialistic-minded Lincoln and his 1850s Republicans. These Republicans were not a product of the conservative slave-owning Virginians, but the ilk of nationalistic New England slave traffickers and slave owners themselves.

Modern puffery pieces from ladies and gentlemen, claimants—historically—assert a magnanimous Northern desire to free the blacks through a GREAT CIVIL WAR. These are the modern Fox News addicts, the coarse Mark Levin-styled sorts who listen to like-minded eruptions of misguided and misunderstood history of the Victor Davis Hanson, D Nesh Desouza, or even the comic book historical literary babblings of the Brian Kilmeade types.

Most of these fellows, usually presented on Fox, know as much 19th-century American history as I know about the political structure of Somalia; or even worse their kissing cousins the likes of Eric Foner or Bill Kristol or Kevin Levin who bathe in historic larceny and smirk and pile on historical melodrama, absent primary sources.

These untutored rascals spread the manure that is fertilizing the Republican party with the notion that conservatism is nationalism. They claim a position in the red wave, but they are not conservatives, they are not of Virginian seed nor soul (Jefferson et al) They are the same bunch that you should remember back when… if you can remember 1994.

The enemy in front of you is never as dangerous as the enemy within. If a red wave descends on or after November 8, don’t be surprised if you fail to see happen what you were told you would see in the Republican red wave. Remember that Republicans began as liars. They still have their share of them. Remember 1994.

Democrats openly support the worst kind of indecency and will even sacrifice your children both literally and figuratively. A “Blue” wave doesn’t just sound cold, it sounds cold and dark. The other choice is a red wave. Some equate it with Republicans. But remember the liars that they were in the beginning, and know that many continue until now for their beloved Deep (bureaucratic) State.

Reds are liars. Blues are degenerates.

But red is also the color of blood. And sometimes we shed our own blood for a righteous sacrifice.

Remember the Alamo. Remember Pearl harbor. Remember Appomattox. And for damn sure, remember 1994!

Note: The views expressed on are not necessarily those of the Abbeville Institute.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.


  • Jon Little says:

    Very well said Mr. Yarbrough. This is the kind of fiery rhetoric that I expect from the Abbeville Institute. Thank you for your clear and concise analysis of the Republican Party, and their depiction as the “enemy within,” as they truly are. Something that can’t be said is that many of this rats warren of controlled opposition are of a group who call themselves an international people, or should I say, tribe.

  • Harry Colin says:

    A very astute observation, Mr. Yarborough. As a Pennsylvania -born boy living in Ohio, I could not agree with your piece more!

    How often have we heard the GOP speak in solemn tones about preserving the Constitution, promoting pro-life policies, defending our heritage, restoring conservative principles, America first – UNTIL the election, then all we get is more Middle East meddling, global “nation-building” and merely the slower version of the cultural, historical and moral genocide promoted by the Democrats.

    They can tear down the statues of men whose boots they aren’t fit to wipe, but this former Army officer will still honor the memory of Lee, Jackson,Armistead and Hood and loathe the neocons, stock jobbers, and character-challenged creeps who soil the Beltway and the institutions they foist on normal people.

  • Robert Caffery Sr says:

    Excellent article, sir!
    Every single paragraph rings true.
    Unfortunately too many Americans are ignorant of history, and would rather go along to get along!
    Case in point, I just heard Roger Stone talking about how MLK was a Republican (read “one of us”).
    As someone more prescient than me said: you can’t fix stupid!

  • John Taylor says:

    Ah yes, the “Contract on America” [sic]. At least Qiáo·bài dēng was still at that point forming complete sentences, albeit traitorous and unconstitutional ones.

    • Ray says:

      I remember 1994 very well. The republican wave that was to change the u s of a. Georgia, A southern state helped put in Newt Gingrich as speaker of the house. Newt, A member of several different organizations alien to the u s of a, still a member I believe, did nothing to change the course of the country for the better. He is still called upon sometimes by the talking heads of “conservative radio” to offer his opinions about how bad things are. Southerners are bombarded by the “conservative” talk show hosts every day, and where are they located? New York, sometimes talking from a home away from home in Florida. Levin, when he mentions the democrats likes to throw up the fact that it was the south who owned the slaves and the south formed the kkk. Of course no northerners owned slaves. Even Grant had slaves but that’s not mentioned. People call in the talk shows and state how great Americans they are for getting the truth out there. The South has been infiltrated with yanquis and carpet baggers since the end of the wbts and still continues. Witness the last couple of years with all the property being sold and their moving to the South where land and property are cheaper. But not for long. Real estate prices have been driven up so high a local man or woman can’t afford to buy or sell because if their home is paid for they couldn’t replace it for what they could get out of it. Not true in all cases of course.
      Being a southerner myself I can see the importance and relevance of this article and the replies. One day, hopefully soon, real southerners will see the truth and stop listening to the talking heads. Until then our young men and women educated by Northern historians will continue on in their daze and still blame the south for the war. Pardon my ramblings. This is the day after the election and it does look like another “red wave” has happened. Will it be like the great wave of “94. Time will tell.

  • Rick Swan says:

    Mr. Yarbrough,
    Sir! You have, forgive please the oft used phrase, “Hit the nail on the head.” You drove that spike deep and set the head! The problem with the South (as with most of America) is the belief that our ‘political leaders’ are sacrosanct and we dassn’t question them; certainly not challenge them or their ‘integrity.’ They are the Demi-gods of the righteous political theology and ruled by the Ultra-gods, all self-appointed. When was the last time ‘the people’ were involved: I mean really involved, with the selection of candidates for office??? I can’t remember, either!
    The current election of 2022 has proven, without a doubt, the major party ‘candidates have only shown themselves as worthless, ignoramuses all, with no ‘issue’ knowledge; not worthy of any office – except, perhaps as dog catcher, but then, I am convinced, even the dogs would object. Manure doesn’t have much value and slime has none.
    Let’s ponder what would happen if, at the end of each list of candidates, a box for voters to tick was added with these words, “NONE OF THE ABOVE”?

  • Billy P says:

    Well said and couldn’t agree more. Republicans have been riding that lie of fighting a war to free slaves so long that it is an insult to anyone with a functional understanding of history and the true root causes of the War to Prevent Southern Independence. To pull the lever for a Republican comes with the distaste of knowing that party is built on this perpetual lie. Their constant bowing to their enshrined human god Lincoln, as committed by Kilmeade types constantly, is as predictable as it is offensive. But, voting Democrat certainly isn’t in the cards because whatever a Republican is, today’s degenerate, and in some cases arguably brain-damaged, Democrat is 1000 times worse. The conservative, foundational, traditional values of the south that has kept this country in check for so long isn’t represented in this country anymore at any effective level and, thanks to cultural destruction and the brainwashing of even our descendants, it may never be again. All one can expect with a red wave or a red ripple (which is what it ended up being) is an occasional victory through a block of bad legislation but these victories will be paid for dearly behind closed doors through bipartisan “death by a thousand cuts” compromises and unending erosion of American individual liberties and freedoms. People tend forget these America-loving Republicans were behind the “Patriot Act”, which has proven to be an effective, abused tool of government to aim directly at those the government (whichever is currently in charge) fears, not just supposed “terrorists”. I expect nothing of substance to come from these elections, short of maybe some occasional wins. But the truly sad result for me is knowing that the Republican ripple will more likely than not participate in the continued destruction of our southern heritage and culture in a pandering effort to preserve their future re-election. Voting has become a hollow endeavor for a true southerner and our very unfortunate and outnumbered copperhead brothers to the north.

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