Ty Seidule’s mea culpa memoir, Robert E. Lee and Me, has generated the predictable supporters: mainstream media outlets, leftist dominated history departments, and neoconservative “intellectuals.” This says more about Seidule than his book. He just wants to be loved. On the other hand, his book is a collection of half-truths and cherry picked propaganda designed to meet his “opinion” of Robert E. Lee, a word he often uses when asked about his positions on Lee and the South. This is predictable coming from a man who wrote the West Point Guide to Gender and Warfare. West Point graduate, General of the Army, and United States President Dwight Eisenhower called Lee one of the four greatest Americans in United States History. General Seidule thinks otherwise. As Phil Leigh explains in this video, we should listen to General Eisenhower, not the woke historian from West Point.

Philip Leigh

Philip Leigh contributed twenty-four articles to The New York Times Disunion blog, which commemorated the Civil War Sesquicentennial. He is the author of U.S. Grant's Failed Presidency, Southern Reconstruction (2017), Lee’s Lost Dispatch and Other Civil War Controversies (2015), and Trading With the Enemy (2014). Phil has lectured a various Civil War forums, including the 23rd Annual Sarasota Conference of the Civil War Education Association and various Civil War Roundtables. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Florida Institute of Technology and an MBA from Northwestern University.

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