Sayings By or For Southerners, Part IX

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It is not in the power of any single, or few individuals to preserve liberty. It can only be effected by the people themselves; by their intelligence, virtue, courage, and patriotism. –Calhoun

Rules in war have purpose. Every broken rule deepens the hate between enemies. Every rule preserved keeps hate at bay. –Christian Cameron

I lived this long by never smoking more than one cigar at a time. –Mark Twain (It did not work for Twain’s good friend U.S. Grant, who died of throat cancer from smoking all the cigars sent to him in appreciation by rich Republicans.)

Southerners have a genius for nicknaming things. –Havilah Babcock

HISTORY, n. An account mostly false, of events mostly unimportant, which are brought about by rulers mostly knaves, and soldiers mostly fools. –Ambrose Bierce, The Devil’s Dictionary

Why is it that airports attract the most repulsive people on earth? –Andrei Navrozov

Nothing narrows the mind like travel. –Chesterton

It is said, and it is very true, that the moment when vice becomes the custom marks the death of a republic, for the dissolute persons cease to be regarded as loathsome, and all baseness becomes normal. –Arturo Perez-Reverte

Are there no calamities in history? Nothing tragic? May we never weep over the defeated? Must we always . . . hurrah in the crowd that throw up their caps in honour of the conqueror? –Orestes Brownson

More affectation and hypocrisy are necessary for the trade of literature and especially the newspapers than for brothel keepers. –J.S. Mill

A country which sends poor women into wars concocted by rich men in safety is not worth fighting for. –Clyde Wilson

If only Longstreet had . . . . –O. Henry

Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina where he was the editor of the multivolume The Papers of John C. Calhoun. He is the M.E. Bradford Distinguished Chair at the Abbeville Institute. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and published over 600 articles, essays and reviews and is co-publisher of, a source  for unreconstructed Southern books.

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