A few weeks ago a close acquaintance of mine wrote an impassioned letter intended for publication in a South Carolina newspaper. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, his letter was not printed by any media source in the state….Not because it was crude or appeared to incite violence; not because he employed foul language or insulting attacks against opponents. Indeed, the letter was well-written, well-argued, and based on widely-available facts.

But in the contemporary USA, intelligent, well-expressed presentations, even those factually based are no longer guaranteed a hearing if they come from someone who is not suitably “woke” or who does not buy into the constantly-advancing and society-altering Leftist tsunami. In fact, what we see and have experienced here in America in the last several decades has been a dedicated, largely successful effort to shut down, neutralize, or buy off any dissent from or disagreement with the actions and goals of the DC elites, the entrenched Managerial State and its engorged tentacles which now extend inexorably into the lives of nearly every American. The First Amendment be damned, if it doesn’t support those ideological aims.

Richard Hines, the author of the letter, is a long-time political player, not only in the Sandlapper State, but also on the national level. Over the years he has served in the South Carolina legislature, co-chaired a Ronald Reagan for president campaign, and was then appointed to various White House administrative posts in the Transportation Department and General Services Administration. After Reagan’s tenure, Richard formed a consulting firm to represent a diversity of clients in Washington.

But it is his role as a steadfast and outspoken defender of the old South, its history, its culture, and its symbols and monuments which has strongly characterized his subsequent years. As a fearless champion of Southern heritage he has expended tremendous energy and his own fortune in support of those ideals. He and I were both contributing editors to the old, and much-lamented, Southern Partisan Magazine. That is where we first met forty years ago, and our friendship since then has been based on our shared commitment to the traditions and culture of our native region.

Indeed, he has been bitterly attacked precisely for his positions and effective activity. In 2005 The Nation, perhaps the country’s pre-eminent far left journal, launched a vicious attack on my friend, terming him “Lobbyist for the Lost Cause,” parading its shoddy attempt at opposition research before its fanatical readers. But such assaults have not deterred him or his efforts.

Most recently Richard co-authored with Dr. Paul Gottfried in Chronicles Magazine an eloquent piece on the historic and artistically impressive Confederate monument in the Arlington National Cemetery (“The Fate of Moses Ezekiel and His Memorial to the Confederate Dead,” Chronicles, November 2022). The monument is surrounded by the graves of hundreds of Confederate veterans, buried with honor on the grounds of what once was the home of Robert E. Lee. No matter that the sculptor, Moses Ezekiel, was an internationally famed sculptor and that the monument is intended as a symbol of national reunification. The Feds, with bi-partisan support, decided that symbol of reunion and honor to the dead was a symbol of racism and “white nationalism” and had to go.

But Richard is also keenly aware that issues such as the survival of a Southern culture and heritage are inextricably bound up with the direction the American nation seems to be taking globally. Not only in the United States with its grassroots MAGA movement, but also in most European and other countries, there is a rising tide of popular opposition to this increasing control by unseen, unaccountable elites and bureaucrats, whether in the myriad of offices and agencies in Washington, DC, or in faceless buildings in Bruxelles and Geneva.

One uniting position for the various popular opposition movements is the return of power and authority to the people and, as well, to the historic regions which compose those countries—the application of the old principle of subsidiarity—that what can be done on a lower level of society should not be the responsibility of a higher level of governance. The modern state has become a Behemoth, unanswerable to the populace, incapable of being dislodged, as if an unapproachable cocoon of wealth and privilege. This “new aristocracy”—or better said, oligarchy—is far more venal, far more vicious, far less visible, and far more effective in forcing its iron will on society than any older form of aristocracy based on inheritance and family and rooted in service to the commonwealth.

Not just the various attempts to remove the leading Republican candidate for president, Donald Trump, from the ballot in several states—all in the name of “our democracy”(!)—but recent calls by members of this elite that perhaps we have too many elections, illustrate that the intentions of the ensconced Managerial Class have far more to do with a globalist “great reset” and the retention power than with their hollow paeans to “democracy.”

In the United States the enablers of this Leftist march towards totalitarian globalism are the “neoconservatives” and a coterie of Republican “insiders” who have traditionally controlled the party and dominated GOP politics out of Washington. Their blinkered internationalism and desire to impose a Pax Americana on the rest of the world fit comfortably with the zealous Leftist goal of bringing “our democracy” (by force if necessary) to the most remote desert and the furthest jungle in the world.

Richard Hines understands this. He understands that if this country shall survive we must return to the wisdom of the Fathers of our country and to the constitutional, America First principles that once made this country great: decentralization, respect for our inherited rights, non-intervention globally, and the defense of our borders and not those of some faraway land that no one can find on a map.

Wise counsel, indeed.

Boyd Cathey

Boyd D. Cathey holds a doctorate in European history from the Catholic University of Navarra, Pamplona, Spain, where he was a Richard Weaver Fellow, and an MA in intellectual history from the University of Virginia (as a Jefferson Fellow). He was assistant to conservative author and philosopher the late Russell Kirk. In more recent years he served as State Registrar of the North Carolina Division of Archives and History. He has published in French, Spanish, and English, on historical subjects as well as classical music and opera. He is active in the Sons of Confederate Veterans and various historical, archival, and genealogical organizations.


  • Paul Yarbrough says:

    “… even those factually based are no longer guaranteed a hearing if they come from someone who is not suitably “woke” or who does not buy into the constantly-advancing and society-altering Leftist tsunami.”
    Absolutely. I have been told by more than one so-called “conservative” sites (via email) that I would be wasting my time sending them anything supporting “lost cause” positions. In fairness there have been two or three that are not so arbitrary though they disagree.

  • Gordon says:

    I have framed on the wall a full paged advertisement paid for by the Sons of Confederate Veterans showing General Robert E. Lee as he posed with dutiful patience for a Yankee photographer after arriving in Richmond from Appomattox. Contained in the Richmond Times-Dispatch in spring/summer, 1999, the ad entitled “GOOD STUDENTS OF HISTORY ALWAYS LOOK AT THE WHOLE STORY” was a response to the removal of a tapestry of Lee on Richmond’s flood wall. Controversial at the time, twenty four years ago, they now seem like halcyon days as only a few blocks away Generals Lee, Jackson and Stuart stood complacently on guard on Monument Avenue.

    I wrote about this here yesterday to show how, as reasoned, knowing and heartfelt as Dr. Cathey’s article is, it seems only another academic exercise as, indeed, was the truly lamented Southern Partisan magazine. I decided to not submit the comment because it seemed critical which it decidedly was not, nor is it now. Nevertheless, as Dr. Cathey agrees with his friend Richard Hines that “we must return to the wisdom of the Fathers of our country and to the constitutional, America First principles that once made this country great” there are no signs that it can happen with any duration beyond one step forward and two steps back. Reading Dr. Cathey’s piece makes obvious that there is a way to restoration, just as obvious is there is no clear way to start. I have no answers and expect none from Dr. Cathey, yet, after the example of some who speak out from places from which it may not be welcome, I don’t give up.

    A gloomy epilogue is that the Lee tapestry mentioned above was returned to the Richmond flood wall – only to be firebombed, never to return.

  • tempus says:

    I see the same thing with a site that allows comments on articles pertaining to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. It does not hesitate to post comments that slur another commenter with derogatory remarks and even profanity. However, if anyone who posts a comment about Zionism that is short of worshipping Zionism, Israel, and Zionist Jews, WLT hesitates to post it.

  • They started on Me in the 7th grade. That is about the time The reconstruction began again.
    We were overrun with Yankees and Jews and colored and foreigners and illegal aliens. Being a country boy with a deep Southern accent, I was shunned by the filthy mob. They knew how to manipulate the system and soon my spot in the gifted was revoked and given to a user per.
    I had to hustle for money taking any form of work my small undernourished frame could handle. I delivered newspapers and worked at
    Woodies ESSO. Cut grass and picked up coke bottles. I had no money for college, so I got out of school early to work. I graduated with the minimum hours. I set out in the world to improve my life. I was a Merchant Seaman at 18. I was going to get drafted, Vietnam was raging So I went.
    I travel to the Philippines regularly nowadays. I have a house here. I meet many Americans and people from Germany who have fled the sewer that their country has become.
    Semper Fi and Good Night Chesty Puller Wherever You Are. My 6th cousin

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