The City Council of Lexington, Virginia has renamed the Stonewall Jackson Cemetery. The new name is Oak Grove Cemetery. The reasons stated were the usual ones. Jackson was a racist who fought for slavery. I hope the males on that council never have to do anything requiring manhood.

Lexington Councilman Chuck Smith said the effect on tourism would likely be “negligible” and added that supporting the racist legacy of Jackson would be “unacceptable and indefensible.”

This is typical of contemporary political, social, and academic conversation; not to mention the sadness of the church-delivered rhetoric. Such is usually delivered by those who claim to look toward heaven–while looking over the cross.

That is to say, they are forgiven sinners; everyone else is a racist (whatever that is). After all an omnipotent unimaginative god would only create a single human race. He would never qualify His “egalitarian” unit with distinctions. God, with an imagination? Hush you!

The Provider of the cross said that the gates of hell would not prevail against His church. Those words of warning should have been a clear warning to Christians that hell would make the effort.

Defenders like myself, of the old Confederacy and its concept, as well as the South generally, don’t bother with such drivel as Chuck Smith offers any longer. It isn’t a matter of not caring what he says, but a matter of truth over his contemporary juvenile academics, umbilically tied likely to nonsensical “journalism”—or vice versa—kind of a chicken or egg deal. Said another way, it is a waste of time talking to fools.

In short, the true history is what has been left in the minds and hearts of those who prayed, fought for, and died for the CSA (Confederate States of America). Modernity is the father of “fake” history, having its puberty long ago source-seeded with fake “news.”

“Fake” news isn’t new. It’s an old dog seeking new “ bushes.” It pees and breeds like the mongrel hound it is.

Those among us who flower the graves of Confederate veterans honor the memory as best we can. The Daughters of the Confederacy and The Sons of Confederate Veterans are not made of stone and bronze. They are made of flesh and blood, in the image of God. You can’t remove us, you oh-so dishonorable former kinsmen.

The present fiction of modernity concerning untruths about the CSA is nothing more than the afterbirth of rotted and aborted news reporting over the past 75 years, at least. If those Chuck Smith-types find glory in their own waste, let them enjoy their own putrefaction. Because of their own stench, they certainly won’t notice.

For modern liberals, progressives, and conservative-wannabes there is no entry point for reason to their mindset i.e, they are what they are. They disjoint history for political gain. None of them could be used as stone in a wall. Most wouldn’t make good dirt for a hole.

The liberals and progressives are the AOC, Pelosi, Obama et nausea of the socialist criminal mindset. But they are not in hiding. They lie, know they lie and know you know they lie. They are, at least honest in their lying (see Liar’s Paradox for those pseudo-intellectuals who insist they are following “science”).

But, the conservative-wannabes have built walls of defense from the mortar of Eric Foner fiction. And they defend these walls with contemporary “journalism” from the directions both left and right. The left is truly “left” but the right is truly wrong.

So be it. I’m just an old guy who knows the difference between the Cross of Saint Andrew and a national state–whether it be Prussian or Puritan. Progressives and liberals may understand this subliminal polemic. Conservative-wannabes on Fox Nation probably will not.

A Donald Trump victory is important mainly to keep a small ember burning for recovering the truth; not for “our country” but for a republic. A republic–not a commune–not a nation. A republic of republics i.e. Jeffersonian not Hamiltonian.

Those of that long-past era never altered that which they gave their lives for; nor do those contemporaries who understand the mischief in the so-called “founding” of “our country.”  That was why Stonewall stood like a stone wall. The CSA favored a USA as originally confederated — Jeffersonian not Hamiltonian.

History is not monuments and signs and script or even the names of cemeteries. It is revealed in what great men like Jackson and Lee did with all they had. They truly gave their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. Their lives and fortunes have passed long ago. Their honor is now being fired upon by silly slapdash politicians like Chuck Smith (only one of the thousands to be fair) who seem to like the sound of meaningless make-up words like “racist” and “racism.”

But to be fair to mediocracy, these public attendants have been indoctrinated by an even worse mediocracy.  Such brainwashing comes from the façade of people posing as academicians. These academic pretenders are the outlaws of honest philosophy. They will rot the soul of any society.

These are the liars not only to students but to public attendants (Smith et al) who truly want the truth but get filled with the stench of falsehood. These public attendants are like pitiful little political rats picking up academic flea bites from academia. They think scratching will undo infected blood. They don’t understand their own illness.

Then these infected rats pass these falsehoods on with witlessness and cowardice, as they “serve” the people. 

It isn’t clear if Councilman Chuck Smith is aware that the surname, Smith, is the most common name of the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, and the United States. It is also one of the most common names given to slaves who were sold from Africa BY other Africans to white YANKEE (New England) slavers. Meaning one of the most common names of blacks in the United States is a slave name—SMITH!

Now, little Chucky Smith, should change his own name and the names of his family tombstones or at least put before the various county clerks in Virginia a recommendation. That recommendation would change, at county expense, the names of every Smith in Virginia, black or white. Racism could be conquered in Virginia.

Those who love history—modern, revised, local, true, whatever– will be waiting Chucky.

PS: Then we can get down to some serious work of changing some names with some real history—like Jesse Jackson—yummy—can’t wait. By golly, that name’s got more possibilities for changing than Jesse robbed trains or Andy had duels.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.

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