Statues of heroes are erected to remind us of our past, of their noble deeds, to honour them, and to inspire us. These men served out of a sense of civic duty.  They answered the call of their community or state, used their skills and knowledge to serve their fellow citizens, and returned home to honest toil. Today, greed and lust for power replace the impetus to serve.    Thus we get the circus we now see being played out in Babylon-on-the-Potomac. The only likely result will be incontrovertible proof we have no shortage of clowns in our deliberative chambers. Rather this auguste body is filled with men seeking the nearest camera to pontificate on matters that are beyond their understanding.

Since the South lost its war for independence, the republican form of government has faded from these shores. (How ironic that the republic of our Founders was destroyed by a party calling itself ‘Republican.’) The resulting empire (Ron and Donnie Kennedy call it the “Yankee Empire”) seeks to gain money and power for the elite who control the levers of bureaucracy. These power mongers cloak their wars with names such as ‘make the world safe for democracy’, ‘Operation Fill-in-the-Blank Freedom’,  and ‘new world order’, none of which can be found in the Constitution.

The majority of the Founders would not stoop to personal promotion, and did not consider serving in Congress to be a lifetime vocation. They had a deeper understanding of issues and of human nature than those in the halls of Congress today. They warned us about those seeking emoluments; the rent seekers and the paper aristocracy. Far too many of our ‘public servants’ leave office to make money in academia, the media, ‘Deep State’ bureaucracy, or by lobbying.

One function of the elites in the empire is to determine who is worthy of commemoration with a statue, and who is not. Recently, they have had the audacity to rewrite history to fit their political agenda.  They have taken upon themselves the task of correcting the mistakes of Americans who lived and made history. Obviously many of these people did not know what they were doing when they took principled stands and made decisions on the nature of their government.

While erecting statues and monuments, the people of the South were delusional, according to these paragons of virtue.  Fortunately for them, the people of the North were simply honouring their heroes. They condemn one people while praising another people, even though both were involved in the same public activity.

Virginia, and all states, condone killing babies. This barbarism reminds us of the sacrifices of pagans in Old Testament times. The Canaanites practiced child sacrifice, and that is one reason God commanded his people to be set apart from these tribes. Jesus says in Luke, Chapter 18, “Let the children come to me, and do not hinder them, for to such belongs the kingdom of God.” So ‘keeping a baby comfortable while you decide whether or not to kill it’ (and I think killing a child would be quite uncomfortable) is contrary to Biblical teaching.  It’s also contrary to the spirit of the Constitution.

Take Virginia, again, and consider its recent attempts to pass stricter gun control for law-abiding citizens. (unfortunately, criminals are not law-abiding, so they ignore laws, including gun laws) The state has no trouble harassing and condemning law-abiding gun owners. Virginia also has had a takeover of their electorate by an influx of out-of-state government workers. They are not native Virginians, and do not think like native Virginians. Is this part of the reason the state has so many problems? Think of it this way-the state has no trouble killing babies, wants to limit guns in the hands of its citizens (but not its criminals) and wants to control what children (who survive birth) learn.  It seems Virginia’s government has many things in common with totalitarian regimes. I believe Germany in the 1930’s bragged about gun control. We all know how that turned out. (by the way, Nazis rewrote history and attacked the idea of local sovereignty)

Tennessee has had its share of problems.  Politicians, those the Founders warned us against, are at their old shell game. We have a monument protection law, and an Historical Commission.  Yet the City of Memphis changed the name of 3 parks and took down a statue, without much more than a whimper from administrative, judicial, and legislative officials.  What good are laws, if you have a lawless population, or a lawless government?

Louisiana, North Carolina, Kentucky, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, Florida, South Carolina, Maryland, Georgia….the list goes on.  All over the South, our heritage, history, and our monuments are under attack. More attacks will undoubtedly come, and it may seem that the tide is against us.  Remember what Gen. Lee said:

“The march of Providence is so slow and our desires so impatient; the work of progress so immense and our means of aiding it so feeble; the life of humanity is so long, that of the individual so brief, that we often see only the ebb of the advancing wave and are thus discouraged. It is history which teaches us to hope.”

Statues remind most of us of virtue and noble acts. For social justice warriors, however, they are a stumbling block as they seek to control public discourse. Others hate statues out of ignorance, the result of the revisionists who dominate the educational establishment and the agitation of the social justice warriors.  The attempt by these ‘woke’ denizens of the radical left to enslave us faces an obstacle and a silent rebuke in the truth these monuments of granite, marble and bronze represent.

What should become of our statues?  Should they stand amidst this cesspool of corruption, greed, and hatred?  Should they stand in cities where the current crop of politicians are not worthy to wipe the mud from the boots of those heroes enshrined in bronze and stone? What should we do with the statues?  Protect them, of course!!! We need them to inspire us to greater deeds. We cannot pause in our defense of the traditions and values which made our ancestors worthy of emulation.

Take courage, engage those around you. We need to think local, and act local, and it is crucial that we educate neighbors and friends to do the same. Know your local media, city and county governments, your state legislators…or better yet, run for office. It will take great effort to take our country back from the globalist Deep Staters who seek to control our lives, but we must not fail.

Brett Moffatt

Brett Moffatt is an independent scholar in Tennessee.

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