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Test Pattern

It filled the screen from midnight until dawn After the late show, anthem, station sign In those brief early days of innocence When television broadcast black and white. The pattern was rectangular, abstract, Made up of wheels and numbers, blocks and lines To measure shape, proportion, light and dark, Its soundtrack shrill – the sine wave’s monotone. But centered at…
David Middleton
October 31, 2014

Cell Phone Towers

Cold metal arms, skeletal, sepulchral, Reaching upwards, grasping. Devil's towers topped with devil's claws, Tearing the creation - earth and sky, Wind and water, what is seen, what is not. Scorpion tails, Stinging all with unseen venom. Counterfeit trees for a counterfeit life: Texting, surfing, talking - with the soulless. Where are the trees of living wood and leaf, That…
Walt Garlington
October 29, 2014
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At the Grave of General Francis T. Nicholls (1834-1912)

St. John's Episcopal Church, Thibodaux, Louisiana Fenced off by iron and antebellum oaks These April graves grow fragrant in the sun. Sprung dandelions, puffballs, and buttercups Tremble against the fissured concrete urns Whose lichen-blotched worn bowls of measured earth Hold lilies bloomed and risen from the dead. And there where other tombs have sunken in Or tilted with the shiftings…
David Middleton
May 16, 2014
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Blue Girl

In swirl of broken lives in flood She stands solitary island In midwinter war eddy – Frail fixed point in blue, Bare-arms purple-blotching with cold. My father saw her there, And holds her in memory, To warm for half century Delicate figure etched in frost Of Alpine snow meadow, Where troop trains Mass and pass unheeding. No notice she seems…