From Dylann Roof to Harvey Weinstein

Many of us predicted it.  The war on American monuments and memorials wouldn’t stop with just stop with Confederate ones.  It wasn’t hard to figure out, but the answer was always, ‘yeah, but they’re not going after Northern “civil war” monuments.

And of course we said, “what about the 54th MA Infantry monument” which was vandalized in Boston with the usual red paint, and an extra touch of the breakage of the white officer’s sword on the bronze relief monument.

And their response was always “yeah, but that was blacks”.  And we thought “that makes no sense, are you a racist?”

But NOW, we’re getting onto the track that led to a slippery slope in Florida resulting in the removal of 4 of the state’s most historic and most prominent Southern veterans memorials, two of which were in HISTORIC DISTRICTS.

“What is happening, now?” you may ask?  The State of  New Jersey is considering  removing one of its two honorees in Statuary Hall in the Capitol in Washington, D.C.  Which one?  Another old white guy – Gen. Philip Kearney, Jr., a Federal general who died at the 2nd Battle of Manassas.

Kearney, a native son of New York, was also a veteran of the Mexican War, like many of his contemporaries in the US and Confederate armed forces.  He moved to New Jersey with his paramour to avoid social shunning from society after his wife would not give him a divorce.  Later, during the War he commanded the First New Jersey Brigade.

The sponsor of the legislation, a democrat Assemblywoman, Carol Murphy says “A woman needs to represent New Jersey” and has proposed Alice Paul, a suffragette.  Well, at least she was actually born in New Jersey.

However, the Democratic Mayor of Kearney, NJ, Al Santos, is opposed to the plan.  News reports state that he is stunned by the proposed statue swap.  Santos said “he worries about the implications of state lawmakers appearing to favor one historical figure over another.” Uh, yeah!  We get that, for sure!  The contrast here is obvious.  An old white guy, who though he is extolled (unjustifiably, of course) for dying to end slavery vs. a feminist.

Santos goes on “Is someone who fought for the Union and preserving the Union less important than someone who fought for women’s rights? “That kind of pitting one kind of historical figure against one another winds up pitting groups against one another. And I don’t think that’s the way history should be treated.”

Of course, neither do we… were true.

One delicious aspect of this is the ironic disagreement between members of the #takeemdown party in Yankeetown (most of the cities that have removed Confederate Monuments have been ruled by Democrats).   One that doesn’t like his ox being gored, and one that is perfectly willing to gore a compatriot’s ox!

But perhaps the most delectable bit is being able to shout “see I told you so” even louder than before.  After all, we, in Florida, have seen this movie before.

Dylann Roof shoots up a Church.  The mainstream media and the Southern Poverty Law Center decided the Southern Cross made him do it.  Next thing we know Debbie Wasserman Schultz and co. are demanding that a Florida native  – the highest ranking military man from Florida – has to be taken down as one of Florida’s two Statuary Hall honorees.  The weak- kneed Republicans who controlled Florida caved in for fear of being called “racist”.  After that Florida experiences a hurricane of hate and an avalanche of eracism.  The Senate Seal, and Robert E. Lee School, monuments hither thither and yon. 

Who was Smith, a native Floridian and career military man with an impeccable personal and professional record to be switched out for?  A black female who was from South Carolina: Mary Todd Bethune.

What two events happened in February 2020?  Harvey Weinstein was found guilty on two charges of rape and Ms.  Murphy filed her bill.

It seems like #takeemdown movement has collided with the #metoo movement.  This doesn’t surprise us either, because we saw this coalition loud and in charge in cities all over Florida where the radical feminists and the Women’s Marchers were teaming up with Antifa, Black Lives Matter and the Socialist Democrat Party to terrorize communities into erasing their Southern war memorials from the civic landscape.  And why not support Alice Paul, after all, she was a member of the National Woman’s Party, which has Marxist connections (

So, first it was A Southern War Hero switched out for a woman and now it is a Northern War Hero switched out for a woman.  I wonder what the skeptics will say now.

Lola Sanchez

Lola Sanchez is an independent historian in Florida.

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