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It may not get anywhere at all, but there are a number of people in Texas trying to get the official state Republican Party to debate the issue of secession at the party convention on May 12-14.

The movement got started by the Texas Nationalist Movement, a group that’s been around for more than a decade, involved mostly in trying to get enough support to have the secession issue put on a state-wide referendum. In the last few years they have been concentrating on getting Republican county parties to ask for the party as a whole to consider Texas’s secession, and this year they announced that 22 county organizations had voted to ask the convention to debate the issue.

The party has set up a committee to prepare for the convention and it will be the one to decide whether to listen to this grass-roots pressure or not. The state party chairman has previously said that he did not want to consider such an incendiary subject, but this kind of pressure may force his hand.

The Texas Nationalist Movement is one of the best-organized secession groups in the country. They had to live down the image of an earlier secession group that got mixed up in parading guns for the cause, with arrests and the subsequent burning-down of their headquarters building. But its principal leader, Daniel Miller, is a savvy political guy and has developed this new secession group into a peaceful but ardent voice for the cause and seems to be on its way to getting significant support to at least have the issue debated at the statewide level.

Kirkpatrick Sale

Kirkpatrick Sale is an independent scholar and founder of the Middlebury Institute. He is the author of twelve books, most recently Human Scale Revisited (Chelsea Green).

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