Kwanzaa is an invented tradition. Billed as a kind of “black Christmas”—you can even buy Kwanzaa greeting cards at the store and mail them with Kwanzaa stamps—the odd holiday was created out of spite by a certain Ronald Everett in the 1960s in a fit of pique after the Watts Riots in Los Angeles. Kwanzaa begins the day after Christmas, but Kwanzaa is not the celebration of the birth of the Savior but a kind of faux-African harvest thanksgiving.

In other words, Kwanzaa is an attempt to replace Christmas with a racialist, pagan substitution meant to lure people into an anti-Christian militant mindset. It’s the perfect holiday for softening up a population for Marxist revolution.

This may sound like the typical marketing ploy of the race-baiter, and to be sure we have seen this schtick a thousand times before. But the audience for Kwanzaa, it is crucial to bear in mind, is not really American blacks, but Yankees. Yankees hold the reins of power in the United States, and so if they can be made to sufficiently loathe themselves–or more importantly the non-Yankee–then the Marxist revolution will be at hand.

It was the Yankees who last hung their revolution on ginned-up racial animus—remember that it was a little white woman who started that great war—and it is Yankees who again are throwing matches into the racial powderkeg.

The 1619 Project, ostensibly fronted by New York Times editor Nikole Hannah-Jones and presented as a corrective to white supremacist American history, is the application of the Kwanzaa principle to an entire country. The 1619 Project is the Kwanzaafication of America. The point is not to supplement a pre-existing entity, but to destroy it and replace it with something else. What is needed is not real history, but a good imitation so the Yankees can congratulate themselves for their intellectual prowess while calling for the destruction of their homeland. The racial discord which the 1619 Project (borrowing the Kwanzaa playbook) foments is the most proximate by-product, but it is the dictatorship of the proletariat which is the ultimate goal.

It is of profound significance that both Kwanzaa and the 1619 Project are openly racist. The reason that Marxist revolutionaries in the United States—Abraham Lincoln being just one of many such hatemongers—almost always choose race as the pretext for their revolutionary aims goes to the heart of the American experience. The only pathway to Marxist revolution in America is racial animus. Class warfare doesn’t work—the Left tried that here already. (Haymarket, anyone?) Only racial hatred can set the Leninist nightmare into motion.

America is a place where people of different races find themselves, from the moment of birth, living in one another’s company. If America is a Christian country, then it is possible, with God’s help, to live with our brothers and sisters in peace—race is meaningless in the eyes of God, and we are called to look on everyone in the same way. But if that can be corrupted, if racial harmony can be upended and racial hatred made to take root, then the United States is a violent revolution just waiting to happen. And that is precisely where we find ourselves today.

To put the matter in perspective, consider that in 2001, Kwanzaa impresario Ronald Everett eulogized a man named Harold Moore. Like Everett, who preposterously styled himself “Maulana Ndabezitha Karenga” to emphasize an imagined African identity (Everett was born in Maryland—and by the way I’m Judy Garland), Moore adopted a “non-white” name, too: Khalid Abdul Muhammad. Moore was from Houston and used to be a Methodist minister, but race-hatred got to him and he became a militant race-despiser.

In 1993, Moore, as Khalid Muhammad, gave a speech at a New Jersey teachers’ college in which he delivered himself of the opinions, as even Wikipedia attests, that Jewish people were “bloodsuckers” and Pope John Paul II was a “no-good cracker”. He then advocated the murder of whites in South Africa. Moore survived an assassination attempt at the hands of the Nation of Islam, his erstwhile group, and afterwards continued to give speeches in which he spewed ongoing hatred for whites, Jews, homosexuals, and others. He was a savvy operator. He knew that the words were just the tickets, doled out one by one, to the big show: the Marxist revolution. (No wonder he kept getting invitations to speak at universities.)

During a memorable appearance on the Phil Donahue show, Moore was confronted with his own words, namely that Jewish people were “hook-nosed, bagel-eatin’, lox-eatin’ imposters” who had “just crawled out of the caves and hills of Europe.” Moore was defiant, and stoked the anger of his audience until a third of them were standing up, apparently ready to join him in his crusade against white people: in every one of whom, Moore averred, there was “a little bit of Hitler”. Mission accomplished, Moore looked out with demonic satisfaction at the hatred he had kindled in the hearts of his listeners. America took one step closer to Marxist revolution that day. Yankees don’t need to be coached in violent cultural vandalism, only sufficiently inspired.

When Moore finally went to his reward, Everett, the founder of Kwanzaa, lauded Moore at Moore’s “ascension” ceremony in 2001. He was a great freedom fighter, we are told. Indeed. So was Che Guevara. So was Gavrilo Princip.

There is a pattern here which, on careful analysis, is unmistakable. Moore’s and Everett’s historical outlook, such as it is, is Antisemitic Black Zionism—the crackpot theory of cranks such as Louis Farrakhan and Elijah Muhammad, Farrakhan’s mentor and the idol of Harold Moore—which teaches that Africans, and not Jews, are the chosen people of the Bible. Jews, therefore, are wicked interlopers who have stolen blacks’ rightful place before Yahweh. No wonder Harold Moore and Ronald Everett hate Jews so much. According to Everett and Moore, Jews stole blacks’ thunder, and for that they must pay.

This is the disturbing leitmotif for not only Kwanzaa, the ham-fisted attack on Christmas, but also for the 1619 Project, which is basically Elijah Muhammad-ism applied to the eastern seaboard of North America. Blacks have been cruelly left out of the narrative. The truth, we are told, is that—as with the Nation of Islam theory of history—blacks are actually the keystone of human destiny. In the case of the 1619 Project, this Black Nietzscheism is updated to attack the fundaments of the USA. It wasn’t Adams, Jefferson, and Washington who founded the United States, it was black people. The 1619 Project is Antisemitic Black Zionism for the soy-latte crowd.

What is needful now, more than ever, is Southern history. Southern history is Aristotelian. It deals in empirical fact, and it doesn’t flinch from the bad ones. As a famous Southern novelist put it, the truth doesn’t change according to our ability to stomach it. The 1619 Project is floridly insane nonsense, warmed-over Nation of Islam-ism that could have been cooked up by the master cuckoo of them all, Elijah Muhammad. The patient Southern historian, examining documentary evidence and weighing the facts, could be the unlikely deliverer of our badly mistreated republic.

With the Yankeefied Antisemitic Black Zionists, by contrast, all you get is wild conspiracy theory and incitement to riot. The method is always the same. Hate, hate, hate. Take whatever is good, decent, true, and corrupt it. It is the Marxist way. Moore held that white women were “bitches”. Everett held that Jesus was “psychotic”. When Charles Kesler called the murderous mayhem in 2020 America “the 1619 riots,” Hannah-Jones was flattered, calling it an “honor” to be credited as the authoress of the uprising. Revolutionaries’ favorite color is always fire.

Kwanzaa was, and is, the gateway to racial slaughter. The 1619 Project is the same. By appealing directly to Yankees, however, the 1619 Project ups the ante of Kwanzaa and attempts to involve non-blacks into the very struggle against themselves. It’s a neat trick. The violence bathing the streets of the United States in blood (ironically, all of it the same color) is the opening act, in earnest, to the Marxist revolution in the United States which the New York Times and the liberal establishment—which, news flash, has hated America since at least the Port Huron Statement—has long desired to usher in.

Yankees are destroying our country. They are the real audience for the racial venom spewed by the 1619 Project, the Kwanzaa industry, and outrageous demagogues like Harold Moore. The Kwanzaafication of America is the acting-out of the Yankees’ long-cherished dream to see the United States burned for its sins. It is also the mad project of Antisemitic Black Zionists, who are perhaps the most hate-minded people on the entire planet.

As Ann Coulter pointed out about Kwanzaa, it’s not really for black people. “Blacks,” Coulter reminded us, “celebrate Christmas.” Ditto for the 1619 Project. This is pure racial hatred peddled by a newspaper which has gone from punchline to Pravda over the past couple of years.

If you want black lives to matter, try shopping at a black business sometime, Yankees, instead of burning and looting them. And if you want to share something of value with your black neighbors, I suggest Jesus rather than Kwanzaa. Christianity has always been good enough for black Americans. Kwanzaa, on the other hand, is the religion of Marxist murderers, and the 1619 Project is the a-historical rantings of race-haters with a twisted agenda and a horrific past.

Jason Morgan

Jason Morgan is associate professor at Reitaku University in Chiba, Japan.

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