A photograph of the University of Mississippi Majorettes graced the cover of the September 24, 1962, issue of the popular national magazine, Sports Illustrated. This national magazine thought nothing of showing college majorettes wearing gray, quasi Confederate, uniforms while carrying numerous Confederate Battle flags.[1] In 1964 the Louisiana State Archives in conjunction with the State Superintendent of Public Education and WBRZ-TV published a book titled Heritage of Valor: The Picture Story of Louisiana in the Confederacy. The book’s cover has two Confederate Battle flags plus a battle scene with Confederate soldiers defending their Battle Flag. The book’s dedication proudly declares the purpose to be, “That Louisianans May Be Worthy Of Their Heritage.” The term “War for Southern Independence” is used in the book’s preface. The book describes the Confederate Battle flag as being “…conceived on the field of battle, lived on the field of battle, and was borne on every field from Manassas to Appomattox.” Local editors from several Louisiana newspapers and university professors assisted in the preparation of the book. Similar books were written in other Southern states during the celebration of the “Civil War” centennial. To honor her sons who wore the gray, Georgia, in 1958, added the Confederate St. Andrews Cross to their state flag. But things have changed! Recently, the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, monopolistic newspaper refused to accept a paid advertisement defending the honor of the men who wore the gray in the War for Southern Independence and those who dare defend their Confederate ancestors.[2] Georgia removed the St. Andrews Cross from their state flag, and Ole Miss is no longer the “Rebels.” Why the change? Who is responsible for such a dramatic change? Did we the people of Dixie freely consent to this radical change?

The answer to the last question, regarding the Southern people’s consent to the radical change, is no we did not consent BUT, as the old expression goes, “silence gives consent.” During the past 60 years Southerners often dispelled their apprehensions about the leftward leanings of American society by declaring, “That will never happen here!” But it (politically correct, leftist, social dominance of Southern institutions and society) has happened here and it is worse than anyone could imagine back in the early 1960s!

While we the people of Dixie were quietly living our lives, raising our families, obeying the law, paying our taxes, and going to church—our enemies established a strategic plan to overthrow all aspects of Western, Christian civilization and replace it with a secular humanist, neo-Marxist, socialist utopia. They have diligently worked their strategy for over 60 years. They specifically set out to make a “long march through the institutions,” capture control of the essential areas of social influence, and use them to overturn traditional values. Who are these enemies who have infiltrated and captured our Southern institutions?

The conservative, Bible-Belt, South’s neo-Marxist enemies are known by numerous labels such as liberal, secular humanist, neo-Marxist, and postmodernist. All have their roots in postmodernism—a heady, 1950s, French, “intellectual” philosophy that aims to destroy traditional Western society and replace it with a Marxist socialist utopia.[3] Marxism is the philosophical source and inspiration for postmodernism.[4] They are in fact neo-Marxists who have rejected Western civilization’s traditional, Christian-based values such as truth, justice, logical and civil discourse.  “Offering logical proofs about real matters of fact is thus pointless. And, conversely, it is pointless to expect any amount of factual evidence to add up to a necessary or universal conclusion.”[5]  As far as postmodernists are concerned feelings, intent, and irrational acts that promote their socialist utopian vision are more important than mere facts (i.e. truth) especially historical facts.  As noted by postmodernist critic Stephen Hicks, “Postmodernism is the first ruthlessly consistent statement of the consequences of rejecting reason… In postmodernism we find…the placing of feelings at the root of all value issues…”[6]  This allows neo-Marxists to ignore over 100 million corpses piled up by Marxist governments in the 20th century, while they (the neo-Marxists) continue pressing onward toward their fanatically held vision of a future socialist utopia of enforced equality. The postmodern American vision has its roots in trendy New England “isms” and “higher law” constitutional theories of the 19th century. It ultimately produced a dreadful 21st century vision of an American socialist utopia ruled over by a self-appointed elite who reside figuratively in that City on a Hill.[7]

Neo-Marxists, who detest all things loved by the traditional South, have rejected the Western traditions of reason, logic and civility. Therefore, it makes perfect sense that they would attack Southern conservatives with lies, slander, unfounded accusations, factually disproven allegations and utter hatred. We put ourselves at an extreme disadvantage when we expect unreasonable people to act reasonably. Our enemies have abandoned reason; they have abandoned absolute ethical values; they see slander and violent competition as a natural recourse. From their standpoint—only the most ruthless will survive.[8]  And “we the people of Dixie” have been anything except ruthless in defending our honorable heritage—therefore, our survival chances get slimmer with each passing year.

The neo-Marxist concept of “the long march through the institutions” was popularized by the radical, leftwing, German activists Rudi Dutschke in the 1960s.[9]  Dutschke (1940-1979) was inspired by an Italian Communist, Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937), who advocated the philosophy of cultural Marxism which stressed leftwing efforts to incrementally infiltrate society’s key cultural areas, capture those key areas, and then, use them to overturn traditional, Christian, Western, capitalist, society. Key areas to be targeted are taxpayer funded educational institutions, the church, entertainment, civil service, marriage and the family.[10] Antonio Gramsci’s admirers and critics have described Gramsci as being the most influential Marxist since Karl Marx!  The key to Gramsci and Dutschke’s success is that they took the long-view—incremental infiltration of key social areas. They set forth a strategic plan that aimed at ultimate victory—the complete destruction of their enemies. At the beginning of the 21st century, it is apparent that their efforts to infiltrate, capture, and turn key social areas against our American, but especially, our Southern society has been a complete success.

America’s system of public education is a prime example of how successful the neo-Marxists have been. Since World War II, the inflation adjusted, per pupil, spending on education has increased over 600% but the result has been a dismal failure. The United States ranks well below the international average in Math when judged against other nations and only slightly above average, but below nations such as Portugal, in reading and science.[11] But have no fear, our leftist-dominated Universities are doing a great job in brainwashing America’s youth and turning them into leftwing snowflakes. For example, recent emails from a New Jersey school documented the efforts of teachers to convince their students that President Donald Trump’s travel ban from countries where Islamic extremists were active was illegal and immoral.[12] This past July (2019) a Georgetown University professor slandered the Thirteen Star Betsy Ross American flag by equating it with the Nazi swastika flag.[13] The George Washington High School in San Francisco decided to remove a mural painted in 1936 of George Washington because it is now considered offensive by some.[14] A recent poll of conservative university students demonstrated that 73% self-censor their conservative view to avoid conflicts with professors, radical leftists students, and to prevent retaliation in the form of lowered grades.[15] Southerners, no doubt, will appease their apprehension by thinking that such things are only happening in Northern educational establishments but such is not the case. The neo-Marxist enemies of Western Christian civilization have also infiltrated and captured Southern institutions as well![16]

According to a recent news report an Austin, Texas, public school district has dedicated ten thousand dollars to pay for sending public school children to Gay Pride Parades.[17] In Mississippi a professor at Mississippi State University is using exams to denigrate Chick-fil-A for promoting traditional Bible-Belt values and made claims that people who do not support leftist gun control “have blood on their hands.” One student said that if you do not agree with the professor, he will reduce you grade.[18] In December of 2019, a professor at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss) called for stronger punishment for students committing acts of microaggression. He advocated giving more power to the school’s “Bias Incident Reporting System.” The Ole Miss professor even suggested that some individuals committing acts of microaggression should face criminal penalties.[19] Bias incident reporting systems are run by leftist (postmodernist) academics and are a cross between the Star Chamber and a Kangaroo Court. The University of Michigan was forced to close its Bias Incident System after being sued for violation of constitutional rights.[20]

Every tax-payor funded University in the South has some form of Bias Incident Reporting systems, departments and/or courses teaching extreme leftist, Gender and or Woman’s Studies, and extra-legal (no due process allowed) departments to enforce affirmative action, judge and punish males accused of sexual aggression or microaggression, and assure an appropriate “safe” environment is maintained by prohibiting certain ideas, flags, and speakers. All the while we the people of Dixie are paying for our children and grandchildren’s neo-Marxist brainwashing in “our” public education system!

A recent study demonstrated how effective the left has been in capturing our educational institutions. An analysis of the Democrat to Republican ratio of professors in fifty-one of the top ranked liberal arts institutions yielded an overall ratio of 10.4:1. In the academic fields of Communications and Anthropology the study found no Republicans.[21] In History the ratio was 17.4:1, while at the lower end the ratio listings, in Chemistry the ratio was 5.2:1 and Engineering it was 1.6:1.[22] The study broke down the Democrat to Republican ratio by regions. As could be expected the New England states had the highest ratio, 26.3:1; the Mid-Atlantic 10.4:1; West 7.4:1; and, South 7.4:1.[23] With America’s universities slouching toward Gomorrah, the results of a recent, non-scientific, survey at George Washington University in Washington, D.C. should come as no surprise. Random students were asked which book is more dangerous, the Bible or the Communist Manifesto. All but one student selected the Bible as the more dangerous book.[24] The social impact of the left’s long march through our institutions has been, as hopefully envisioned by Gramsci and Dutschke, a disaster for our society—a society based upon conservative (Burke vs Rousseau), Bible-based, values.

The social impact of the left’s long march through our educational institutions is routinely demonstrated in headlines and news stories. These reports demonstrate the “downstream” impact that occurs when students are brainwashed in neo-Marxist universities and then move into positions of management and leadership in key social areas. For example, administrators of public libraries across the United States have, as on cue, begun offering Drag Queen and LGBT reading events for children! And of course, these public libraries are funded by taxpayer dollars. Administrators and managers of The Hartford Public Library in Connecticut sponsored a Drag Queen Story Hour for children. The Multnomah County Library in Portland, Oregon, was embarrassed when photographs appeared on Facebook of children lying on top of drag queens and fondling the drag queen’s false breasts during the Library’s Drag Queen Story Hour.[25]

No doubt, many Christian, conservative, Southerners allay their fears by thinking “that will never happen here!” But think again. In the Houston, Texas, their library system sponsored a Drag Queen Story Hour. The Drag Queen who read to Houston children was convicted in 2008 of sexually assaulting an eight-year-old boy![26] Mangers of large national businesses, all of whom are educated in America’s leftist education system, have also gotten into the act. The Whole Foods Market in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored a Drag Queen Story Hour.[27]

The drag queen “Big Read” effort is a program of the National Endowment for the Arts.[28] Your federal tax dollars at work! The American Library Association (ALA) is also promoting these Story Hours. The ALA is actively providing support for libraries that come under pressure from reactionary conservatives—those bitter-clingers, deplorables, and smelly Walmart shoppers. As could be expected those who dare to publicly express their opposition are met by virulent hatred and intolerance from the left. In California a city official branded those who opposed LGBT activities as folks holding “white supremacist beliefs.” [29]

Bible-Belt conservatives who so earnestly pledge their allegiance to “One nation under God,” need to ask themselves the disquieting question: Whose god is America now under? Secular humanism is now the unofficial, but federally enforced, religion of America. God is now banned from the public square. Prayer is prohibited in America’s public schools. Our taxpayer-financed public schools have replaced the Bible with instructions for safe sex. Public schools are allowed to have after school club meetings for LGBT groups but Christian groups are not allowed. The left has successfully marched through our key institutions, they now control those institutions, and are now using them to destroy all traditional, moral values based upon the traditions of the Old and New Testaments.

The leftwing “trickle-down” from leftist-dominated public universities now permeates our entire society. Nothing is too extreme or ridiculous. They have declared milk to be a symbol of white racism, the O K  hand sign is now labeled as a code sign for white supremacists, a Democratic presidential candidate supports abortion rights for transgender men and none of his opponents dared to point out the absurdity of such a thing, popular children’s cartoon characters are now used to promote the LGBT agenda, neo-Marxist activists have moved from eradicating Confederate monuments to eradicating monuments to president McKinley and Columbus, and liberal activists have prevented the naming of an airport for John Wayne because they claim he was a racist. The federal government has moved illegal aliens into conservative areas in an effort to turn them into liberal voting districts.

While our neo-Marxist enemies set in place a long-term (strategic) plan to destroy us, we have been satisfied with trying to “elect good conservatives,” and hoping they will represent our interests. It has been a dismal failure. Two terms of Mr. Conservative, Ronald Reagan, did not reverse America’s slouch toward Gomorrah and neither will one or two terms of Donald Trump. We don’t need politics-as-usual—we need a revolution! [30]

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James Ronald Kennedy

Ron and his twin brother Don are the authors of Punished by Poverty, The South Was Right!, Why Not Freedom!, Was Jefferson Davis Right?, and Nullify Tyranny; Ron is the author of Reclaiming Liberty, Nullification: Why and How, and Uncle Seth Fought the Yankees. Ron is past Commander of the Louisiana Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans and is a life member of the Louisiana Division and the National Sons of Confederate Veterans. Ron is a frequent speaker at SCV, Southern Heritage and other pro-Liberty groups. Ron received a Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from Tulane University in New Orleans, a Master of Jurisprudence in Healthcare Law (MJ) from Loyola University Chicago, a Bachelor’s degree from Northeast Louisiana University, a certificate in Paralegal Studies from Louisiana State University and holds numerous professional designations in healthcare and insurance Risk Management.

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