Why the red wave will NOT be.  The typical contemporary Republicans lie for support, then reveal their lies. The Democrats just lie.

The resignation of Dr. Ann Hunter McLean from her Youngkin appointment to the Virginia Historic Resources Board is a product of the same mentality wherein Ronald Reagan was deceived in 1981 insofar as Bob Bennett’s replacing M.E. Bradford.

In 1981 M.E. Bradford was selected by Ronald Reagan as Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities. He had the support of no less prominent conservatives than Russel Kirk and Forrest McDonald. But, he had disdain for Southerners by Neocons such as Norman Podhoretz and William Kristol. Neocon Bob Bennett was selected after Reagan caved. Like Caesar and Trump, Reagan had his Brutus shadow men.

These Republicans be they of the Cheney ilk, Rove ilk or the McConnell-Cornyn-Crenshaw ilk are not as much liars as they are uneducated rubes. But it doesn’t matter.  The so-called current expected red wave is fermented in the same stew as the 1850s “new birth of freedom,” Republicans were; nationalists, socialists, and statists; not republicans. Try a little history at leisure and a little less of the Dinesh D’ Souza and his silly movies-type of ahistorical blathering.

After all (for example), in cause and effect, who was most responsible for the mutiny onboard the Bounty, Fletcher Christian or William Bligh? And the crew…?

The red wave phenomena will fail to wash across the political shores. The reason? Cowards. In this case Republican cowards. But it should be no surprise if the true history of the Republican party is exposed, whether most, believe it or not, the Lincolnian myth was (and is) the foolery that a so-called “new birth of freedom” covered (hid) the republican stance of Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, et al in the national state that now lives in the socialist American political parties (both).

The deftness of political cover by the Republicans is as the weakness of the alcoholic –just one more and that’s it. From now on, I’ll do the right thing.  Not so.  The other side will always win.


The rat’s nest of one political party, the Democrats, with its green machine, its national (without legal authority) printing machines (Federal Reserve), its “professional” political hacks (senators and congressmen), and its national marketing by untutored sycophants of the skinny-souled media—you know their marker names: NBC, CBS, ABC, MSNBC, CNN, WAPO, NYT, breed as a rat’s nest would be expected. Or like the locusts in The Good Earth, they eat every fruitful thing in the fields of philosophy and thought, and leave not farmers but solid (r)epublican concepts eaten down to no more than stubs in the field.  These people are the enemy of anyone who truly understands western law and thought from Plato to Blackstone to Jefferson and Henry.  And this doesn’t even include their butcher’s scalpel applied to the skinning of children for something called LGBTQ(or LBGTQ…whatever sick nonsense)…et pleasure, sacrificed like Aztec bloodlettings.

They lie, steal, and cheat and like the witch in Snow White look in the mirror and praise their beauty. No lies? Inflation is non-inflation? Do not steal? Printing money to raise taxes is not theft? Do not cheat? They stuff ballot boxes in order to steal elections, then cry foul, afoot of the electoral college process as not being “democratic” when in fact it was designed as (r)epublican methodology by definitive republican design. But back to “lie.” Each of these, either congressmen or senators, took an oath to support the Constitution, a document none have apparently ever read. How can they defend that which they are ignorant of and therefore, again by definition, are at most agnostic? Answer? They can’t. But they can and do (and probably enjoy) lie!

Fear not, or perhaps fear much, the Republicans (those redded-maniacs) are standing naked on the political stage with their own deficiencies. However, while untutored for the most part, these Republicans with their own cowards of the political battlefield  (you probably know the loser-list by now) as well as Fox news conservative wannabees and their bloviating bunch will never understand the great failures of the past; or more recently Trump and the backstabbing cabal of Brutus-from-closets that now rot and fester in sewers such as the “January 6 Committee,” or “The Lincoln Project” or Mitch McConnell’s sissy “concession” speech a few days ago. The grand bluegrass aristocrat who knows “quality.” These are the sorts that will fix bayonets and dash to the wall? Ha! Cowards don’t bleed because they hide in holes. Blue is now yellow in Kentucky.

Now the great swell of hope and swell from Glenn Youngkin’s recent victory has pulled the curtain back a bit more on the so-called brave Republicans and exposed them as the cowards and drunks that they are.

The Republicans have been shorn up since at least the Viet Nam war era by the South and its block of old Solid South Voters. Without them, the Republican party would have gone the way of the Do-Do bird and the Whig Party.

The South has not traipsed after these Lincolnian leftovers because of a love for Lincoln or his psychopathic warriors Sherman or Sheridan. They came into the Republican fold because men like Reagan and Goldwater of the Republican persuasion knew the South, and truly had only a republican zeal in their C.S.A. They came into the Republican party in the late 20th century because their old anti-federalist (republican) had taken on the rot of Wilson-Roosevelt national socialism in the early 20th century

The South had not fought to “defend” slavery any more than the North (and the Republicans) had fought to free slaves. But such drivel sounds good for the political hierarchy and especially the uneducated rubes in the media (all of them, including the Fox goody-two-shoes bunch).

So, the South and its block can consort with the “conservative” lot of Republicans as long as they remember that “their invention” of slavery and the American South’s delivery of it throughout the world was God’s greatest anger against mankind. And that the Yankee Puritanical national Northern Republicans were Jesus’s Own, in trampling, Oh Lord, Oh, praise the Lord, trampling out those damnable GRAPES of WRATH—Halleluja!

The TRUTH in history says to that: CRAP!

It isn’t just a matter of reclaiming our historical markers as Dr. McLean supported. It is a matter of the memory of the South and its warrior culture striving to have a separate republican government since the coming wave of 1860 was a Republican national one. A national state, just like the European single states—excepting republican Switzerland.

The South was not wrong. It was right. It did finally surrender and agreed to live on terms which, though repugnant (the criminal “Reconstruction”) to ordered republican government, were the choice it had and had to agree on. And it did with honor (after 1872 the South provided almost 45% of servicemen in all wars of the newly called “nation” with about 25% of the population).

Today, the Democrat party is not the loyal opposition. It is a sick twisted political dragon, It will lie, steal and cheat in order to govern. The fate of folks like Jeffrey Epstein suggests even deeper skullduggery.

The modern Republican party is comprised of weak-kneed sissies and apologists to former slaves (who don’t even exist today) who themselves (black Africans), in ancestral history, had slaves and sold them long before the western hemisphere had anything more than immigrant Asians practicing human sacrifice in an area which is now Mexico City and from the far reaches in North America to South America.

So, the Republicans don’t lie, steal and cheat just like the Democrats. Democrats spread it around. Republicans mostly do it down South where they keep believing they can sell the same bunk since Goldwater.

Those hidden Southern monuments are monuments to courageous men who defended a republican government, not a Republican one.

Nope. No red wave.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.


  • Wes Franklin says:

    The problem is that a lot of our electorate are as ignorant and shallow as the clowns they elect. I heard one the other day repeat the incredibly stupid Dan Crenshaw line about our Confederate memorials being “Democrat statues.” People can’t get past “Republican versus Democrat”, going no further than party names, either, without regard to history, because it’s much easier than actually having to use their brains and dig deeper and learn something.

  • Enoch Cade says:

    The Republicans are absolutely despicable. While the Democrats at one time did sort of pretend to represent the working man, the Republicans have never stood for anything but hypocrisy, greed and stupidity — ie, Dan Crenshaw, as Mr Franklin noted, with his room-temp IQ babbling about “Democrat statues.” Alas, this is pretty much par for the course for the GOP — see, e.g., Dinesh D’Souza, space lawyer Glenn Reynolds, Kurt Schlichter, Victor D. Hanson and that Faux News moron that just “wrote” a book about Lincoln and Frederick Douglass. The sooner the Rs are consigned to the septic tank of history, the better.

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