We already can see the faux conservative movement seepage oozing from the political sewers. The ilk of presidential wannabees begin to whistle and flash their sexy thoughts reminding us of some fictitious “founding” of a “nation.” And how they love the flag and “our troops” and the rest of their usual bovine excreted piles of patties. They wouldn’t understand the flag if they saw it at Fort McHenry, Mt. Suribachi or especially at Fort Sumter. And they know not Republican from republican.

They will tell us that they want to be “our” president! Or as they often flappily and happily say: “The leader of the free world.” Always a code phrase for vomitus exodus.

It is sadly comical that South Carolina houses so many faux conservatives who seem to cherish denigrating their own gallant gray ghosts. Politics is a cheap buy. Honor and loyalty now for sale at any political flea market.

Ladies first, (I’m old school) so Nikki Haley flies out via and for Fox News’s support. But the rest will follow chasing Fox’s faux conservative blather. And they will know not history or simply choose to ignore it. Fox will drive that choice home and it won’t be south.

They don’t care because they only want to run so they can say that they ran. Such promotes a resume/bio so maybe they can get some goody-goody T.V. commercials like Mike Huckabee. They also have an opponent (The Democrats) so degenerate that to be a proponent of anything decent or righteous (like brushing your teeth daily) makes you a conservative.

But while they are piling up “commercial” points for future income and pretentiously standing in line in an idiotic 15-20 man/woman debate on stage somewhere they occasionally throw out some old civil rights bromide like “I always loved the NAACP and God bless America and its Irving Berlin Jewish music! I love Jews too—except for Judah Benjamin who was a white trash Southern psychopath who hated negroes.”

When such ilk and ilk-etts are finally chased from the stage for lack of any thought (let alone conservative thought) they hope for a now and then pre-election Fox interview on the upcoming election to keep piling up future commercial coin.

They will also take a shot at anyone whether conservative or not who doesn’t plug the Republicans and their “national” base. Guys like Ron Paul or Donald Trump are like skeet at a skeet range for these faux conservatives. It remains to be seen if Ron DeSantis can climb the conservative trellis of true conservative and republican and Southern structure and not get shot at by those rotten seed-products of Lincoln, a true negro hater. We’ll see.

But Donald Trump might just beat everybody to the top again. But then that wouldn’t be as bad as the usual Republican Scalawags.

People like that (scalawags) have never understood Fort Sumter. And they sure as hell never understood Appomattox.

And they will never understand the money they get for commercials. Besides it was earned via the same old bovine pasture placement they are used to.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.


  • William Quinton Platt III says:

    In 1868, the entire Alabama state legislature was composed of unionists and blacks. The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution enshrined in the enlarged Bill of Rights the disenfranchisement of white, Southern males who had supported the Confederate States of America. No accurate number exists that I have found of how many thousands were not allowed to vote. But in Alabama, we know there were none allowed to hold political office. The Republican Party, formed in Alabama in 1867, swept the entire election. How this was possible remains a mystery to the uninformed.

    Gradually, the former Confederates gained back their seats…and by the 1880 election, there was not a single unionist or black in office in Alabama

    So, what year was Tuskegee Institute funded by the State of Alabama? 1868 or 1880?

    Surely, there was a need for a black college in the black belt in Alabama in 1868 and with no Confederates to oppose them, the first order of business would have been to provide education to the newly enfranchised. Surely, a government composed of former Confederates would not fund a black college in 1880, when their former slaves had been so adamantly opposed to their former masters regaining power or even having the right to vote in elections.


    When the War ended, former Confederates were sent back to Washington, DC but not allowed to take their seats by the yankees controlling the House and Senate. The yankees did not appreciate the fact all these white men were elected in their States…the elected being as white as all of the yankee legislators.

    Blacks not being allowed to vote in yankee states was not considered reason enough for blacks to not be allowed to vote in Southern States.

    The 14th Amendment to the US Constitution which stripped white, Southern males of their rights to vote and hold office was ratified in 1868… For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.

    For every action, at times…there are good men who see into the future and do what is right. Tuskegee was funded by the State of Alabama in 1880 by a legislature composed ENTIRELY of former Confederates. The legislation was signed into law by the Governor of Alabama, a former captain under the command of Lt Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest.

    I can’t claim credit for what Alabamians did…though many of my ancestors lived in south Alabama. I am certain the isolated incidents described in the funding of Tuskegee are an anomaly…(insert sarcasm here)

    However, as a Floridian…

    If I were Governor of Florida, when Cocka cola declared white people to be evil, every single Cocka cola truck in Florida would have had a permanent FHP escort to ensure proper submission to Florida law. Every rolled stop sign would have resulted in a citation, every illegally-parked (with hazard lights flashing, of course, to apologize for the inconvenience) truck would have been impounded. Fire inspectors would have descended upon their product displays to confirm compliance to safety standards. Funds derived from this enforcement of Florida law would be used to promote historical accuracy starting with the State-wide billboard campaign to bring awareness to the Corwin Amendment and the benefit of natural immunity to common colds.

    Florida A&M would benefit from the displays, FIRST SCHOOL FOR NURSES IN THE STATE OF FLORIDA; ONLY SCHOOL FOR ARCHITECTURE FOR DECADES, ETC,…and somehow came into existence in a Florida State legislature composed entirely of former CONFEDERATES.

    Thank you for pointing out the obvious. We do not have nationalist legislators serving the people of the US. We have globalists who are bought and paid for by corporate prostitutes such as Pfizer, Cocka cola, etc. that are not interested in truth. They are interested only in power; the power to use the US government as a weapon against the people of the US.

  • Albert Alioto says:

    Does there term “scalawag” really have any contemporary relevance?

    • R. A. Yancis says:

      Former Senator Sessions of Alabama is a perfect example of a scalawag. People figured him out and I don’t think he could win an election as dog catcher.

      • Albert Alioto says:

        I would respectfully, but strongly, disagree. If Sessions couldn’t be elected dog catcher, that says infinitely more about the people who wouldn’t vote for him than it does about him. Sessions gave up his career supporting a man who had no idea of meaning of the word “loyalty.”

    • Paul Yarbrough says:

      Have you taken a peek at Washington D.C. lately?

      • Albert Alioto says:

        I would say I have. I just don’t know if I would apply the description “scalawag” to anyone I can think of there. I just don’t know how well it seems to fit 150 years after it was in common usage. I am open to anyone who would try to build a case that it is a good description for any identifiable strain in our political culture, but for now, I am somewhat skeptical. I certainly believe in the value of history. If I didn’t, I wouldn’t be a reader of this website. But I’m reluctant to try to force contemporaries into descriptions from a century-and-a-half ago. That’s the best answer I can give you.

        • Rick Swan says:

          Since the Era of REconstruction began in 1865 (some say earlier in Union-held Southern territory) and morphed into the Era of DEconstruction in 1877, an Era that took a short hiatus of thirty years (1890-1930) to erect the Confederate monuments currently being smashed and burned, but came back and is ferociously rearing its ugly head yet today! Is the War over? I think not. So, it is VERY APPROPRIATE to use the terms of 150+ years ago with all their inherent meanings: scalawag, carpetbagger, etc., which are well represented in the South today, especially in South Carolia where they all want to be PRESIDENT!
          Well, Ain’t that something?! “Bless their little hearts.”

          • Albert Alioto says:

            I appreciation your contribution. I do not believe the fight over the monuments is the same as the war not being over, but I respect your viewpoint.

        • Paul Yarbrough says:

          I use the term only to demonstrate that the South’s cause and subsequent defeat did not evoke a simple cry of name-calling. Whatever name you give those sorts of people (Judas, Brutus, Scalawags) they will have to keep their brand unless they realize what the South’s cause was about. I may never see a renewal and ultimate victory but I will continue to call them what they were—and what they remain.

  • Robert O'Dwyer says:

    Thanks Paul, I appreciate your spirit and the fire in the belly. Good writing makes the reader wake up and think.
    Keep Charging!

  • Paul Luther says:

    “usual bovine excreted piles of pattie” – never heard that one before ,and I think it’s great. Keep writing, I enjoy reading your work. Thanks.

  • Lafayette Burner says:

    As in Alabama, so in West Virginia:

    [The 1872 West Virginia Constitutional] convention “‘was the slaughterhouse of the moderate man. It was evident in this body, from the beginning that no man would stand the ghost of a chance for any position unless his record as an adherent to the Confederacy was like the virtue of Caesar’s wife, “not only pure but above suspicion.”

    West Virginia’s 1872 Confederate Constitutional Convention “strongly guaranteed political and civil rights for all citizens, regardless of their beliefs, creed, or race”

    Reference The West Virginia State Constitution, 2nd ed, Robert Bastress Jr.

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