Being Southern is a good thing. People around the world have long recognised that. Those who love the South must present a POSITIVE front, celebrate the South, and avoid being simply AGAINST. Nothing can be more irrelevant and counter-productive to the cause of the South than to get wrapped up in ideologies from the ugly history of central and eastern Europe in the early 20th century.

But that is exactly what some supposed spokesmen for the South are doing. They are joining with other Alternative-Right representatives in rewriting the history of World War II.

Nazi propaganda was good. It still has influence with those attracted by the glamour of dictatorship and militarism. At the end of the war, Americans like Patton began to see how really bad our Communist “allies” were and to understand that a strong Germany had to become a bulwark to Soviet expansion westward. That is not the same thing as approving of Nazism.

Some commenters who claim to represent “identity dixie” seem to think that Hitler was just a nice guy, forced into a war he did not want by Western leaders. Of course, Hitler would have preferred to get what he wanted without war. Or, they say, he was just a dedicated anticommunist and his war with the West was due to Churchill’s supposed evil machinations.

This supposed “Southern” stand has shocked me more than anything recently. Its spokesmen (one of them calling himself “Blowtorch”) attacked me maliciously and stupidly when I tried to initiate a discussion on the subject.

These supposed “Southerners” sound just like leftwing fanatics, thinking they know history when they are only ignorant ideologues. Southerners do not attack people anonymously, and I know of no other right-wing sites that publish abusive comments.

At the end Hitler was defeated and sacrificed uselessly millions of his own people as well as millions of others. The opposition included most of the Christians of the world and produced two of the greatest men in history, Churchill and De Gaulle. That the Soviet Union was the chief beneficiary of the war was due to the fact that Communists, mostly Yankee WASPS, operated freely in the FDR administration. They gave the Soviets nuclear material, and they diverted the invasion to Normandy 800 miles from Berlin, canceling Churchill’s much more sensible plan to move through the Balkans. The change cost countless American lives.

Here is what Western leaders saw when they declared war in 1939: a  heavily armed obviously expansionist one-party police state with complete control of communication and education, lack of individual legal rights for opponents of the regime, robotic leader worship, concentration camps, and a boastful dictator who had massacred his own dissident comrades and had no respect for agreements. Then he made peace with his fellow dictator Stalin to divide up Poland between them.

Southerners were the most hostile to Nazi Germany of all Americans.  Our Germans were people who had come in the 1700s, peaceful farmers. The Midwest had filled up with militarized revolutionary Germans who came in the 1850s, knowing nothing of the Constitution or the South. These Germans made possible Lincoln’s electoral victory in 1860. They proved to be the most barbaric of Union soldiers in harming Southern civilians, and despite their militarism were not good soldiers.

In 1939 Britain and France, following their historic role, had to stand against complete German dominance of Europe and take a stand for the higher values of western Christian civilisation , even if they could not really help Poland.

War is a horrible thing, and you can find examples of anything you want on any side. Hitler made war entirely against the freedom of white countries and did so in alliance with Japanese and Islamists. Did he have to invade Norway, Denmark, Luxembourg, Belgium, Holland, the Baltic countries, that could not harm him, while his Italian fellow dictator invaded Greece and Yugoslavia?

He did not take over Switzerland because it would have been too tough and did not take over Sweden because it efficiently supplied him with steel. Among themselves Nazi leaders had agreed they would wipe up Spain and Portugal after their victories.

From unscrupulousness Hitler had some early victories and inaugurated bombing civilians. To make Hitler a great statesman is a fantasy.  Again and again, he showed bad judgment–thinking Britain would not resist, thinking defeating Russia would be quick and easy, interfering with the judgments of good generals leading to disaster after disaster. Despite a few early successes his invasion of Russia was catastrophic for Germany, made even worse by his bad judgment and delusions.

Had he loved his people and his country he would have retired when it was clear that the war was lost and hoped that others could have made a better deal. Instead fought to the last German, sacrificing additional millions of his own people including women and the young.  And then departed, leaving his country to suffer from the mess he had created and carried out. Some patriot. Some hero of Western civilization. Southerners did our share or more in defeating European fascist regimes, and did so proudly. There was nothing in those regimes that any Southerner could sympathise with.

Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina where he was the editor of the multivolume The Papers of John C. Calhoun. He is the M.E. Bradford Distinguished Chair at the Abbeville Institute. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and published over 600 articles, essays and reviews and is co-publisher of, a source  for unreconstructed Southern books.


  • James Persons says:

    ‘Spokesmen’ for the South that are pro-Hitler? This sounds like a Soros backed initiative as a way to further besmirch the South because we, more than any
    other group still stand in the way of centralized power. Sadly, there are numerous people gullible enough and ignorant enough to fall for this narrative. By coincidence, I assume, I have crossed paths with a number of people who already had this idea. Each one was from California, and born about 1960 or afterward. One whom I have not met is in publishing. This person had the gall to ascribe Hitler’s eugenics policies to the South. That isn’t just wrong, it is 180 degrees wrong. Eugenics was Northern Republicans plan/idea started in the post bellum era, and after WWII the Nazis cited California’s eugenics laws in their war crimes trial defense. Also, CA lead the nation in eugenics procedures during that era. Any defamation of the South, no matter easily researched for verification, is automatically believed even by many people from the political right. These Northerners have a persistent, unreasonable, disturbing preoccupation with the South. Think of Mark Levin to get a clear idea of how they think and behave regarding the South.

    • William Quinton Platt III says:

      Mark Levin is an idiot…but he is a useful idiot…

    • Thank you for the Clarification of which region’s eugenics program was the one that influenced the Nazis. I was taught that it was Virginia’s, but if it had been, I thought, it wasn’t my Virginia, but some derivative of the occupied “New South”. California makes more sense. I think it was the Panama-Pacific World’s fair that had a very nice Eugenics exhibit. I think Harvard is still at it, the Jeffrey Epstein money. Money they happily spent, and refused to give back, even to help his victims.

      • James Persons says:

        Hello Mann,

        Here is a link for you to start. Also check out Harry Loughlin born in Iowa, PhD from Princeton, and worked on Eugenics ‘Research’ and worked at the Eugenics Research Office in Long Island, NY. He was a leader of the eugenics movement here. He was also a Republican. Accurate info is easy to find on this subject. The person I mentioned that ascribed eugenics to the South is a conservative, very well educated and from California. The person routinely bashes the South and presents inaccurate information on slavery, racism and Jim Crow in the South and history of the South: and in an act of supreme hypocrisy moved out of CA because of all the leftism going and moved … wait for it, to South Carolina. LOL No lie, but still bashes the South. There is lots of info online and it will really open your eyes compared to what we all were taught and heard down through the years.

      • James Persons says:

        One more thing, Mann. Even Wikipedia got this history right. There is plenty of info there and it will lead you to other links.

        • James Persons says:

          Here’s a bit more info for you. It’s sort of a summary.
          “After the war, eugenics was declared a crime against humanity–an act of genocide. Germans were tried and they cited the CALIFORNIA statutes in their defense.”;

          “Sterilization rates across the country were relatively low (CALIFORNIA being the sole exception) until the 1927 Supreme Court case Buck v. Bell which legitimized the forced sterilization of patients at a Virginia home for those who were seen as mentally retarded.[45]”

          “The Virginia Sterilization Act of 1924 was a U.S. state law which greatly influenced the development of eugenics in the twentieth century. The act was based on model legislation written by Harry H. Laughlin” ….

          Laughlin was born in Iowa, received his PhD from Princeton and worked on eugenics at the Eugenics Research Office in Long Island, NY, and he was a Republican.

          “The Reichstag of Nazi Germany passed the Law for the Prevention of Hereditarily Diseased Offspring in 1933, closely based on Laughlin’s model.”

          “During the ’20s, Carnegie Institution eugenic scientists cultivated deep personal and professional relationships with Germany’s fascist eugenicists. In Mein Kampf, published in 1924, Hitler quoted American eugenic ideology and openly displayed a thorough knowledge of American eugenics. “There is today one state,” wrote Hitler, “in which at least weak beginnings toward a better conception [of immigration] are noticeable. Of course, it is not our model German Republic, but the United States.” Note, no particular mention of the American South or Virginia by Hitler.

          All 50 states had eugenics laws eventually and the American effort at imposing eugenics was developed exclusively by Northerners.
          [Capital letters are my emphasis, not the original quote’s)

  • Earl Starbuck says:

    It was 20th century Southerners who sounded the alarm bells about fascism, Mussolini, and Hitler, while FDR was praising Benito the Builder and Time Magazine was putting Hitler on the cover as Man of the Year. Later, in 1944, Richard Weaver wrote “The South and the Revolution of Nihilism,” in which he described the South’s instinctive distrust of modern fascist regimes. The South is a traditional society, and ideology cannot safeguard tradition. Fascism, like communism, is the totalitarian grandchild of the French Revolution, the product of Hobbes, Rousseau, and Bodin. The South has no truck with any of the above.

  • Ghost of LeMay says:

    “interfering with the judgments of good generals leading to disaster after disaster… made even worse by his bad judgment and delusions” => None of that was “bad judgement and delusions”, it was all calculated and on purpose. I always say that Hitler was Communism’s best agent ever. His goal and purpose was to provoke unlimited Western military aid for the Soviets and he had accomplished just that. The US and the UK had provided the Soviets with all things military that the communists could only dream of : vast quantities of tanks, planes, trucks, trains, tracks, ammo, in addition to machine-tools and raw materials. The mighty “Soviet War Machine” was a fiction, it never existed – the West had supplied it all. The Soviet’s own war-materiel production in 1944 was below that of 1941. Hitler’s other mission was to suck the Soviet “liberation” all the way out to the westernmost borders of continental Europe : 1.) occupy everything, like the the article says, out to the shores of Belgium, France, Denmark, etc. then 2.) carefully lose the war to “liberating” Soviet expansion from the East. The classic RACKET : create the problem whose “solution” is already in the back pocket. In this regard, Hitler was only half successful, but not for lack of trying – he had engineered the Stalingrad defeat, the Kursk fiasco, the stillborn unrestricted submarine war and hundreds of other known-and-unknown acts of subtle sabotage to lose the war to the Soviets. But the Wehrmacht and the Waffen SS had still fought and held the eastern fronts too hard, right along with the nowadays almost forgotten Hungarian Army. Also, the British-American push from the west was going too fast in spite of all machinations of the West’s own politicians to the contrary. Thus, in the end, the Soviets got stuck in Eastern Europe, never achieving the original goal of “righteously liberating” all of Western Europe. After which they would have “righteously” claimed that all of it was now “righteously” theirs (meaning, of course, the great unwashed body of the fictional “international proletariat”) and collaborating western leaders would have quickly nodded their consent, in servile acknowledgement of the “sufferings and sacrifices” of the Soviets.
    There were some men in the West who had foreseen all of that – that the entire war was to be a ruse in order to get the West to voluntarily supply the rope for their own collective hanging. The American CNO at the time, Earnest J. King was perhaps the most vehement in opposing US military aid to Europe in general, and to the Soviets in particular. Without that aid, and without military interference from the West, the Germans would have steamrolled the Soviet Union. Hitler – in direct failure of his real mission – would have been locked into a victory. The Waffen SS would have occupied itself establishing its own domain in the vast Eastern lands, doing what the Teutons had failed to do hundreds of years before, and would have gradually detached their affaires from those of the Reich in the west of Europe. In western Europe, things would have gradually normalized, neither the German military, nor the German people at large, nor the Western-European peoples in the new Reich being inherently totalitarian. German fascism in the West would have gradually decomposed on its own.
    You see, totalitarianism is an inherently Asian thing and characteristic of the Ottomans, the Mongols, the Manchu, the Koreans and – most of all – the Japanese. The Chinese – meaning the real historical ones, those that have been the target of ethnic extermination since Maoist times are actually an exception. This “Asian Connection” to the backbone of communism is unfortunately lost on most modern observers, even though it completely explains the otherwise inexplicable and seemingly counter-productive communist capacity for self-destruction. The same rabid, subhuman, rage-filled face of Communism that is observable anyplace that has seen communist activity is actually an Asian face – a Japanese face. American POWs on the Bataan death-march had observed that face in great detail, and they know it well. They would understand what I’m talking about. General MacArthur understood it too and specifically schooled his officers about the thinking behind that face. General LeMay and Admiral Nimitz were also clear about the same and boy they really had done their best to exterminate the real culprit behind world misery. It is little known today, but days after the alleged drop of the alleged atomic bomb on Nagasaki, past August 14 to be exact, LeMay was still conducting 1000-bomber raids against the Japanese and Nimitz was still sinking everything he could find floating with a “Flaming Red Asshole” on it. Both had to be stood down by explicit orders from Marshall – that commie wonderboy whose “economic aid” had funded the rise of socialist governments throughout post-war Europe. Against all efforts of the American Soldier, “American” Government had saved the enemy from destruction for the second time. Just as they have been saving the same ever since, throwing everything American under the bus in the process. Just as the new Soviet “government” of the Europeans does.

  • Paul Yarbrough says:

    “Think of Mark Levin to get a clear idea of how they think and behave regarding the South.”
    It is difficult to get a clear idea of anything when thinking about Mark Levin. In my opinion he is a pitiful blunderer into the world of thought.

    • James Persons says:


    • Scott says:

      The US Navy knew the problem with several locations in the Pacific that could be future targets for the Japanese since the 1920s
      Case study Pacific fleet problem was a visibility study and exercise of wargames done between 1920s and a 1930s the test defense of the Panama Canal Hawaiian naval base.
      Here’s one in 1931 wargames
      Rather interesting reading Blue’s advance was quickly located by Black’s picket line of submarines which then took heavy losses from air attack. Both sides put a priority on destroying the enemy aircraft carrier, launching air attacks almost simultaneously after a few days of probing. Significant damage was laid on both carriers, with Blue’s carrier eventually “sunk” by torpedo from a Black destroyer.[28]
      After-action critiques stressed the growing importance of naval aviation, and an increased need for the construction of aircraft carriers in the event of a war in the Pacific.[29] Submarines operating at or near the surface were seen to be critically vulnerable to air observation and attack.[30] The exercise showed that one carrier was insufficient for either fleet attack or area defense, so the practice of two or more carriers operating together became policy. Admiral Harry E. Yarnell said that six to eight carriers would be required for a Pacific campaign, but no orders were placed for new carriers, as Depression-era financial difficulties caused President Herbert Hoover to limit naval expenses.[28]

  • Cody Davis says:

    “At the end Hitler was defeated and sacrificed uselessly millions of his own people as well as millions of others.”

    Why not apply this same thinking to the Southern cause? The reason is because the question is about the justice of the cause, not the outcome of an individual war. Mr. Clyde believes the Nazi cause was unjust, but even if that is the case, it still would not have been wise for the US to get involved. Thomas Jefferson and George Washington were clear that we should separate from Europe and let them handle their problems. We cannot and should not be the world police.

    As far as the facts about the war and Hitler and the Nazis, I would encourage people to read the things Hitler actually said and believed, from reputable sources that present the primary documents in full. We usually only hear one side of the story, and I think most people would have a very different view of Hitler if they analyzed the history honestly and directly, without third parties corrupting the information before presenting it. I was in correspondence with the Head of the Research Department at Auschwitz, and he admitted to me that Auschwitz used a spurious source in one of their exhibits, which was up for over 30 years. This spurious source attributed an apparently fabricated quote to Hitler and this quote was portrayed as if Hitler had said such a thing publicly to the German people. What an egregious slander. My correspondence with this Auschwitz Department Head is documented here, and I also present some of the things Hitler really said:

    I remain unconvinced that Hitler was a bad guy. Reading articles like this that just repeat the same tired talking points is not very influential or persuasive.


    I understand that many neo-Nazi types are very prickly and rude on the internet. I don’t defend that behavior.

    • THT says:

      Wars of Secession vs. Wars of Union.
      That’s what you are missing. Get your comparisons lined up.

      • Cody Davis says:

        The perspective of Hitler and the Nazis was that their war was defensive. Again, people usually only hear one side of the story.

        • THT says:

          lol. The “perspective” That don’t mean nothin’. Lincoln said the same thing. He was “defending government, nation, and constitution”.

          As I said earlier, the onus is on you to show how Hitler was a good ‘ol boy. Please provide all the readers here a proper defense of Fascism and Statism. Remember that Hitler lauded Lincoln. Yes, that same Lincoln that gave what-fer to your “ancestors”. Explain how Fascism, government regulation and bureaucratic control of private property, one step away from Socialism, was a legitimate means to an end. And if you are somehow successful in doing so, then you have “inadvertently” now condoned consequentialism or utilitarianism. Please explain the “end justifies the means to us” in Lincolnian and “Hilterian” fashion. We’d love to hear your profoundness on the subject. And once you do so, then please expound to everybody reading here how this relates to the Confederacy and to your “ancestors”.

          We are all ears.

  • Paul Yarbrough says:

    I can only speak for myself on this site and not others. However, there is not space enough here for me to present my “lengthy” opinion on WWII, Hitler, et al (and I’ve repeatedly said that while I am a student of history I am not an historian, as there are many good ones herein) so I the following is only a small mental analogy (if it works).
    Though my family (mostly Southern Baptists) had never been a family of heavy drinkers or beer barons the general consensus of history among them is that Prohibition and the subsequent Eighteenth Amendment were monstrous stupidity and government ploys to control people. In fact, the government was to frequently use the Volstead Act in order to demonstrate how horrible to people they could be given the right “law.”

    Nevertheless, there is little to justify such ilk as Al Capone et al and such bloodlettings as The St. Valentine Day massacre.

    Again just an analogy.

  • THT says:

    Hitler had it right about inflation. Spot on.
    He had it wrong about ‘for the State, by the state, and of the state’. He duped that off of Lincoln, btw.

    He came close. But… the better fascists won. Roosevelt and Churchill.

    Maybe that’s the angle you should take if you don’t want anyone to think you’re not a nut bar

  • THT says:

    Some commenters who claim to represent “identity dixie”

    Identity Dixie and Hidden Dominion are good examples for those that say the South is Dead.

  • THT says:

    “To make Hitler a great statesman is a fantasy. ”

    He was a Statist and a Fascist. He tried to take Lincolnism to the extreme. He lost to moderate Statists and Fascists, i.e. Progressives, Churchill and Roosevelt.

    Every Government depends on extraction from the private sector. Fascism is private ownership and government regulation.

    Fascism has nothing to do with killing jews in concentration camps. It has everything to do for, by, and of the state.

    That’s what Hitler was. Wasn’t what the Confederacy was.

  • James Persons says:

    One of the things that has been so enjoyable about this site is that the columns are based on real history and the comments are by informed people and are very polite/respectful and that citations are provided so people can check out the info on their own much of the time. I’m beginning to feel like what my Southern ancestors felt, violated by an invading group of ‘foreigners’ in 1861. Now we are greeted by comments telling us Hitler was not a bad guy, and WWII was a vast conspiracy master minded by the West in order to prop up the Soviets so the commies could take over … and the one link provided reads like any politicians’ speech, too long, ambiguous, etc. Also now, Dr. Wilson informs us that there are ‘Johnny Rebs for Hitler’ and I bet we all know about the Libertarians selecting a candidate who thinks government enforced dictates equals personal liberty. What next, ‘Southern Devil Worshippers for Jesus’. Is there a diabolical algorithm that steered these people to this site? My Jeffersonian spidy senses are screaming False Flag Operation! My opinion is that these Adolf admirers and vast conspiracy theorists are here for the purpose of smearing this site, its commenters and the Abbeville Institute as racists, fascists, paranoid conspiracy theorists, and neo-Confederates [as the left thinks of that term] that some government agency will want to do something about.

    Take your Hitler love and your conspiracy delusions elsewhere. This site is about Southern culture, Southern history and to tell the truth about the Righteous Cause Myth.

    • THT says:

      You forgot that men can be women.

    • Cody Davis says:

      I’m a Southerner with ancestry that goes back to Colonial times; not a fed, and not a foreigner. I simply just disagree with many people’s views on Hitler. I’m open to discussion, but it seems like most people just want name calling and blind repetition of talking points.

      I’m happy for this site to be about Southern culture, but Mr. Wilson has presented the topic of Hitler and WWII through this article. It’s not fair to want to change the conversation the moment someone disagrees with you.

      • James Persons says:

        Respectfully Cody, I don’t think you are a Fed or a foreigner. That’s not what I said. I’m fine with you disagreeing with the general opinion of Hitler. Dr. Wilson was relating the Hitler angle to the South and people who claim to represent “identity Dixie’ [btw, I don’t know what that is.] Where I disagree with you is that you presented an argument defending Hitler that had no ties to the South. I can understand your thinking it’s unfair to change the subject when someone disagrees with you. I don’t agree that I was changing the subject, I was expressing my feelings that this is not the venue for general discussions of Hitler and WWII which is the category your comment falls into IMO, a general discussion. What I am saying is take the general discussion of such matters to other venues and for the reasons I stated. I would prefer this site remain about our culture and history and debunking the Yankee myths about us and our ancestors. Our history as Southerners and our culture and the truth are already controversial enough without making comments well outside the typical ideas of Americans which open us up to groups who want to defame us and have been doing so for several hundred years. Dr. Wilson mentioned something that I have never heard before and another thing that don’t agree with, but chose to not go into that for the same reasons I have already expressed.

        Thanks for your reply.



        • Cody Davis says:

          Mr. Wilson ended his article here in this way: “There was nothing in those regimes that any Southerner could sympathise with.”

          I brought up how we are only told one side of the story and that Southerners can relate to a just cause being maligned by dishonest actors, and encouraged people to read the history for themselves rather than letting tyrants spoonfeed them the “truth”. I think that is a very Southern, relevant message to contribute to this article.

          It’s not right for Mr. Wilson to suggest that I am not Southern because I have a different view than him on a foreign conflict that the US shouldn’t have even been involved in.

          • scott Thompson says:

            abbeville just had an article about how some polish had helped the south I’m southern and all I ever got was history channel stuff on hitler and Germany and the nazis…similar stuff about how the south was bad, they were slavers and traitors. all my life really. i thought numerous countries in Europe had issues with jews at various points in their histories…always vaguely described as ‘a wave of anti jewish sentiment’ or similar. were Europeans just bad Christians or did Jewish populations begin to introduce things that the host countries and peoples began to not like or want…nationalist tendencies…they were german, right? it seems that early in hitlers career various programs to have jews leave Germany were introduced and kind of implemented. to me when hitler invoked lincolns ‘nationalist’ rhetoric he did on its woodcraft…lincoln and dumping those words on a American republic, not a germanic nation.

      • THT says:

        Argue Hitler as a Fascist. You must condone Fascism in order to support Hitler.
        And when I say Fascist, I do not mean concentration camps. I mean ‘of the state, for the State, and by the state’. Reminiscent of ‘for, of, and by the people’ from Lincoln’s inspiring speech.

        I am a Texan whose ancestry goes back to Virginia, 1620.

        But ancestry don’t matter in this here dilemna. Defend Fascism. Support Hitler.
        Compare it to the Confederacy.
        Compare apples to apples. Your Colonial Southern Heritage is irrelevant.

      • Janice says:

        So, now you bring out the big guns by citing your pedigree, as if it somehow helps your argument. My ancestors came from England, fought in the Revolution against king George. Settled in West (by God) Virginia. Up until after 9/11 there’s been family members fighting in every war America has engaged in. And we only lost 2 members; 1 in Lincoln’s War, 1 in Vietnam. My daddy fought in 3 wars, and saw first hand the effects of what that evil man did. This is the first I’ve heard of someone (claiming, and defending, their Southern heritage), to vigorously stand up for Hitler, stating he wasn’t a bad guy! You’re making us look bad. You, sir, are not a true Southerner. You are not a Southern gentleman. It’s not about your ancestors…it’s about character, integrity, your mind and heart. You live in the South, but your psyche is Yankee. Only a Yankee could feel sympathy for an antichrist, which is surely what he was. Not THE antichrist, but a type thereof. Life isn’t fair, Mr. Davis. It’s not fair that 80 million plus people died as a result of that evil man. No one knows the exact number, only God. But for you to defend Hitler, claiming he wasn’t a bad man, tells me you haven’t done your homework. Do your research. Visit historical sites, read the stories of those who lived the nightmare. And if you still conclude he was an alright guy…could you please do me a favor? Don’t tell people you’re a Southerner. Bless you.

    • Janice says:


  • William Quinton Platt III says:

    History is complicated…if you think you know what happened during a world war, you are gullible.

    Haavara…if this name is new to you, it should not be…because anyone who has a dog in this fight needs to know what has been erased from history.

    The Corwin Amendment…erased from history.

    • Paul Yarbrough says:

      I don’t think they have been erased. But they have dang sure been hidden. It may be long after I am gone, but I believe some honest and bright (though presently naïve) folks out there are going to find a hidden history treasure one day. And those same people are going to realize certain truths that are going to slap them in the face!

  • William Quinton Platt III says:

    Mac P never mentions the Corwin Amendment by name…NEVER.

  • Barbara says:

    Whatever sort of man Hitler was the fact is that he is history. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could explain how the United States of America came to condone, fund and support genocide of Palestinians if we did the right thing in going to war against him? Cohencidently Jews are at the center of the history of the Nazis and also Israel/Palestine. It was Jews that drove the war against Germany when Germans should have been allowed to do whatever they pleased in Germany. We fought Germans so explain why we support Israel? Explain it.

    The United States brought NAZIS here secretly after the war and they played a major role in building our WMD and our space agency. Germans are creators and builders while someone today is destroying everything good and godly that the white man has built. Will you name the destroyers? Patton was killed, who killed him and why? Were they WASPs?

    Do Germans control all of our propaganda machines? TV entertainment, “news”. Movies, publishing, music industry, modern “art”? Did Germans benefit from 911 which got us into “rearranging the middle east to make Israel the hegemon and an over 20 year war where our people are cannon fodder for Israel while we’re not allowed to defend our own borders? Check the wayback machine for Bill Kristol and his fellow Jewish neocons and Project For the New American Century website, they have gotten how many of our people killed in wars which do not benefit anyone but Jews and Israel. Did they just obtain all that power and control or did they have it when Hitler was in power? Mel Gibson said Jews start all the wars. Why would he say such a thing?

    How many Germans have central banks in other people’s countries? Did Hitler put banks in other people’s countries and get rich off interest which should be illegal? Check Paul Craig Roberts for a recent article on interest rates and how many Americans must now rely upon credit cards since our entire economy is being destroyed and liquidated in China which is to be the model for our future. I suppose Hitler must be behind such things. Hitler must have controlled our newspapers back then so he could spread propaganda for a war.

    How did the west benefit from the world wars? England lost its empire and Europe was devastated. What about the devastation of Russia and the gulags and the Holodomer? Did Germans starve people in their own countries and create communism? Who committed the HOLODOMOR?

    Are Germans the engine behind transhumanism and the Great Reset?

    When Jews are responsible for controlling our government and we end up with continual wars and open borders in every white country in the world while Zionism rules might we not be forgiven for admiring Hitler just a little bit or even wishing he had won as much as we wish the south had won?

    Going after Hitler is fine. That can be debated. But what about the greatest enemy of Hitler? Would you care to talk about them and tell us how we should feel about them? How are we actually better off for having killed Hitler? If Hitler had the technology that we have today would he have used it to take away all freedom and liberty and issued digital currency to enslave people he didn’t kill with vaccines?

    • THT says:

      Your questions are being directed peoples of a certain languages, genetic markers, cultures, and geographical location. You are looking for answers in the wrong places. That is, you are asking the wrong questions.

      The questions should be:

      What is authority? Why do people follow authority? Why to people accept authority? Why do people seek authority? Why do people appeal to authority? Who should be the final authority? And, lastly, can you force someone to accept an authority?

  • Barbara says:

    Hitler a war criminal! Oh my! As long as the USA doesn’t do stuff like that.

    Oh wait! We’re covering up Israel crimes against humanity that make Hitler look like a saint. Why do we put up with this? Please explain. We are now worse than whatever you claim about Hitler.

    I could post news like this all day.

  • Barbara says:

    How Israel Bonds Put the Cost of the War in Gaza on US States and Municipalities

    C. Randall, L. Randall – The Nation

    … Israel bonds are state-issued securities — comparable to US savings bonds — that the Israeli government sells to support general spending. The money from the bonds is deposited directly into the “general budget” for the State of Israel. The capital raised is not earmarked or publicly disclosed … Yet it is American states and municipalities that have emerged over the past 20 years as a primary investor in these sovereign bonds. In the six months following the Hamas attack, at least 14 states and four municipalities invested in Israel bonds … The lawsuit in Palm Beach will likely be just the first of a wave of forthcoming legal challenges to Israel bonds. As it stands, American taxpayers are being forced to buoy the Israeli economy as it brutalizes Palestinians from Gaza to the West Bank.

  • Barbara says:

    UN Human Rights Chief Decries `Unfathomable’ Killings of Palestinians in the West Bank


    The UN’s rights chief has demanded an end to violence in the occupied West Bank, saying it was “unfathomable” that more than 500 Palestinians had been killed there since 7 October. In a statement, slammed by Israel, Volker Turk said at least 505 Palestinians had been killed in the West Bank by the Israeli military, other security forces, and West Bank settlers since the war in Gaza erupted nearly eight months ago. Palestinian officials have given a toll of at least 523 … “As if the tragic events in Israel and then Gaza over the past eight months were not enough, the people of the occupied West Bank are also being subjected to day after day of unprecedented bloodshed,” he said.

  • Matt C. says:

    Thanks for the article, Mr. Wilson. I was, though, a little surprised where you said Churchill, along with DeGaulle, due to his opposition to Hitler, became one of the greatest men in history. I don’t deny Churchhill’s greatness, but I think it was in one of Pat Buchanan’s books where Pat alleged that Churchill persuaded FDR to use a U.S. vessel to bait Hitler into a violent act against the U.S. I think a U-boat sank that U.S. vessel (near Ireland I think?). I don’t recall if Buchanan reconciled the so-called baiting with the attacks on the supply convoys to Europe. Weren’t they also provocative acts against the U.S.? Could the U.S. still have been isolationist under those circumstances? And then, there’s Churchill and Stalin. I don’t know, was Churchill a bit too friendly and accommodating with “Uncle Joe?” Or, is that allegation wrong? And, is it wrong because Churchill wanted to invade through the Balkans? Was that to keep Russia some distance from Germany? Someone here said, WWII was about, or came to be used, to prop up and accelerate the spread of Communism. I have read such thoughts and opinions with that view. Anyway, thanks again, Mr. Wilson.

  • Doug Yarbrough says:

    Unfortunately the “Nazies are good guys” sentiments are common among a small group Southern defenders. Some of them former good writers of the late Southern Partisan Magazine. I won’t name anybody but many in here probably know several that I am talking about. They see everything as a “Jewish Conspiracy” and the Nazis were right because they were trying to fight Communists and British that were run by Jews, they say. They think Southerners are the only Americans and Christians and think absolutely everything that happened after 1865 regarding America is bad because, somehow I guess, God’s sovereign plan has actually been put on hold by the Yankees and Jews (just from how their logic adds up) until the South becomes independent again and if you believe anything contrary to that, no matter how respectful or polite you are about it, then you are a “Reconstructed Southerner” who is influenced by “the Jews” (or “Skypes” as they call then in code) and has no place in their discussions. These people are off on a bad trail and have become obsessed. It is really a sad situation.

    • THT says:

      Sadly, they are reminiscent of “socialism will work when it’s done correctly”.

    • James Persons says:

      Thanks for posting this, Doug. I was completely unaware of these folks.

    • Ghost of LeMay says:

      What about the Jews ( no quotes needed ) having been observed at the forefront of every subversive movement against traditional human society everywhere, all the time? This is not just a Southern issue, but a global one. Look at the main actors of all the subversive movements : communism – Jews, LGBTQetc – Jews, “Green Revolution” – Jews, “Social Engineering” – Jews, vast majority of pedophiles and serial-killers – Jews ( just look into any criminal archive ), vast majority of traitors and enemy spies against the US in the Cold War – Jews, “Trans-European Integration” – Jews, and the list could go on and on. So what’s your level-headed, common-sense, ideology-free analysis of those observable facts? Because if you’re a Southerner, you ought to have one. But if all your argumentation is just one out-of-hand, ex-cathedra dismissive, then you’re just another carpetbag pretending to be “Southern”.

  • Paul Yarbrough says:

    “Every Government depends on extraction from the private sector. Fascism is private ownership and government regulation.” From THT remark above.
    Freedom is private ownership and self-governing regulation. This isn’t the same as anarchy but is the same as disciplined republicanism. This is (or was) the South before modernity cast it into undisciplined Republicanisms.

    • THT says:

      Allow me to add to this:

      Governance does not imply government, and government does not imply the State. The State is a monopoly on government, and government is a monopoly on governance.

      The motivation of the North was to create The Nation State. Where the Nation would have a “propositional culture”, not a natural one. The Statists of the North could not control the natural “federalism” that was inherent self regulating and governing Agrarian South. The Statist ambition is best understood when reading Henry Carey, Lincoln’s “economic advisor”. He said that the South should have been industrialized quickly and immediately after the War of Independence with England. That it was the most fertile land in the world, and that it was a shame that it was not dotted with furnaces and factories, filled with workers both black and white, all hooked together by railroads.

  • Barbara says:

    I believe only what I say on here. Don’t lump me with others into any group and claim that I think in some way that I have not stated. Southerners can believe many different ways about a lot of things and we don’t necessarily march in lockstep and think according to writers at Abbeville Institute. We’re individuals.

    I would appreciate it if anyone would politely refute whatever I say which is how discussions are supposed to work. I’d like to know how we ended up killing Hitler and stopping National Socialists and how that has benefited the west? How did it turn out for us? How is it that today Jews have so much power and control and in a negative way?

    If Obama opened our borders who opened England’s and turned London Islamic? Who opened Australia’s? Who opened Canada’s? Why do we wage war for a Jewish state while the rest of the world is made diverse? Why are military aged non white men coming into this country by the millions? Would Hitler have opened white borders and encouraged race mixing? Would he have attempted to destroy western civilization?

    Why did President Johnson recall the rescue planes/ships after learning that it was Israel that attacked the USS Liberty?

    Who is running the White House? Biden has been declared mentally unfit to stand trial so why hasn’t he been removed?

    Why was there barbed wire around Washington DC and military soldiers and police there during his inauguration?

    Why was Germany not allowed to do whatever they wanted with the Jews since Jews were in Germany and could/should have left any time?


    With the preceding in mind, worth recalling here at the outset are the words of US Navy Admiral Thomas Moorer, a former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCOS). Whilst reflecting upon his time ‘on the bridge’, Moorer made several statements over time lamenting the powerful influence of the Israel Lobby on U.S. politics. One of his most notable remarks came via an interview he gave in the early 1980s, where he said the following:
    ‘I’ve never seen a President—I don’t care who he is—stand up to [the Israelis]. It just boggles the mind. They always get what they want. The Israelis know what’s going on all the time…If the American people understood what a grip those people have on our government, they’d rise up in arms. Our citizens…don’t have any idea what goes on.’ [Emphasis added]

    “Do you know who is being discriminated against? The white Christian people of America, the ones who created this nation. Communism is racial. A racial minority seized control in Russia and in all her satellite countries, such as Poland, Czechoslovakia, and many other countries I could name. They have been run out of practically every country in Europe in the years gone by, and if they keep stirring race trouble in this country and trying to force their communistic program on the Christian people of America, there is no telling what will happen to them here.” – Rep John Rankin

    Woodrow Wilson knew what he had done in signing the Federal Reserve Act at the end of 1913. In 1920, he said:
    I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit. We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.

    • Matt C. says:

      “How is it that today Jews have so much power and control and in a negative way?”

      Not to say there may not be any merit to that question, but just wonder about those so disgusted with the Jews and Israel, if they realize that one day Israel is going to be the head of all the nations on the earth, and “not the tail?” Covenant, or replacement, theology notwithstanding. That’s what the Bible teaches; after this dispensation of grace concludes, Jacob goes through the seventieth week, their “trouble,” and then their messiah returns. It will be a different Israel then, for sure, but still Israel nonetheless. 

    • THT says:

      You seem to making some sort of case on the morality of the State. Instead of asking questions why the State behaves immorally, consider if the State is moral institution to begin with. Once you understand what the State is and what its purpose is, you will see that these things that you bemoan are exactly what the State is intended to do.

  • Barbara says:

    One more thing, given the fact that “historians” have done nothing but lie about southern history why would anyone fail to question what they say about Hitler and the National Socialists? Why should we not be allowed to question it?

    Most people know the truth but they won’t say anything because they fear what the Jew will do to them. Is that not so? What do you make of that fact? How should honorable men respond?

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