An article appeared on January 20th, 2023, touching upon the assault on the “Reconciliation” monument in Arlington National Cemetery. The monument has been labeled as “Confederate” and therefore resides in the cross-hairs of the present Woke Nation. Author Allen Brownfeld entitled the piece: Removing the Confederate Memorial From Arlington: What Would Lincoln or Grant Think?

Of course, the contretemps about the effort by the vandals of WOKE to remove any and all Confederate along with other “American” cultural monuments is nothing new. Perhaps the newest thing about this one – though there had been earlier intimations on the matter – is the possibility of the removal of the bodies of those relatively few Confederate soldiers also buried in Arlington! After all, these low-lifes have already disinterred Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest and his wife and General A.P. Hill whose body was, according to reports, desecrated by the thugs involved. And, of course, every time this crime against decency and humanity takes place, all manner of honorable people devoted to truth, history, the culture and civilization in general, speak out against what is happening. Mr. Brownfeld’s effort is no different than the efforts of countless intelligent, informed and ethical people heretofore mentioned, attempting to overcome what they properly understand as mindless destruction through the process of rational thought. Furthermore, his argument has been made many times before; that is, that the intelligent and decent people who fought on the other side of the so-called “Civil War” would reject the current policy and call for an end to the passions that supposedly motivate the vandals. Indeed, nowhere is such a conclusion more clearly sustained than in the attempt to remove a monument to the very concept of “Reconciliation” between the two sides.

Indeed, this entire strategy – and that’s what it is, a strategy with the intent to destroy our nation’s history and the history of Western Civilization including Christianity! – has never been properly addressed by those attempting to stop or at least forestall this ongoing government sponsored vandalism. Rather, each process – and any consequential act – is circumscribed into a limited understanding of what those involved want to accomplish. As a result, the opponents of both the process and the acts address a limited understanding when voicing the solutions they propose. But that is wrong. It is akin to dealing with fractions in mathematics. Until one has determined the lowest common denominator among the fractions involved in the equation, one cannot proceed to a solution. We cannot address these issues until we have discovered the single “common denominator” that motivates them all. If we do, we can then address the whole rather than each individual process and act, a strategy that hitherto has not been employed because most do not make the connection among the acts and in so doing, see the totality of the agenda.

As a result of this “blindness,” we have cultural wars about “holocaust denial” or “election denial” or “COVID denial” or “antisemitism” or “homophobia” or “trans-phobia” or “racism” or “anti-abortion” etc. etc. etc. ad nauseum and each one of these “wars” is addressed separately by those attempting to protect the culture from the liars and miscreants who use them to throw down over two thousand years of civilization. Sadly, though most intelligent people should understand the process by this time, it is apparent that they do not – as we can see by the fact that few seem to make any connection between and among the issues involved. And this is because each of these “issues,” – though they stem from the same war against our civilization – are sufficiently different, thus making it very confusing as to how to fight that war, never mind prevail in any of the many ongoing campaigns mentioned. The best one can hope for is a small gain in a particular issue, something our enemies occasionally permit because they know such minor successes will not lead to our eventual victory but rather simply gain them more time to establish their total control over the culture.

But the crucial matter is often lost in consideration of the issues involved. What is that matter? Simply this: that people can be prosecuted under the law for their opinions because those opinions are contrary to the acceptable narrative pushed by the establishment at all levels!  Using laws that are supposed to protect our rights to freedom of speech and thought in order to force people to do the will of the government limits the people’s response to this tyranny. And when our response to this government tactic is focused on the issues involved, such as the holocaust or the danger of the “vaccines,” rather than the use of the legal system to stifle dissent, our efforts waste what little time remains to us before we are in Orwell’s 1984! The point that should be made constantly is that people are being persecuted for holding opinions contrary to the government’s established position. It doesn’t matter whether it is the hockey player who refuses to wear a rainbow LTGB+ badge on his uniform or a baker who won’t participate in a “celebration” that is against his Christian beliefs or a person who refuses to bow down to the concept that all whites are evil, using the law to force people to believe and do what they do not WISH to believe and do — for whatever reason — is tyranny and totally contrary to the precepts of Western Civilization! By our responding to individual crises whether it’s “holocaust denial” or “election denial” or “vaccination denial” rather than the censorship itself, we derail the true cause of our concern. People begin to ask, “Well, did the holocaust happen?” or “Was the election a fraud?” or “Are these vaccines ’safe and effective’?” or “Should history be politically correct?” rather than “WHY CAN’T I ASK THESE QUESTIONS OR MAKE THESE POINTS WITHOUT BEING CENSORED OR EVEN PROSECUTED?” That, after all, is the real question! And that’s the point we should be making on every one of these issues! To concentrate on censorship will prevent the splintering of our concerns into side-issues rather than the main issue of the government and its minions preventing free speech and inquiry and what will result if we allow this agenda to continue.

The first and most important conclusion we must reach in the matter is that our enemies are liars. They don’t lie a little or once in a while, no, all they do is lie! Oh, an occasional “truth” will be inserted into the narrative, but it is only used to further confuse the issue or as a means by which a desired lie can appear validated. This strategy was best defined by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr., when he so shrewdly pointed out, “Sin has many tools, but a lie is the handle which fits them all.” Usually, as things in the culture begin to decay, the lies are (seemingly) harmless enough. People often laugh because they are so obvious and therefore innocuous. But slowly, the lies become more outrageous because the people have lost any sensitivity to the fact that they are being lied to. This gradual moral destruction is well described in the “fable” of the frog in tepid water who does not react as the water is slowly heated until he is too weak to jump out and so boils to death.

And there is another factor involved: rejecting the lie usually means considerable work on the part of those resisting. It often involves “push back” from those who are lying, most of whom hold considerable power in the culture. Most people choose the path of least resistance and in so doing, become used to ignoring or accepting small lies because it is easier to do that than to fight the lies as they emerge. More important, as noted, the liars are usually people who exercise power and thus they are people against whom resistance brings its own retribution, small or large. As we have discovered from history, chastisement that starts as a rebuke often ends on the gallows! For what one is refusing to accept is the will of the powerful; that is, those who have the power to destroy those who resist that power.

We appear to be very close in this the third decade of the New Millennium to the dark days promised by Jesus Christ before His crucifixion. There are many signs that make that obvious, not the least of which is the fact that most of what is happening is not limited to a few nations but involves all mankind. There is also the breakdown of the moral will of many if not most of humanity. We have lost the way that once was so obvious to at least those of us in the West. We have as a warning of this moral decay, Christ’s words as seen in Matthew, Chapter 7, verse 13: Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat. It doesn’t take a genius to see how very far virtually all of mankind has come in its rejection of the faith given to us at the time of Pentecost. Indeed, much has been written describing mankind’s return to the “Old Ways” of paganism. It started at least in the West with the so-called New Age movement that arose in the 1970s, a movement that was very much pagan and a rejection of Christianity. Of course, Christianity itself was busy embracing the ways of the world in many instances, especially among the “main-line” Protestant Churches. In the intervening fifty years, it has only gotten worse – much worse! Anyone who views the video of the opening of the 2022 Commonwealth Games in England will personally see this return to paganism being practiced by very modern people. Of course, this rejection of the way of life practiced in the West for over 2,000 years is especially difficult for older people who consider themselves to be only one or two more “government mandates” away from extinction!

And so, my friends, as that old song goes, “the days dwindle down to a precious few. . .” while most of us continue to harp on our own bête noire whether it be the “holocaust” or Confederate monuments or any of the other assaults upon decency and civilization being carried out by the enemies of mankind. And while we see any small “victory” as the foretaste of triumph, we do not realize that soon the war itself will intrude upon us because once our enemies have won and government censorship is “established,” all of those matters so important to us will be as lost as our way of life. Someone once said that we must fight smarter rather than simply harder and that’s good advice. But we cannot fight smarter until we realize what the real war is! Unless we know that, we will be tricked into fighting an incremental war we cannot win. We must wake up for time, it would seem, is on the side of the enemies of mankind.

Valerie Protopapas

Valerie Protopapas is an independent historian and the former editor of The Southern Cavalry Review, the journal of The Stuart-Mosby Historical Society.


  • Brandon Forrest North says:

    I cannot express with any known language or ability I meagerly possess how very thankful I am to you Ma’am as well as The Abbeville, Inst. at this particular time in place. Not just in our so-called FREE society, but for ME personally, as I have found myself RIGHT IN THE CROSS HEIRS literally and of these exact thoughts. This is not sarcasm or me being koy. I swear it to you as a Proud, Texas, Southern Man, from a very long family history of fighting for the very things and dying to preserve them. NO MATTER THE COSTS. Some things, the things that TRULY matter, cannot be bought with money. Most live under the fallacy of that undeniable truth. I myself, do not, cannot, and furthermore will not. Thank Y’ALL for the inspiring words. I shall now again walk with my head high, shoulders back, boots on, with a big shit eatin’ Texas grin on my face. Like all MEN of the sort should always do. Not matter the particular state in OUR beloved South in which they reside. With Honor.

    Confederate Heir,

    Brandon Forrest North

  • Brandon Forrest North says:

    I made a mistake. It was supposed to read literally and figuratively. I’m 48 years old. Give me a break. LOL!!

  • Julie Paine says:

    Thank you, Valerie! These thoughts mirror my own so closely. I have looked at the myriad of “issues” or “fronts” on which we are being assaulted and sought, as you have, to identify where the real war is. I too believe it is against Christ and everything for which He stands.

  • freestone wilson says:

    Agreed. Even Christianity is full of corruption. I do not mean so much here about the sex crimes against children but the dogma of the church. Abundance Chi$tianity, I am looking at you too!

    This age is a time of the glorification of the self and ego. For itself, I mean. Not for service or for any other Godlike services.
    Here in this city, a large hospital has just been hacked into its computer network. Probably ransomware. How does this doer even sleep at night?!
    Even worse, the scammers who scam large amounts of money from trusting little old ladies. One of them said, to some reporter, I believe, that, “she is going to die soon, and she has lots of money that will only be divided up between lawyers and kin. I want the money, she has no use for it.”!
    Also: Someone stole a motorbike. When caught, the person said, “She has lots of money and she can well buy another bike. I do not have money and I need a bike. I deserve to take it!”.

    Note the *absolute* disrespect of other selves! All other selves are but fodder for this criminal.

    My two cases are but large examples of thousands of smaller incidents. Death of civilization by the 1000 cuts!

    I give two more years before we all either go Up, or go Down!


  • Tom Wiggins says:

    Your pen is indeed mighty Mrs Protopapas.
    Many a people across this troubled land have had their heritage and birthright stolen from them long before they were conceived, thus leaving them ripe for the pickin. Both parents scurrying off to meaningless jobs necessary for survival, the mush minds of their children are busy at “school” learning about mlk instead of Jesus.

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