God’s guidance and blessing began in Virginia. But Civil War is where we are today.

 For those who have had the usual blather from a contemporary public-school education, a little background. Well, actually, more than a little if your public school (and universities) are as useless as they are as this is written. Point to make: Critical Race Theory is not simply a fool’s errand. It is fool’s delight. 

The “1776 Project” is just another fool.

Most of the above-mentioned public schools repeat historical nonsense learned via rumor and winner-take-all indoctrination, or worse, from other public “educators.” Learning from contemporary public schools is like learning about sex from graffiti written on public bathroom walls. 

However, that “un” Civil War in the 1861-65 story that is taught was (and is) a historical hoax, insofar as its improper nomenclature, i.e., a civil war is one in which two sides are battling for control of a single government.

That 1861-65 business was a war of secession.no different than the American “Revolution”; itself a revolt only in the sense that various colonies refused to be used as economic whipping boys by the British Parliament. It, too, was neither, a civil war.  Also, it was not a revolution to overthrow a government.

Of the 1861-65 business, the South’s secession was also no different than a nonviolent secession of the singularly independent states from the Articles of Confederation, which they ultimately did in 1787.

The violence of that 1861-65 business was the result of the Republican (capital “R”)/Hamiltonian/Lincolnian national concept that people could no longer “severe the bonds” of governmental ties. Lincoln illegally attempted to reinforce a fort in an independent state, which was South Carolina, conducting itself before the world (as stated in The Declaration of Independence) as a free and sovereign state among the states of the world. It had legally and peacefully withdrawn from the union which had failed to be “more perfect.”

“That these United Colonies are, and of Right ought to be Free and Independent States; that they are Absolved from all Allegiance to the British Crown, and that all political connection between them and the State of Great Britain, is and ought to be totally dissolved; and that as Free and Independent States, they have full Power to levy War, conclude Peace, contract Alliances, establish Commerce, and to do all other Acts and Things which Independent States may of right do.”

And, though no small aside, the Declaration Of Independence was not a “Founding” document.  There were no founding documents for any “nation.”  There was only a republic of Union under first, The Articles of Confederation, then the U.S. Constitution (a federated document). The language was to improve on a union i.e., “establish a more perfect union.” It was not a founding day for some “nation”!

In Rome, when Caesar crossed the Rubicon, the Roman Republic ceased to be, and the Roman Empire was born and then began to crumble. Empires fail. Republics stand–provided the rules (laws) are well-kept and honored by the people’s representatives. But empires and nationalism are cancers. They will metastasize into infections such as CRT (to name but one).

A popular comment among radio talk-show hosts and various Fox News “historians” is that this is not a democracy, it is a republic. What they should say, though none seem to understand is that this isn’t a national (nation) democracy, nor is it a national (nation) republic. It is a federal republic. It is a federation of sovereign republics, i.e., the states. Or it was initiated as such according to its constitution. The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, Article 4, Clause 1

In 1861 the Southern Confederacy seceded from the U.S. republican confederation (U.S. Constitution) because of the same “whipping boy” stance that The Northern States, like the British Parliament (no not the King!) had done with their Hamiltonian and anti-Jeffersonian economics, and were forced onto the South.

No, the South did not secede to “keep” their slaves. If this were a reason it certainly would have been an idiotic one. First, by remaining in the U.S. Union they could have “kept” their slaves (a constitutional amendment would never have passed by three-fourths of the states to free them). And the Corwin Amendment (supported by Lincoln) would not have allowed them to be freed by the federal government. Certainly, this would have prevented the South from seceding if they wanted to “keep” their slaves.

And for the usual suspects who babble about such nonsense as the North fought a civil war to free the slaves: Let it be remembered (if possible, to mediocre minds “left” or “right”) that the North NEVER freed its slaves. It sold them, mostly through the manumission process. And most were sold, not freed, into the Southern states. Then, Northern states closed their doors to black freedmen through state laws. Then, after the 1861-65 raping and burning of the South, these same states claimed to have burned and pillaged in order to free the slaves they had sold for immense profit. This, of course, was their second profit as these same Yankee slave traders had brought them from Africa in the first place. Slave ships did not sail from Southern ports.  

Furthermore, no political party ever promoted the abolition of slavery as part of its platform; not Republicans, not Democrats not Whigs. The modern bilge that Republicans wanted to free slaves and the Democrats did not spewed by anyone who can get in front of a camera is nonsense. For some, it is a deliberate lie.

The same nonsense spills into the concept of Jim Crow laws being the Democrats’ invention and the Republicans’ arch enemy. More nonsense, since Jim Crow laws originated in the 1840s in railroad cars in the North. Jim Crow laws came to the South after the war, not before. And they came through Carpetbaggers (North) and Scalawags (South) via the horror of Republican Reconstruction. However, Jim Crow ultimately spread deeply and heavily into the North. A couple of historical checkpoints for contemporary pols (Democrat and Republicans) would be The Strange Career of Jim Crow or Jim Crow Moves North—both bestsellers.

Lincoln, a Whig-turned Republican, chose a Democrat-turned Republican (Hannibal Hamlin) as his first VP. For his second VP, Lincoln chose a Democrat (Andrew Johnson), purely. So, which or who has what guilt for the (drumroll) “original sin”?

Since 85% of Southerners did not own slaves, it meant 15% of the people forced 85% to follow them via secession out of the union. This would be like the captain of a sinking battleship telling the men to remain on board with me so you can die too.

The South wanted to remain in the Union if possible (Davis and Lee both wanted the South to remain). But financial strains by Yankee (New England) tariffs were too much for the South.  The South did not attempt to overthrow (civil war) the U.S. government. They wanted a new confederation just as the colonies (becoming states) did in 1776. A confederation, not a nation. There had been no “founding” in 1776. There was a secession event. Eight additional states joined with the first five (Virginia, South Carolina, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Rhode Island) several weeks later on July 4th to make thirteen in declaring their place as individual free states among the states of the world. They had all individually seceded. There was no national founding.

So much for prologue. So much for the ahistorical “civil war.”

So much more for a civil war now.

Had the South been successful history would have followed a different path. And hopefully a better one. But the U.S. had never before had a Civil War. Not until now.

 In 1865 with the South forced into the union, the U.S.A. ceased its Union of states and became a United State—a nation. Today the states are no more than counties accountable to Washington D.C. (soon to become its own state) and nine ordinary lawyers deemed supreme.  

The nation that was so-called and so “preserved” at Appomattox is now a nation of political vulgarisms. Groups of gangs and political thugs fighting over the treasury and the treasure of the people, and treating any culture like a venereal disease.

While once sovereign and independent, in a confederated union, now, since 1865, all states are locked by the Republicans and their post 19th century Democrats into the Federalists-Hamiltonian-Lincolnian Nation-state. “The” United States, is now what was formerly “These” United States.  It has become a single state, the breeding ground for true civil war.

And this single state in the philological language of the present-day is: “Governed by the “‘traditional’ two-party system.”  At least, this is the jargon of the political “scientists.” In the words of many of these political clowns: “Follow the science.”

However, these two (parties) are, in fact, the major political players today. It is within the scope of these two parties wherein the civil war is taking place.  

As it was deemed to be, these two sides (parties) began fighting for control over a government that has become sovereign unto itself—that is, the government has become the sovereign. The people no longer have inalienable rights. The government must or is willing to “allow” such rights. Therefore, more and more, the government (in its omnipotence) has made offerings to the people of what is best for them, rather than the government being told by the people what they want.

It has formulated such dishonest and evil institutions and conceptions as The Federal Reserve, with its magic money—dishonest because it has no legal standing–The 16th Amendment and the 17th Amendment evil, because they have wrapped the people in their own God-given rights and systematically strangled them. Legal coinage, personal income as well as state legislatures have been made into no more than figurehead bodies, as the once orderly republic devoured the people with the beast of nationalism. And a proud patriotic “Star-Spangled Banner” has been prostituted by congress as a “National” Anthem.

And, of course, there have been the numerous wars.

Just to mention: the government never spills blood in these wars—the people do. As soon as each war has ended (usually after decades), the government has remembered its own sovereignty, of course.

This is not historical hair-splitting.  It is not rumor like the climate-sky is falling nonsense or fake T.V. documentaries (Roots), or media B-Movie made up hobgoblins. It is history.

The civil war of today is not left versus right. The left represents the worst kind of Marxists-statist-nationalism.  They really are “democrats.” Rule by the rope! They have the vulgar caste of mostly Democrats (from the precious two-party system) whose membership isn’t worth the ink written down on paper nor the reminder of the sick ilk that most are. Not to mention some of the shallowest minds and weakest intellect that supposedly has been fostered in learning—whether parental or public. They are simply a cheap boorish mob hoping to rob and cheapen those who work hard and live with decency as their parents have taught them.

Many of these lefties are the same ivy league-type wannabees who would curse Robert E. Lee, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, or Jefferson Davis but genuflect to Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Bill Clinton, or Barack Obama.

The left is the final enemy of the conservatives.

But within the conservative mind is where the present-day civil war boils and brews.

 The right (of right vs left) has those nationalists who are Republican adherers believing the Lincoln myth.  These are people who refer to the POTUS as the “leader of the free world.”  What is the “free world”? And, anyway what part of the “conservative” Constitution made POTUS the world’s leader?

These are the same people in their pompous posturing who think slavery began with some particular political party in this so-called “shining city on a hill” (that would make it a red neon one in the beginning, of course).

The civil war is within the ranks of conservative people who want to govern themselves in the republican manner in which the original governance of 1776 via secession and independence was born. No. Not in some “1776 project” which is just as stupid as the “CRT project.”  But in that order of deliverance issued among people who wanted republican government—not Republican government. There was no founding of some damnable consolidated national state.  The fictitious Phillip Nolan19th century cry should be remembered: “Damn the United States. May I never hear or see it again as long as I live!”

But the enemy presently is the enemy within. The neocons and the sham conservative claimants who never can define the reason for the word “conservative.” The reason, to conserve? And, what do we conserve? That which is worthwhile: republics, families, traditions. Not democracies (mobs) or trans-people lifestyles (decadence) or deviancy (cannibalism, sodomy). Nor Lincolnian myths

 These are the opponents of real conservatives in the present civil war. The real conservatives were born in Virginia and spread South with an agrarian pleasure in conserving that which was worth conserving. The South and its conservative history are Jeffersonian, not Lincolnian. Not these shallow swamp-dwelling Republicans and their unread right-wing media acolytes.

Then discover real conservatives from the past such as George Mason, Patrick Henry, or Peyton Randolph, the first president of the Continental Congress (Virginians all). And to the future beyond these men, instead of some instinctual (and largely vacuous) political party (Republicans in this case) read and familiarize yourself with the character of Richard Weaver, M.E. Bradford, Clyde Wilson, or Russell Kirk instead of the league of ersatz conservatives such as Jesse Waters, Tucker Carlson, Mark Levin et al.

In 1964 the South took up the political flag of Barry Goldwater, who happened to be a Republican. The South continued and kept the faith with Ronald Reagan and they even have seen the potential of some semblance of truth in The Trump family efforts.  But the old-line national Lincoln worshipers dress cosmetically in disguise as “Never-Trumpers.”

They don’t really want to conserve. They want to nationalize. Theirs’ is a movement to overthrow conservative policies and politics. This is a civil war!

Donald Trump may have learned in four years that he needs to be careful with whom he puts his trust. He may or may not have realized that the greatest enemy is the enemy within. That enemy who claims conservatism, only because it sounds catchy with the pseudo-historians at the likes of Fox News and the Republican party nationalists.

The civil war rages. Conservatives against Republicans and their vast army attachment of Neo-Cons. If the wrong side wins again, those left-wing democrats will raise Marx like Moses raised the serpent in the wilderness.

Paul H. Yarbrough

I was born and reared in Mississippi, lived in both Louisiana and Texas (past 40 years). My wonderful wife of 43 years who recently passed away was from Louisiana. I have spent most of my business career in the oil business. I took up writing as a hobby 7 or 8 years ago and love to write about the South. I have just finished a third novel. I also believe in the South and its true beliefs.

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