Christmas Clover

By December 25, 2014Blog



By Vito Mussomeli and Patrick Ward

Inching down the hillside among wet clover,

careful not to slip,

our amiable air and sun warm your face

while beautifully, sparkling dark green bunches cushion your feet.

It’s Christmastime in Scottsdale.


I look for 4-leaf clovers. Find none. Never do.

They are named ‘trifolium’ as their siblings the 3-leaf clovers.

There is no ‘quadfolium’ class.

The most leaves ever found on a trifolium is 18

and there is also no duodeviginti class.


Some people say they often find 4-leaf clovers


Every day, whatever day, some folks see visions.

Others only see the hour of the day.

The unusual is among the common,

the singular upheld within the ordinary.


There’s never a bunch of 4-leaf clovers

Certainly no bunch of 18-leaf clovers

There are bunches of 3-leafers everywhere.

Within them the 4-, the 10-, the 18-leafers reside.


Our intellects count beans

Our hearts measure Infinity

We calculate within Infinity with our minds …

But only our hearts rest on all Infinity’s shores.


The Peace of the Clovers be with you this Christmas

and throughout the New Year.

I pray for someone in your life

with Christmas eyes and a New Year’s heart.

Once found, always found …

where they are, we are ….

where we are, they cannot leave ….

they will not leave but reside with us forever ….


…. peace ….


my affection and prayers for you this Christmas

Vito Mussomeli

Vito Mussomeli is a retired attorney living in Texas. He has spoken and written extensively on the Confederate Constitution and the Confederate legal system.

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