It has been a rule with me, from which I have rarely departed, to pass in silence the misrepresentations to which I have been subject, in the discharge of my public duties;  leaving it to my after conduct to stamp the charge of falsehood on them.    –Calhoun

Whenever  I  need  a  psychiatrist  I go fly  fishing, holding a boat to be superior to a couch any day of the week.     –Havilah Babcock

Never expect politicians to find solutions to a problem.   Perpetuating problems is part of their power-seeking strategy.   –Clyde Wilson

Go tell the Spartans,  thou who passest  by,  That here, obedient  to their laws, we  lie.     –inscription for Thermopylae

For the idols have spoken vanity, and the diviners have seen a lie, and have told false dreams;   they comfort in vain:  therefore they went their way as a flock, they were troubled, because there was no shepherd.    –Zechariah, 10:2

America must be kept American.   –Calvin Coolidge

Easy to march into, hard to march out of.   –Attributed to Alexander the Great  about the region now known as Afghanistan.

It is impossible to move forward without spiritual, cultural, and national self-determination.  We can see how many of the Euro-Atlantic countries are actually rejecting their roots, including the Christian values that constitute the basis of Western civilization.  They are denying moral principles and all traditional identities . . . .       –Vladimir Putin

There’s no place like the South.    –St. Petersburg Times, 24 Mar 2002

The savage [i.e., Yankee]  is  full of prejudices, because he is full of ignorance. His intellectual horizon is necessarily limited;  he sees but little, and judges only by what he sees.   His own little world is the world, and he tries all the rest of mankind by that standard.     –Admiral Raphael Semmes

Southerners, in reality, do not fear Yankee ridicule.  What we fear most is our own reaction to the aggression and ignorance of the Yankee.  Failing to understand the habit of courtesy,  Northerners have no idea how angry a Southerner may be or how much strength of will is required to remain civil when he wants to smack the smugness off a Northern face.   –Joyce Bennett

If only Longstreet had…. –O. Henry

Clyde Wilson

Clyde Wilson is a distinguished Professor Emeritus of History at the University of South Carolina where he was the editor of the multivolume The Papers of John C. Calhoun. He is the M.E. Bradford Distinguished Chair at the Abbeville Institute. He is the author or editor of over thirty books and published over 600 articles, essays and reviews and is co-publisher of, a source  for unreconstructed Southern books.

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