Scotland votes on independence from the United Kingdom today. I’ll be rooting very hard for a yes vote.

The primary reason I strongly support Scottish independence is because it will serve as a beautiful illustration of how civilized unions respond when a geographic territory votes to secede. During all the debate leading up to the vote, no one has suggested that England should or will invade Scotland to keep them in the United Kingdom. A military invasion is, in fact, unthinkable.

How are all the neo “cons,” Straussians, Jaffaites, American nationalists, Declarationists (there is much overlap among these) and assorted other Lincoln idolaters going to explain this away? The clear demonstration that territorial secession can happen without bloodshed will serve as a stark reminder to modern day Unionists that our own bloody clash didn’t have to be that way.

Some may think this a petty and spiteful reason to support Scottish independence, but as a long time veteran of the intra-conservative internet Lincoln wars, I relish the opportunity to give the other side a great big “Uh! In ya face!”

But beyond my possible spitefulness, there are good reasons for conservatives to support ethnic independence movements, Scotland and beyond. Smaller ethnically based states represent a more authentic basis for shared governance vs. the modern nation state which is supposedly organized around some proposition or largely imagined bond, such as the largely imagined bond that says Sunnis, Shiites, Chaldeans, Kurds, etc. all belong together in some figment on a map called Iraq.

Early on in the debate over Scottish Independence, I recall something Tony Blair said because I felt he had inadvertently stumbled onto the truth. I have scoured the internet looking for the exact quote without success. As you can imagine, Googling anything with “Scottish independence” in it these days produces a lot of noise. But in essence Blair suggested that a vote for Scottish independence would be a return to an ancient form of government and a rejection of the modern state. (If anyone knows the quote I’m referring to, please send me a link.) Bingo! Spoken like a true Davos Man. And this is precisely why conservatives should support it.

The people opposing Scottish independence tell us a lot about why authentic conservatives, as opposed to globalist Homo economicus ideologues, should support it. George Soros opposes Scottish independence in this Financial Times op-ed because it would be a blow to “the prevailing international order.” Once again, you’re darn right it would. What he doesn’t say of course, but what he means, is that it would make things more difficult for the prevailing international order of corporatist bankster plutocracy. Soros, echoing his fellow globalist Blair, says Scottish independence would be a “retrograde” step. Amen Brother Soros! Preach on!

Additionally, neo “con” guru David Frum opposes independence. Frum lists five reasons why a yes vote will harm American interests as he defines them. All but the fifth reason are outcomes to be celebrated, not bemoaned, by true conservatives. In fact, his article serves as a virtual primer for why right-thinking US conservatives should support Scottish Independence. It will decrease England’s ability to aid the US with our world policing. It will make British withdrawal from the EU more likely. It will paralyze the EU. Well please, please don’t throw me in that briar patch.
Some conservatives have pointed out that the Scottish independence movement is largely leftist in character, and this is true to an extent.

Unfortunately, independence movements around the globe (America being an interesting exception) have trended toward the left as they were more likely to be embraced by leftists who presumably saw them as a way to strike a blow against the established order. (For those who astutely observe that that is similar to the argument I’m making, keep in mind that I’m inclined toward restoring an older order, not ushering in a new one.) The new Scottish state would clearly have generous social benefits. In fact, both sides of the independence campaign have been promising voters the Moon.

But an Independent Scotland would also be more chauvinistically Scottish. Hopefully this would influence the matter of immigration, which is out of control in Britain. Whether they say it or not, independence may be one way of keeping Scotland from turning into Londanistan, like much of England is fast becoming.

Also, since Scotland is a leftward influence on British politics, a free Scotland would possibly make the election of a more rightist party, such as the UKIP, a possibility in what remains of the UK.

So clearly authentic American conservatives should be cheering on Scottish independence. And after that Basque independence, and Catalonian independence, and Flemish independence, and Russian separatist independence (American conservatives have really bungled this one), etc. And when they’ve had enough of Blue State domination, maybe they’ll wise up and look toward Red State independence.

Hat tip to my friend “Harrison Bergeron” for the Soros and Frum links.

Dan E. Phillips

Dan E. Phillips, MD is an Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at Mercer University School of Medicine in Macon, GA. His work has appeared at such places as Lew Rockwell, Intellectual Conservative and Chronicles Magazine.

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