Carey Roberts on “Loving Home” and the Southern Tradition from the 2022 Abbeville Institute Summer School, July 5-8, 2022, Seabrook Island, SC

Carey Roberts

Carey Roberts holds a Ph.D in American History from the University of South Carolina and is a Professor of History at Liberty University. He is a member of the Abbeville Institute Board of Directors.


  • Kenneth Robbins says:

    All these people you want to embrace do it at your house. You believe they love our music, food, accent(that’s a stretch), They hate our history. They will never adopt Southern ways. They bring their own. They say ‘you guys” not ya’ll. They have been taught their whole lives, that they are better than us. All these yankees moving South is just more reconstruction and its gonna lead to our destruction.

    • Ralph Abbruzzese says:

      100% agreement. Charleston South Carolina is falling or has been sacked by not only “yankees” and carpetbaggers, but also those born in the South that have no clue or care to have a clue and interest about the Old South, it’s ways and history and what’s happening today. In addition, instead of believing and worshipping and praying and studying the Word of God and having fellowship they follow the earthly kingdom(s) led by Lucifer.

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