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Dear Civil War enthusiasts, students, re-enactors, historians, friends,

Over a lifetime of reading and research, I’ve accumulated an amazing collection of short stories written about the war, a priceless treasure trove of Civil War fiction written by both obscure and famous American authors over the hundred and fifty years since the war was fought. These stories are ideal for films in the 45 to 55 minute content range and perfect for an ongoing, open-ended anthology of dramatic films.

It’s with delight and excitement that we’re announcing our new series of films,

Ron Maxwell’s Civil War Classics!

Each episode will feature a well-known actor in the leading role, and each will be filmed with an eye for historical veracity, first rate production values, fascinating stories, compelling performances and dramatic action. And each episode, in the style of the iconic series hosted by Alfred Hitchcock and Rod Sterling, will be hosted and introduced by yours truly. I’ll make a few brief, interesting observations about the authors of each episode and how they came to write these stories.

Sometime next week this project will be posted at Kickstarter. The first six episodes of the anthology series will be developed and the first episode produced with additional production funding from Westie Films. Award winning filmmaker McKay Daines will co-produce the series. I’ll direct the first hour long film, with other impressive writers and directors working on subsequent episodes.

This will be a great opportunity to re-discover some long lost literary treasures, to bring to life some long lost Civil War history and to re-animate some long lost characters, both real and as imagined by some of our greatest American authors.

Check at my Facebook page to see when the project is posted at Kickstarter. This should be fun!

Ronald F. Maxwell

Ronald F. Maxwell is a film director and writer. His directing credits include Gettysburg (1993), Gods and Generals (2003), and Copperhead (2013).

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